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It's normal for the old lady to be surprised. Ten years ago, LAN Yue was going to leave Ji's house and marry Xia Weiwen. No one could stop her. After she made a decision, she immediately packed up her journey and left. She was so determined and so ruthless.

It's said that after she married Xia Weiwen, the two people always had a harmonious relationship. They were all admiring on many occasions.

The old lady thought that Lan Yue would once again live a selfish life with Xia Weiwen, but now, LAN Yue's decision surprised her again.

LAN Yue saw the old lady staring at herself as if she had made such a decision, which made her very strange.

"I've thought about it seriously. I'm not kidding. I and Javier have decided to divorce and complete them." Seeing the old lady's suspicious expression, LAN Yue had to express herself more seriously.

The old lady sneered, and her tone was still full of sarcasm: "you don't need to be a good person here to complete them? Isn't your heart black? You are selfish enough to impress me for your happiness. Now you suddenly become a good man. I'm not used to it. "

LAN Yue's face was a little pale.

The old lady's words are hard to hear and stinging.

"Why don't you ask me why you left your son so resolutely." LAN Yue suddenly opens her mouth, her voice is full of sadness.

It seems that she has suffered great grievances.

The old lady's face suddenly changed, even colder and angrier: "you don't wrongly accuse my son here. If my son marries you wrongly, he will be killed by you. Do you still have the face to mention him now?" "I know you hate me, but there is one thing, you may not know, what is the cause of your son's car accident, is it really because of me? No, he's because of other women! " LAN Yue suddenly told the secret that she had been silent for many years. Her face was red and excited, and even

disappointed. The old lady's expression was stiff again, her eyes were wide open, and she was even more angry. She reached out and pointed to LAN Yue: "stop talking to me, I will not allow you to speak ill of my son. How can there be other women with such good or bad qualities? Now, when others are in heaven, it's up to you to decide whether they are good or bad. I'm not dazed by my old eyes, and you should not stop here His reputation. " LAN Yue bowed his head bitterly and laughed bitterly: "yes, he is your good son, filial and gentle, yes, he is good to me, but he never loved me, he just regarded me as his wife's role, polite to me, but, a marriage,

if there is no love, it's just like a pool of stagnant water, which makes people despair."

"Lan Yue, you said this just to give yourself an excuse to wash white. Do you think I will believe it?" The old lady angrily accused her, and her face turned red with anger. "I'm telling you the truth. The woman he loves called me several times, begged me, threatened me, asked me to leave Ji's house, and made room for her. At that time, for the sake of two small children, I kept holding on, let her go, and didn't make a sound. However, your son really broke up. He lied about his business trip, but he took the woman abroad to play for many days. Every night, I can all receive the pictures of their sweet embrace from that woman. If you don't believe it, I can show them to you! " LAN Yue said, reached out and took out a big step photo from the bag, went to the old lady's face and handed it to her.

The old lady froze all over and looked at the photos with a pale expression. She trembled her hands and was afraid to pick them up. "I have endured all the pain alone. As a wife and mother, I have done my best consciously. However, I really can't bear to be misled in my whole life. Therefore, I also chose love. You call me selfish. I feel that if I don't make a decision for myself, I will never have the courage to step out in my life." Seeing that the old lady dare not take these photos, LAN Yue has to continue to tell her sadness.

In the end, the old lady took the photos one by one and looked at them one by one, her body was shaking constantly.

"This fox!" The old lady hated and scolded loudly. She knew the woman cuddling up with her son in the picture. She stopped her son from getting along with her. However, she didn't expect that the woman still pestered her son.

Even when her son got married, she still occupied him.

The old lady was so angry that she shivered. She wished she could tear the charming smile of the woman in the picture.

LAN Yue is standing quietly and watching. She feels that she has endured more than ten years of pain and finally has been relieved.

At least, she did not let her son know about it, nor did she let the old man know about it. She protected his image of being a son and a father.

"How could that be?" The old lady suddenly stood unsteady and squatted on the ground and began to cry.

LAN Yue looked at her crying and said, "I've been afraid to tell you and my son that he will disappoint you."

The old lady raised her head and looked at LAN Yue with complicated eyes: "my son is sorry for you, but the children are innocent. Why do you abandon them?"

"I've always felt guilty and remorseful about this matter, so now I want to make up for the mistakes I made in those years. I hope you can accomplish it." LAN Yue said with a sigh on her face, maybe she is old and has learned to look down on many things.

The old lady wiped off her face with the back of her hand: "are you going to take these photos and show them to your two sons?"

LAN Yue shook her head and said in a sad voice, "of course not. I would rather my son never know what their father really looks like."

"It's kind of you to leave them behind, but they still blame you!" The old lady was relieved a little.

When she saw her son holding another woman and smiling, her heart was full of mixed feelings. She really didn't know how the two grandsons would feel when they saw it.

"At that time, you really shouldn't accept that I married into Ji's family. I have no love with your son. Maybe you promised him to marry the woman he loves, and now there won't be so many resentments." LAN Yue said bitterly.

The old lady was silent. Of course she knew about it, and she was responsible.

"Am I really old? I don't know how important love is in marriage The old lady laughed at herself.

LAN Yue rarely saw her say such a peaceful sentence, and smiled sadly: "only with a loving marriage can we be happy. I think Xiao Han and Tang youyou really love each other. It's too cruel to separate them!" The old lady snorted angrily, "it's Xia Weiwen who asked you to come over and ask for help. Unexpectedly, he has a heart for his daughter."