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Yang He took LAN Yanxi's cosmetic bag and quickly went to the bathroom. She opened the cosmetic bag, which was full of cosmetics that she could not even dream of. Moreover, the variety was complete, which was absolutely the dream of every woman. Yang

he knows that lanyanxi usually doesn't take this make-up bag away. Unlike some girls in the office, she only has one make-up bag, which needs to be taken every day. It's very troublesome.

Yang he admires and marvels at those cosmetics. He looks at them the same way. Suddenly, he flashes a whiff of resentment. He doesn't even have a decent lipstick. Every month, he needs to save food and pick it up. But lanyanxi can have the best cosmetics. Moreover, there are enough varieties here. How many of these famous products are still piled up in her home. Yang

he has some resentment to wash all the cosmetics on his face, and finally uses lanyanxi's cosmetics to dress up his face. The expensive things are really easy to use. Her skin used to dry and take off her makeup. Now when she put them on, the feeling of moistening makes her feel comfortable.

She wants to put on a beautiful make-up and go to the art exhibition with the vice president. When Yang he thought of it, his smile deepened a lot. Even when she applied lipstick, she chose a bright one.

She finally knows how expensive a woman's face is. It's no wonder that lanyanxi's skin is so good. Even if it's plain makeup, it can be seen that the skin is smart. Like a shelled egg, it can be broken by blowing. A woman with such skin, even if her facial features are general, must make a man feel fresh and clean. What's more, lanyanxi's facial features are also good. Her eyebrows are eyebrows Eyes are eyes, fresh and beautiful. Fortunately, she already has a boyfriend. Otherwise, she's worried that the vice president will like LAN Yanxi, a smiling and lovely girl. Yang has been narcissistic in the mirror for several times. He really wants to hide a lipstick of lanyanxi secretly, because it's so easy to use, and the color of his lips is much tender.

Of course, Yang he didn't dare to have these ideas. She still regarded LAN Yanxi as a friend. It's not everyone's dream to be a friend with Tu Hao?

Yang he went back to the office with her make-up bag, and immediately someone noticed her special natural beauty: "Yang He, have you changed your make-up bag? Wow, it's a famous brand. Say a few thousand yuan less! " Yang < br >

with a pull on his face, he really can't speak. He knows that her family situation is not good. He can't open any pot.

"This is what Yanxi lent me, not my own!"

LAN Yanxi has gone out to work and is not in the office. Yang he ignores those hot eyed people and goes straight to LAN Yanxi's desk, opens her drawer and puts it in.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, lanyanxi also went to make up a makeup, but her makeup has always been fresh and natural, only the girl's sweet and clean, without a trace of women's charm. There were four female staff members at one time, and lanyanxi was in a good mood and took a business car with the team.

One of the girls pointed to a channel in front of her and cried excitedly, "look, it's Mr. vice president. He's so handsome, so charming!"

Yang He looked at the past in an instant. Sure enough, he saw that Mr. vice president was wearing a noble Nizi long windbreaker, accompanied by a group of people, and walked quickly to a car in the middle. Blue

Yan Xi stole a glance quietly, and suddenly thought that he was wearing the same last night. Well, the long windbreaker for the slim man is really good-looking, which shows the domineering temperament and charm of the man. Yan Xi's eyes were twinkling with stars.

"Can you stop being such a philanderer? No matter how handsome Mr. vice president is, it has nothing to do with you! " The two girls were still talking excitedly. Yang He poured cold water on their head. "

just to talk about it. Of course, we know that we can't have anything with Mr. vice president. Why are you so serious? I don't believe that you have no illusions about Mr. vice president." One of the girls rebutted her immediately with discontent. He blushed inexplicably and said with some embarrassment, "how can we be worthy of the honor of vice president?"

"It's also true that people should have self-knowledge. We should be clear about our own weight. We are not like Yan Xi, who comes from a rich family. If she matches Mr. vice president, it's not bad!" Those two girls obviously have the meaning of aiming at Yang He, and they also deliberately pull LAN Yanxi into the water. Yang's heart is like being stabbed with several knives. She turns to the window with a livid face and snorts angrily, unable to speak. Blue

of course, Yan Xi knew that all they said were angry words. Alas, as expected, women's battlefields were all led by men. Moreover, it was her boyfriend who triggered the war. Of course, she would come out to complete the battle.

"Don't argue. What's so contentious about it? What's the era now? We also pay attention to the right door. If we are good enough to attract men's eyes, it's natural that someone treats you as a treasure. Take it easy, come here and have a drink of water!" LAN Yanxi said, one handed a bottle of water, the atmosphere is better. "

I hope I can speak and come from a noble family. That is to say, I am a man of high culture, good manners, beautiful and generous. If I can marry your man, then I will be blessed." A girl nearby immediately coaxed her and began to praise her.

"It's just that girls have to be gentle and generous like Yanxi!" Yang

he was already very upset. Just now, they said that Lan Yanxi was worthy of vice president. She was very flustered. Yes, she was not. But her good friend was.

However, the only consolation for her is that lanyanxi has a fiance. She can't compete with her to rob the vice president.

"Yang He, don't be angry, take it!" LAN Yanxi looks at Yang He's face and sees that she seems to be still angry. She is slightly stunned.

Why does Yang he always react intensely when he seems to have something to do with Ling Mo Feng? No, Yang he really likes Ling Mo Feng?

God, that's not going to work. Although Yan Xi doesn't care about anything else, some people like her fiance so seriously. Her heart is really depressed. Look at

come here. She has to find a time to ask Yang he seriously. She can't indulge in hope. He finally took a bottle of water, but she became extremely silent and looked at the cars ahead. Because of what I just thought, Yan Xi also started to stay.

In fact, she felt that there was no reason to doubt Yang He. All the women in the office privately talked about Ling Mo Feng. They all wanted to be his girlfriend, which was normal.

Fortunately, LAN Yanxi's heart is big and doesn't care. Otherwise, he will be angry and explode into popcorn.

Looking for a boyfriend so popular with women, is she stupid or stupid? Blue

Yan Xi can't help laughing at herself. However, it's lucky and even happy to have such a man's love. She finally understands what her grandfather said before. The happiest thing for a woman is not what kind of man she has, but whether the man is sincere to her. One hour later, a group of cars stopped at the gate of the National Theatre. This time, the exhibition of Chinese painting was held here. There are many famous works of foreign experts coming here for exchange, so ling Mo Feng had to attend to show his friendship. Blue

Yan Xi took the car for an hour, fainted, got off the car, and followed the instructions.

"Mr. vice president is inside. You guys will wait here first. The exhibition will begin soon!" The adjutant came out to speak.

LAN Yanxi stood upright and breathed in secret. How could she become Lingmo Feng's door god?

However, Ling Mo Feng's voice of talking with others can be heard vaguely. He is a deep, powerful, absolutely pleasant baritone. LAN Yanxi pricks up his ears and wants to understand. However, he finds that those political words make her listen more confused. He really admires this man. He is still happy to speak business words one day or night. A few minutes later, the footsteps came out, and the four girls standing at the door looked very excited.