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C582 don'st leave her alone

Ji Yueze takes Bai Yiyan to the guest room upstairs. As soon as she enters, Bai Yiyan stares at him angrily: "Ji Yueze, why do you agree to live here? Where do I live? I can't have a room with you. "

Ji Yueze is also in a low mood. Seeing Bai Yiyan start to make noise again, he is in a bad mood. He says in a cold voice, "don't worry, even if you live in a room, I won't touch you!"

"Of course you can't touch me, but I still don't have a sense of security. Otherwise, go to the next room to sleep. Anyway, it seems that there are many guest rooms here just now." Bai Yiyan asked urgently.

Just leave the room to sleep, Bai Yiyan is afraid.

"No way!" Ji Yueze refused directly and said with cold face: "you are my girlfriend. I sleep with you separately. What do my grandparents think? Besides, we just want to act for my big brother. We can't sleep separately! "

"I don't care. I don't want to live in a room with you. You need to find a way!" Bai Yiyan is going crazy. She feels it's all routine.

Ji Yueze sneered: "are you worried about your innocence? You are not my type. I will not be interested in you. You are safe. "

Bai Yiyan didn't expect him to scold him for his ordinary appearance. Oh, it's too striking. She always thought that she belonged to a beautiful woman.

However, in terms of beauty, of course, she can't compare with Ji Yueze. He is recognized as the most handsome male star, with a face that makes women feel inferior.

However, Bai Yiyan can't relax her vigilance because of her long-term devotion to the country.

"Who said that you can separate love from family name? Maybe I am not the one you love, but I am a woman, in case you are in the middle of the night... "

"If you're afraid I'll mess up, sleep on the floor!" Ji Yueze really doesn't like her noise.

"I don't want it!" Bai Yiyan immediately objected: "I have backache and can't sleep on the floor. I can sleep on the bed. You can sleep on the floor almost!"

"By what?" Ji Yueze didn't expect this woman to have a temper.

"Just because you are a man, you have to let women!" Bai Yiyan immediately smirked twice: "the media said you were like a gentleman. Although I have different views on you now, you should at least be like a man."

Ji Yueze has never slept on the floor since he was young. Besides, he has a habit of cleanliness. He can't sleep on the floor. He has psychological interference.

"I'll sleep as soon as I sleep. Don't make any more noise. It's annoying!" Ji Yueze looks at this woman and scolds him for not being like a man. Ji Yueze finally agrees to sleep on the floor.

Isn't it just one night anyway? He couldn't sleep until dawn.

Bai Yiyan is slightly shocked. Unexpectedly, Ji Yueze actually decides to sleep on the floor. Her mood is slightly balanced.

Ji Yueze opens the closet, which has the prepared Pajama robe. He takes a man's robe directly and goes to the bathroom to take a bath.

Bai Yiyan looks at him so casually, but she is very uneasy, subconsciously reaches out to hold herself.

No, she really wants to sleep in the same room with this man tonight?

Although living together in foreign countries, but at least sleeping in separate rooms, there is a door blocked, she felt safe.

Now? There is no obstruction.

Ji Yueze took a bath and saw her huddle on the sofa. He snorted, "I'll go out for a while. Take a bath!"

"Well!" Bai Yiyan nodded.

Ji Yueze is really not interested in her. Since she is so afraid of him, he will certainly give her enough sense of security.

Ji Yueze came out and found that there was a light in brother's study. He hesitated for a moment, and finally walked towards the room.

Push open the door, see season owl cold back to the door, leaning against the window smoking, it seems very depressed.

"Brother!" Ji Yueze called out to him.

Season owl cold just turned round from losing his mind, light smile way: "catch a day's plane to come back, don't have an early rest?"

Ji Yueze goes to Ji Xiaohan's side, only to find that from here, you can see the villa by the sea, and he is slightly shocked.

Brother, are you thinking about Tang youyou and the children?

"I'm not tired!" Ji Yueze said, directly picked up a cigarette: "smoke one to refresh yourself!"

Ji Xiaohan didn't stop him. He chuckled: "you take your girlfriend home for the first time, but don't neglect others. You'd better have a rest earlier."

Ji Yueze's face was slightly stiff for a while. Then, some big men said in a tone of voice, "I'm tired of being together every day, but I'm still a little tired. It's not bad for this evening."

"When were you with her? It's said that she's a journalist. Isn't she the opposite of you? " Ji Xiaohan wants to hear his love story with great interest.

Ji Yueze's thin lips curled, and he smiled: "I don't know each other without fighting. It's because she's a reporter who digs gossip, that I noticed her."

"Oh? It seems that your meeting is also very interesting. " Ji Xiaohan believes that the woman who can make his younger brother pay attention to must also be a girl with a lot of character, because his younger brother never lacks beautiful women around him, and Bai Yiyan can make him like it, and she certainly has her advantages.

"Well, she patted me and I smashed her things, so I took a fancy to her!" Ji Yueze smiled faintly.

Ji Xiaohan nodded, as if satisfied with his brother's current situation of having a girlfriend.

"Are you serious about her? Or just for a moment, I want to play! " Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan asks his brother seriously.

Ji Yueze's eyes are slightly sluggish. He glances out of the window and looks at the lights of the seaside villa. He hooks his lips and says, "of course, I'm serious, not serious. Will I waste time with her?"

"I believe that the men of our Ji family will be devoted to each other if they like each other. I think this Bai Yiyan is also very good. Her character is also good. How do you treat others?" Ji Xiaohan reached out and patted him on the shoulder to encourage him.

"Brother, are you devoted?" But Ji Yueze suddenly asked him back, looked at him, stared at his eyes and asked, "if you are devoted to love, why do you seem to have left your sister-in-law alone?"

Ji Xiaohan is suddenly asked by him, and Jun's face is a little stiff.

"I didn't neglect her. You should know about me and her." Season owl cold dark sighed a breath, dull smile.

"That can't be used as an excuse for you to leave her alone. Just at dinner, I felt that although you are good to her, you are not as close as before. I can see that my sister-in-law seems to be lost." Ji Yueze pretends to be casual.

"To tell you the truth, I don't know how to treat her now. Sometimes, I'm confused. When I think of her as Xia Weiwen's daughter, I still hate her, but I also know that I love her very much." "Brother, are you afraid of other men turning her away when you treat her like this?" Ji Yueze listened to the eldest brother's words and asked with sarcasm.