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With the girl's sweet and moving voice beside his ears, the loneliness in Luo Jin Yu's heart slowly dispersed. Hearing that she would be back tomorrow, Luo Jin Yu actually started to look forward to it.

After calling for awhile, Luo Jin Yu's insomnia finally came to his ears. That night, he actually had a very colorful dream.

Early morning of the second day, Tang You You was enjoying a lazy vacation. Although the two little fellows also wanted to apply for leave, the old lady insisted on sending them to school for lessons.

After Tang You You finished eating breakfast, she received a call from Ji Yue Ze's assistant, telling her to find some time at noon today to go over and discuss cooperation with him.

Taking advantage of his free time, Tang You You tidied up and drove to Ji Yue Ze's company.

Downstairs, she saw a male assistant and waved at her. "Miss Tang, it's a great honor for you to be here."

Tang You You smiled and said: "You're too polite."

"I am truly honored. Now that the marriage date between you and Quarterly is already here, I initially didn't dare to disturb you either. But my boss is urging me to do this, so I can only bite the bullet and find you to sign the contract."

Tang You You was slightly surprised. Was Ji Yue Ze urging this matter?

However, this was an internal decision of their company, so Tang You You did not ask too much. After signing the contract, she could also get a large amount of money, which could be considered a good thing.

Tang You You and the assistant discussed about the contents of the contract. Tang You You realized that this contract was very fair and she couldn't find any problems with it.

"Miss Tang, my boss doesn't seem to be in a good mood today. Can I trouble you to send this contract up for him to sign?" The assistant saw that Tang You You was actually being so polite and gentle, he immediately cross his face and looked at her pleadingly.

Tang You You thought that since he was already at Ji Yue Ze's company, he should go and greet him, and then happily accept the job.

Tang You You took the contract and took the elevator to the top floor. Ji Yue Ze's office space was still as beautiful as it was before.

Tang You You had been here before, so she easily found Ji Yue Ze's office on the second floor.

She knocked on the door!

"Scram …" An impatient voice was heard.

Tang You You's raised hand froze. She did not expect Ji Yue Ze's temper to be so bad.

In that moment, Tang You You was in a difficult position, and she did not know if she should go in or not disturb Ji Yue Ze.

"Ji Yue Ze, it's me …" Since he was already standing here, it would not be good for Tang You You to turn around and leave.

"Bang!" The door to the office was quickly opened from the inside, Ji Yue Ze was actually wearing only a white nightgown, his lazy appearance had a hint of drunkenness, his beautiful eyes squinted: "How can it be you?"

Seeing him in such a state, Tang You You chuckled dryly: "I came here to sign the contract and specifically told you so. For the contract, you still need to sign it, right?"

"Come in!" The gloom in Ji Yue Ze's eyes gradually dispersed as he lazily turned around to walk inside.

Tang You You could only walk into his office and saw that there were two empty bottles on the shelf beside his sofa. It seemed that Ji Yue Ze was prepared to get drunk early in the morning.

"Drinking in the morning is bad for the stomach. You should drink less!" Tang You You advised him with good intentions.

Ji Yue Ze sat on the black office chair and raised his eyebrows as he looked at her, "Sister-in-law is so concerned about me."

Seeing his dishonest tone, Tang You You frowned and said indifferently: "Your granny has been thinking of you recently, why haven't you gone over to see her elder?"

"With you and Big Brother accompanying them and a pair of cute little nephews, my existence should no longer be important, right?" It was hard to conceal the self-deprecation and disappointment in Ji Yue Ze's tone of voice.

Tang You You felt that Ji Yue Ze had become very emotional, and she couldn't help but to stand in front of his desk, and said with a serious face: "Even if we were to accompany them, we still wouldn't be able to replace you. They are still very worried for you."

"What's there to worry about?" Ji Yue Ze did not like Tang You You teaching him a lesson, so his handsome face flashed with a trace of displeasure.

Tang You You was slightly startled, but immediately replied in a soft voice, "I don't have any other intentions, I just hope …"

"What kind of gift do you like?" I want to prepare a wedding present for you now. " Tang You You's words were immediately interrupted by him.

Tang You You was stunned again, she immediately shook his head: "I do not need you to prepare a present, on the day of the wedding, as long as you are present."

"Let's keep watching!" After Ji Yue Ze Dan Dan finished speaking, he looked up and stared straight at Tang You You: "But I want to give you a present, a gift that you like!"

Tang You You did not expect him to be so persistent, and she laughed: "There's really no need, your brother has already prepared everything for me, I am not lacking either …"

I might not be able to afford what he can buy for you, but I just want to know what's good for me. Since you're going to become my sister-in-law soon, shouldn't I do something for you? Ji Yue Ze didn't know if it was because he drank that made him lose his rationality, but his tone became a little agitated.

Tang You You was shocked by his words. She immediately asked: "Ji Yue Ze, are you drunk?"

"I'm not drunk. I know what I'm talking about." Ji Yue Ze retorted in a low voice.

Tang You You felt that he must be drunk, his words were out of bounds, thus she turned and prepared to leave: "After you wake up from your drinking, take a look at this contract, if there's anything else, give me a call."

Tang You You took her handbag from the sofa and was about to leave. Suddenly, Ji Yue Ze who was behind her suddenly held up the office door tightly.

Seeing him do such a thing, Tang You You's beautiful expression changed, and her tone immediately became more vigilant. Her voice became a little heavier: "Ji Yue Ze, why did you close the door?"

Ji Yue Ze was obviously still drunk. He looked at Tang You You with a gaze that seemed to be covered by a layer of smoke, but his voice was filled with an allure that caused one's heart to tremble, "Do you not want to listen to what I have to say in earnest?"

Tang You You frowned, her whole body tensed up and her tone was nervous: "What do you want to tell me?"

"Tang You You... "Actually, I prefer to call you that!" Ji Yue Ze laughed at himself.

When Tang You You heard his words, the string inside Tang You You's body suddenly snapped. No matter how foolish she was, she could understand the meaning behind the look Ji Yue Ze was giving her.

"Ji Yue Ze, what's wrong with you?" She didn't dare to be sure, but he started to feel uneasy again.

Ji Yue Ze did not move closer to her, he was still standing by the door, with a tinge of grievance in his eyes: "Tang You You, I like you!"