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C1954 let go

Jimucheng and xiaxinnian enjoy their own world. They used to feel the long time, but now they are in a short hurry. In an instant, the ten day tour has ended. The beautiful and romantic wedding photos set the sweetest look of the two people.

On the return flight, Xia Xinnian closed her eyes. These days, she felt like she had come here in a dream. There was a man who was full of her eyes. She also let go of the shackles completely and no longer made her heart heavy. She wanted to start all over again.

However, she also felt that she was greedy. Although she played selfless with jimucheng, she still missed her son in China. I don't know if I want to miss them.

Ji Tingyan also came back from the family's private plane this time. She reclined lazily on the chair, reached into her pocket and felt it. She was cut by the hard business card. She quickly released it, and her expression was tangled.

Jimucheng's eyes moved from the sleeping woman's face to her sister's face, and she frowned as if she had something on her mind.

"What's the name of that man?" Jimucheng asked casually.

"Tie thunder!" Xia Xinnian opens his mouth and answers.

"Oh!" Ji Mucheng slightly picked a eyebrow: "it seems that you have made progress."

"Brother, are you making fun of me? I'll tell you, I went to him on my own initiative this time, but he said I'm not his type. You can't blame me for that, so you can't force me for my marriage in the future. " Ji Tingyan's dark eyes flashed across her belly, but when her brother asked, she could deal with the matter first.

"Is it? Even my sister dares to refuse. I have to ask him why in person. " Jimucheng is not a person who can easily deceive the past. His sharp eyes see through everything.

"Ah?" Ji Tingyan's eyes are silly, and then she starts to cry in her heart. She has never run over her elder brother in IQ since she grew up. How can she be seen through even a little lie.

"To be honest, or let me have a face-to-face talk with that Mr. tie?" Jimucheng's thin lips raised a smile. How could sister's expression of crying be the same as when she was a child?

"Ji Xiaorui, you are too much. I will tell my father about you later. How many years have you bullied me?" Ji Tingyan can only play rogue.

"Well, stop pretending to cry. How many times have you used this move?" Jimucheng reaches out and taps twice on the table top to remind her that it's enough.

Ji Tingyan turned her mouth and said, "even if I'm pretending to cry, you're going to eat this."

"Tell me the truth, what's going on?" Jimucheng asked earnestly.

Ji Tingyan sighed and kneaded her fingers. "I may not have a relationship with him. When I came back that day, I brought some gifts to his house. Who knows that he just left? I only saw his grandma."

"So clever?" Ji Mucheng was stunned.

"So I didn't get along with him, brother. I was the first time to take the initiative. Fortunately, he didn't know. Otherwise, it would be a shame." Ji Tingyan is relieved.

But she didn't know. The way she boarded the door that day was all in the eyes of tieting.

"In that case, meet the next one." It's a pity that jimucheng can only replace her sister.

"Brother, what do you mean? You can't Let me go back to China and have a blind date? " Ji Tingyan's pretty face was a sad expression.

"Dad asked me to make a list of all the best men. You may really..."

"I don't want to. If I go back to China to have a blind date, I won't go back." Ji Tingyan's eyes are really red this time, and she lies on the table.

"My parents are worried about you, too." Ji Mucheng is so upset with her sister. From childhood, Ji Tingyan is a regular girl. Unlike her second sister, she has learned to digest her negative emotions since childhood. She is upright and cries when she is in trouble. Ji Mucheng really doesn't want to put pressure on her anymore.

"Well, don't cry. I'll deal with you when you go back." At last, jimucheng felt her sister's hair.

Ji Tingyan looks up at him, as if she has found a Savior: "really?"

"Well, if you don't want to marry, don't marry. Elder brother keeps you." Jimucheng smiles.

Ji Tingyan was amused: "with your words, I feel more relieved."

Xia Xinnian woke up a long time ago, but she didn't destroy the chat between the two brothers and sisters. When she heard the last words of her brothers and sisters, she sniggered. Are you a big brother? Her heart and nature will be softer? Because, he knew how to take care of his sister's mood since he was young. In love, he had more temperature.

The plane landed, a line of vehicles, straight to Ji's home.

Xia Yuchen, who knew his parents would come back, ran to the door from time to time and looked forward to it.

Ji Siyi, like a little boy, also ran back and forth with the little guy.

"Little aunt, will big aunt come back?" Xia Yuchen asked curiously.

"Yes, she's back, too. I'll show you her picture. It's a big beauty." Ji Siyi said, quickly opened the mobile photo album and showed the photo of Ji Tingyan to the little guy.

"Well, it's beautiful, just like my mommy." The little guy boasted sweetly.

"What about me? Do you think I'm beautiful? " Ji Siyi is narcissistic at once. She stands back and makes a lovely expression.

Xia Yuchen shakes her head.

"What do you mean? I'm not beautiful? " Ji Siyi was deeply hit, and her pretty face stepped down.

"No, if the little aunt doesn't make fun of me, you are very beautiful." The little guy said that and ran away.

"Well, you are not a little bit..." Ji Siyi immediately ran after her.

"Grandpa, help me." Xia Yuchen immediately ran to Ji Xiaohan, who was sitting on the sofa. Later, he took off his shoes and jumped onto the sofa, hiding behind Ji Xiaohan.

"You're smart." Ji Siyi can't laugh or cry. The little guy is more and more elvish. He knows to find the umbrella.

Ji Xiaohan holds his grandson in his arms and says to Ji Siyi, "don't always play with Yu Chen, he's still young."

"Dad, I'm bored." Ji Siyi is also lazy to lean on Ji Xiaohan's side.

"Are you bored? Have you finished your homework and practiced the piano? If you really have excess physical strength, go to the gym. You seem to have gained a lot of weight recently. " Season owl cold smile fun.

"Am I fat? Where's fat? " Ji Siyi can stand anything, just can't stand the fact that she is fat.

Ji Xiaohan looks at his little daughter's lovely appearance and dotes on her eyes: "not fat, very beautiful."

"Hum!" Ji Siyi angrily shook her long hair and went upstairs.

Ji Xiaohan looks at the wayward look of his little daughter and can't help shaking his head and sighing. There is no gentleness of a girl. Can he find his wife's family later? It seems that he has to be prepared for the fact that both daughters may not get married.

"Grandpa, let's go to the garden." Xia Yuchen uses her little hands to drag the fingers of Ji Xiaohan.

"OK, let's go." Season owl cold gentle nod.