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C1437 trust him wholeheartedly

Ji Xiaohan originally intended to do something about Gao Yue. But now it seems that Gao Yue is a useless chess player. Gao Yue is in fear. She is afraid that she can't get any internal information for her.

Of course, he didn't give up completely. Instead, he waited for Gao Yue to bear the pressure and would come to him to disclose. If she really chose this step, Ji Xiaohan would not embarrass her.

Tang youyou was caught by the old lady to learn how to arrange flowers. Looking at a table of fresh flowers, Tang youyou backed out.

She thinks she has some artistic cells, but the old lady's requirements are too strict. She needs to point out a little imperfection and make her improve. Tang youyou is so miserable that she can only support this belief by thinking about Ji Xiaohan's good repeatedly in her heart.

In fact, Tang youyou didn't care to arrange flowers because he was worried about the safety of his man outside.

A good-looking man needs to pay attention to safety when he goes out. Gao Yue, the woman, works in his company now. I don't know if she will make all kinds of demons and approach actively. "Ah..." As soon as I think of this picture, Tang youyou's hand holding the scissors doesn't listen to me. In a moment, he cuts the branches and poles in his hand in disorder.

"What's the matter? Cut it? " The old lady sat by reading a book, heard her cry of sudden chagrin, and immediately put down the book to check.

"No Nothing! " For a while, Tang youyou forgot that the old lady was still in the room. He quickly recognized the advice and continued to cut it gently.

"I'm worried about owl cold!" The old lady saw through her mind.

Tang youyou looks embarrassed and has to admit: "yes, I'm worried about his safety!"

"Don't worry, my grandson is not so stupid. He will protect himself." The old lady is as steady as Mount Tai, and she is confident in her grandson.

"Grandma, if a woman seduces him, do you think he will..." Tang youyou has already trusted the old lady very much, and also felt the old lady's love for her family. She dared to say such words.

The old lady took a look at her through her presbyopia glasses, saw her face turned white, and laughed: "if you think I have a problem with the character of Xiao Han now, it's too late. I'm married. Can't you return it?"

"No, no, of course, I don't want to leave. He's very good, but I'm afraid that there are women out there who will take the initiative to send them to the door. My understanding of men all comes from him. So, I really don't know what kind of psychology men will have in the face of such temptation." Tang youyou's bitter self mockery. "As for men, there must be some who spend their time. It's their nature, but some men can strictly manage their feelings. Xiao Han is the most severe person I have ever met for managing their feelings. His grandfather was not as good as him in those years. Although his father had a criminal record, it's because of this that Xiao Han hated the third party who broke up other people's families. Just let it go Heart, he will not overturn emotionally! " The old lady relieved her with a smile.

"Yes, I know he hates that kind of thing. Maybe I think more about it." Tang youyou suddenly felt embarrassed. He felt that he was a little careful. Fortunately, the old lady didn't care about her.

"Think more, it's a good thing to prove that you love him. However, trust is the most important prerequisite in marriage. Dare you say that he doesn't trust you?" The old lady is a little short-term, after all, her grandson knows it.

Tang youyou chokes. Yes, it seems that Ji Xiaohan has never worried about her. Is that trust.

"No one pays more attention to this family than him. You long, listen to grandma's advice, don't think nonsense and make yourself miserable." Said the old lady with a sigh.

"Well, I won't!" Tang youyou's mind has been comforted by the old lady. It's really a very comfortable thing for someone to mention something nearby.

Seeing that she couldn't concentrate, the old lady let her go downstairs to play with the children.

When Tang youyou came downstairs and heard the piano, she went straight to her daughter.

Just walked in, saw Ji xiaonai under the teacher's instruction, two small hands more skillfully press the piano key, unexpectedly had the mold to have the kind.

"Mrs. Ji!" Piano Teacher Wang Hanxue immediately smiled and politely stood up to say hello to her.

"You go on, I'll look around!" Tang youyou walks over, touches his daughter's little head, bends over and kisses her. When Ji xiaonai sees Mommy coming, she immediately wants to show off, and her fingers press harder.

"Xiaonai is really a smart child. I only taught her three times, and she wrote down so much!" Wang Hanxue immediately laughed and praised.

As a parent, Tang youyou is naturally happy to hear that someone praises his children's cleverness.

"I have to pay more attention to Miss Wang!" Tang youyou said with a modest smile.

Wang Hanxue nodded naturally: "of course! I will do my best to teach Nai well! "

"Well, then you go on. I'll sit by and watch for a while!" Tang youyou is bored anyway. He is also happy to see his daughter playing the piano. Now there are only two little guys who can stop her from thinking nonsense.

"Mommy, do you want to follow along? Miss Wang knows a lot! " Ji xiaonai immediately counsels mommy to learn with herself.

"No, mommy has grown up. Even if she wants to learn, it's too late!" Tang youyou has no mind now. Besides, she will play in the field of design in the future. How can she spend so much time playing the piano to eliminate punishment?

"Well, let me play the piano for mommy and daddy later!" My family has a sense of existence. Wang Hanxue's eyes carefully looked at Tang youyou. Tang youyou was looking sideways. His eyes were gentle and watery, looking at his daughter's little fingers.

Before Wang Hanxue saw Tang Youyou, she felt that she must be a beautiful woman who has lost all her life. Otherwise, how can she catch Ji Xiaohan's heart?

But now when she saw her, she found that Tang youyou's appearance was just a beautiful woman with long features and fair skin, but there was no beauty that could make people forget. Wang Hanxue is confident that she is a beautiful woman. Even in front of Tang Youyou, she feels that she won't lose half of the game.

But why the same woman, her fate can be so good? A pair of twins, beloved by her husband and loved by her elders, seem to have given her all the good things, which inevitably makes people jealous.

Wang Hanxue can't hide the grudge in her eyes. At the most time, she lived in Jijia and was allowed to roam around the manor. She found that the world of rich people was beyond her imagination. There was a big villa on the coast, which was vacant. She couldn't imagine what it would be like if she could get along with jixiaohan alone in such a magnificent villa Good feeling.

Tang youyou's whole-body attention is all on his daughter's body. Naturally, he didn't notice that the piano teacher nearby didn't have a good eye.

When night comes, it's the moment Wang Hanxue is looking forward to, because she knows that Ji Xiaohan will definitely come back. He is such a busy person, and he returns home on time every day. It's so charming.

Sure enough, there was a sound of the car stalling outside the door. Wang Hanxue had already returned to her room.

She lives in the guest room on the second floor of the side hall. At the moment, she dims the light in the bedroom so that she can stand on the curtain and watch the movement downstairs, so that no shadow can be found by the people downstairs, so that she can quietly look at the man.

Although far away, his slender and straight body is still particularly eye-catching, because when he stooped to open his arms, waiting for his little princess to come, it is the image of a good husband in all women's dreams.

Unconsciously, Wang Hanxue was fascinated by what she saw. Although Ji Xiaohan had carried her daughter into the living room, she could not see anything, but she was leaning against the curtain, full of restless thoughts.

But she also knows that what she has in mind is delusion. How doting does Ji Xiaohan have on Tang youyou? She also sees it in her eyes. Will the man who dotes on his wife like this give his eyes to other women?

Wang Hanxue heard the sound of heartbreak. She felt that she might be doomed, but she didn't try. How could she be reconciled?