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Xia Xinnian listens to the man's words and thinks that his son is really a villain. He must have said it on purpose to let her hear him.

However, her son can think for her everywhere, which also proves that the little guy knows how to balance the relationship between adults, which is also a necessary thing for growth.

After taking a bath, Xia Xinnian put on a white bathrobe and lay on the side of the bed, patting his son's arm tenderly. The little guy just refused to sleep. Now his parents are around, he is at ease. Before long, he fell asleep.

The door of the bedroom was pushed open by a pair of big hands. Jimucheng came in wearing a gray bathrobe. His tall body was wrapped in a wide bathrobe, which showed a sense of wordless aggression.

Xia Xinnian's heart was trembling, and her breath was tight. She deliberately lowered her head, and her eyes were soft on her son's face.

"Son asleep?" A man's voice is deep.

"Well!" Xia Xinnian answers gently.

Jimucheng stood at the bedside and looked down at the mother and the son. Then he asked in a pleading tone, "can I sleep here?"

Xia Xinnian was stunned for a while, and her pretty face turned red. She deliberately said, "if I said no, would you leave?"

"No." The man replied very directly.

Xia xinnianqi smiled and glared at him: "then you have to ask me, I know you will not leave."

"I'm not such a rascal. I just promised my son to sleep here." The way men defend themselves makes people laugh and cry.

Xia Xin gave him a look. If he wanted to sleep here before, she would scold him as a rascal.

But now, knowing that he was cheating, her heart could not complain any more. On the contrary, she hoped that he could sleep here.

"It's almost early morning. Go to sleep if you want." Xia Xinnian took a look at him and said in a low voice.

"Move your son aside." The man suddenly asked.

"Why?" Xia Xinnian's heart quivers.

"I don't want to sleep with him." The man said so naturally.

If the little guy is awake now, I don't know what he will think.

"If you don't hold him, who do you want to hold?" Xia Xinnian asked angrily.

"No one wants to hold you but you." When the man spoke, he was already in bed.

Fortunately, the bed is very big, and the three people can't sleep together. Xia Xinnian lies on the other side. Suddenly, a strong arm reaches over her son and holds her arm. Her whole body is tense.

"I'd like to discuss my marriage with my parents tomorrow." Jimucheng reaches out and turns off the light in the bedroom. In the dark, people's mood becomes more stable and men's voice sounds more firm.

Xia Xinnian was shocked. She couldn't help looking at him with her side eyes. In the dark, she could see the beautiful outline of the man. He seemed to be looking towards her. His eyes were black and bright, but reflected the lights outside the window, which was extremely profound and charming.

Xia Xinnian only felt that her soul was drowning. Her breath was tight and she found her voice for a long time. She was a little hoarse: "will it be too fast? We just don't realize it for two months. You are going to talk about marriage?"

"If you identify a person, time is not a problem. Yu Chen is so big. If you don't give him a home, the more he grows up, the more inferior he will be. I have a deep understanding of this feeling." Jimucheng is resting on one arm and sighing.

"I seem to hear that you used to be with your mother, but you came back to your father later." Said Xia Xinnian in a low voice.

"Coincidentally, when my mother gave birth to my sister and me, she didn't know who her own father was. At that time, my memory was only that of my mother. No matter when I was at school or when I came back to play with my neighbor's children, I always felt uneasy." Jimucheng closed his eyes and picked up the forgotten memories. He knew that at the age of four or five, he really needed a sense of security, which must be given by the original family.

"How could this happen? So history repeats itself? " Xia Xinnian's face was shocked.

"I'm sorry. I was really drunk. I didn't expect to sleep you." At the moment, jimucheng feels deeply guilty.

"Let's not talk about it. We will not talk about it in the future." Xia Xinnian is not unreasonable, but some emotions, she needs to vent, just as he appeared in front of her.

"Well, it's a godsend. We just caught it." Jimucheng also knows this matter and must forget that this is her scar and can't be uncovered any more.

"Well, sleep." Xia Xinnian nods. It's an agreement.


In the sunshine, Xia Xinnian opened her eyes and found that her arm was pressed by a cerebellar pouch, while her back, close to a firm chest, made a buzz in her brain.

It occurred to me that last night, he surreptitiously crossed over and kissed her. Then he lay beside him and fell asleep in the middle of the night.

Xia Xinnian wakes up, but he dare not move. In front of him is his son, and behind him is the man who is still sleeping.

She sighed, did she have to go on pretending to sleep again?

She moved her arm, and the man behind her suddenly hugged her tighter. His chin was on her shoulder, and his breath burned her neck.

Xia Xinnian shivered all over, and a strange fire burst out of her body.

She suddenly felt a little sultry. She could only gently grasp his arm and try to push the hand he put on his abdomen away.

"Awake?" Behind the back, comes the man lazy voice line.

Xia Xinnian turned to look at him and found that he didn't know when to open his eyes, and ran smiled at the bottom of his eyes: "early!"

Xia Xinnian hurriedly pushed his son gently, propped up and sat up. He looked embarrassed: "I'll go to the bathroom."

The man immediately raised her long hair under her arm, and Xia Xinnian ran in.

When she lived with her son in the past, when she was dealing with personal hygiene, she didn't need to pay attention to anything at all. Even when she was in a good mood, she could hum a tune.

But now, she feels embarrassed everywhere.

Xia Xinnian stayed in the bathroom for a long time, brushed his teeth and prepared to wash his face. Suddenly, the door of the bathroom opened and the man's thin lips hung a wicked smile: "I'm in a hurry to pee."

Xia Xinnian listens, frightens her to walk to the door quickly, but the man grabs her arm: "flustered what, anyway sooner or later will be used to."

Xia Xinnian wants to cry without tears. Can this man pay attention to such things? How can she stay in a space with him.

"Well, I'll go back to my room, have breakfast and come home with me." Finally, the man didn't embarrass her, lazily turned back to his room.