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C1416 strong attachment

Strong in heart?

LAN Yanxi can't help but smile bitterly. She thinks that she is very strong in her heart, but she will be refreshed by some people's shamelessness and boldness.

LAN Yanxi is not aware of the threat. After all, Ling's mind is clear to her. LAN Xianxian will not succeed, but will only make a fool of herself.

But even if she knew that she would not succeed, she was disgusted by her shameless behavior.

As soon as LAN Xianxian arrived at the Department of public information, she was very eye-catching, because she directly introduced herself as LAN Yanxi's cousin and vice president as her future brother-in-law. Who dares to show her face? It's natural that there's no way to flatter.

Blue fiber can be more publicized than blue Yanxi. She feels that it's a fool's behavior not to make use of it.

At lunch, LAN Yanxi saw a group of people around her from afar. It seemed that she soon became one with her colleagues in the office.

LAN Xianxian also looked at her from afar, with a smile of sarcasm on her lips. She must prove that she is better than LAN Yanxi, both in her work and in maintaining relationships.

The first lady of the future must be a very sociable woman. Blue microfiber will show her sociable skills now. At that time, Ling Mo Feng will like her expertise in this field if she sees her.

Looking forward to it, LAN asked her female colleague: "isn't Mr. vice president coming to the canteen for dinner?"

"Of course not. There is a special canteen on the third floor with such a distinguished identity as the vice president. It's forbidden. Ordinary staff can't go there." A female colleague quickly explained to her.

"I see!" Blue fibril is inexplicably lost. She has heard that the vice president is close to the people. She thought she could see him in the canteen. Now, she still thinks too simply.

"Slim, I heard that your cousin has a good relationship with Mr. vice president. Is that true?" There was instant gossip nearby.

"Do you still need to ask me? People with eyes can see it. My cousin doesn't know what kind of dog luck she has taken. Such a good man has been met by her! "

"Slim, you don't seem to like your cousin very much. Isn't your relationship very good?" Another colleague is curious.

"It's not that I don't have a good relationship with her, it's that she's too careful. Relying on my grandfather to spoil her, she's arrogant and doesn't pay attention to my sister at all." Blue fiber is a sneer, blue words hope to say bad, showing their grievances helpless.

We have learned more about the character defects of lanyanxi from the mouth of lanxianxian, and cast a sneer at lanyanxi.

LAN Yanxi stares at LAN Xianxian from time to time. Seeing her mouth open, she is worried that she will speak ill of herself.

The general office says it's big or small. If you want to spread gossip about someone, it's a gust of wind. Within a day, it can spread to every department. It's really terrible.

However, if her mouth is open to others, LAN Yanxi can't prevent it. She doesn't expect LAN Xianxian to say good things about herself. I hope she doesn't say too bad. Otherwise, she will really want to tear her mouth.

At noon, LAN Yanxi received a call from her grandfather.

"Yan Xi, listen to your uncle, microfibril has also been applied to the general office. Have you seen her?" Blue asked her gently.

"She came to me!" LAN Yanxi is in a bad mood. She really wants to tell her grandpa about LAN Xianxian's shameful mind and let him make the decision for herself. But she dare not say that grandpa is not healthy and has been damaged by one breath. That's her fault.

If you want to make blue fiber, let her do it. Just think she's a clown, just ignore it.

In her heart, grandpa is the most important person. She doesn't want grandpa to be sulky by these shameless villains.

"You're not as steady as you are. Since you work in the same place, you're a sister. If there's something you need to take care of at work, let her do it." Blue old man gently advised her.

"Yes, Grandpa. Don't worry." LAN Yanxi replied softly.

"You and Mo Feng's relationship, you grasp the size of it, grandpa can't be your master." The blue old man said with a smile.

"Grandpa..." Blue words hope jiaochen up, some shy.

"Well, grandpa won't make fun of you, hang up!" Blue old man see granddaughter shy, then no longer talkative, hung up the phone.

Wang Xinyi suddenly walked out of the office and hurriedly said to LAN Yanxi, "get ready. We will go to a door later."

"Sister Xinyi, where are you going?" Lanyanxi asked quickly.

"It was temporarily decided by the head that Mr. vice president led the team and invited foreign leaders and several foreign guests to visit the martyrs' Park." Wang Xinyi said that, his eyes stopped on LAN Yanxi's face: "if you don't want to go, I'll ask others to follow you."

"No, I want to go!" LAN Yanxi quickly stood up and replied in a hurry.

"Is it not difficult?" Wang Xinyi asked with a smile.

"No, no problem!" LAN Yanxi shakes his head.

Wang Xinyi sighed: "if you want to avoid being strong, just let yourself be better!"

"It's also strong!" LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing. If she had the chance to see Ling Mo Feng, she would not miss it, not once.

Wang Xinyi nodded: "then prepare it quickly. In ten minutes, we will wait at the entrance of the hall."

"Good!" LAN Yanxi quickly packed up his necessary work equipment and walked out with Wang Xinyi.

In fact, lanyanxi's work is very busy. All day long, it's either this or that. Moreover, everything is very important and there is no mistake.

It's just that there are not many opportunities to meet Ling Mo Feng at work. Although she has asked such important questions in the Ministry of foreign affairs, Ling Mo Feng's work is far from what she could imagine. He is busy every day.

LAN Yanxi followed Wang Xinyi and waited for a few minutes at the entrance of the hall. Then she saw a group of people coming from the elevator. She glanced slightly at the corner of her eyes, and the young man at the head made her heart tremble.

Ling Mo Feng has a formal dress, a noble and gentle temperament, and a warm and smiling face. Although he is modest and modest, he has a powerful aura that can not be ignored, so that people can not ignore his existence.

LAN Yanxi saw his moment, filled with unspeakable emotions, happy, excited, warm and attached.

All kinds of emotions mingled, which made her eyes slightly hot.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes seemed to look at LAN Yanxi at will. But when he saw her standing there with her head down, he felt a kind of unspeakable heartache in his heart.

There are people on the scene to follow. Ling Mo Feng's eyes can't fall excessively on her.

LAN Yanxi did not dare to look at him because her eyes were red. She was afraid to let Ling Mo Feng find her sadness at the moment.

"What's the matter?" Wang Xinyi is very close to her. As soon as she turns around, seeing her desperately holding back the tears in her eyes, she immediately asks in amazement.

"No Nothing. The sand is blowing into my eyes! " LAN Yanxi can't help regretting himself. He used to be a heartless person, not easily sad. But why did he feel weak just now when he saw that moment?

Have you really changed your mood? With the people concerned, become vulnerable.

Wang Xinyi doesn't believe her words. Where is the sand from here?

The so-called sand is just Ling Mo Feng.

LAN Yanxi sat in the car and stared at the car in front of her from the beginning to the end, because the man she loved was on the car.

When arriving at the destination, this is the martyr's Park. There is a great political reason for this foreign leader to come to worship. Lanyanxi is just a small role in this. She only does her job well.

LAN Yanxi saw Ling Mo Feng and the foreign leader chatting and walking. The atmosphere was a little more sad. Wang Xinyi was also chatting with several foreign guests about the martyr's garden. LAN Yanxi listened carefully and thought far away.