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C1866 introduction to girlfriend

"Go to bed!"

The man smashed down a word, put her beside his son, the movement is gentle.

Xia Xinnian once touched the bed, he saw that the man turned around and went out, and closed the room tightly.

Is it good to let her go?

Xia Xinnian just wants to ha ha twice.

When he left, Xia Xinnian finally fell asleep holding his son.

In the morning, the little guy opened his eyes and found that his father and mother were gone.

Did he lie in?

At this time, the door was pushed open, and jimucheng came in dressed in a suit of suit, iron gray suit, white shirt, no tie, but a king like slouch.

"Son, today my father takes you to see the new school!"

Jimucheng still attaches great importance to his son's education.

"Well, will mummy go with you?"

The little guy asked with his head up.

"Your mommy may have to work!"

When Ji Mucheng thought of going to bed with a cold face, Xia Xinnian must be angry at his bastard behavior last night. Ji Mucheng didn't want to provoke her, so he decided to take his son to a new school alone.


The little guy was obviously lost.

"Or you go downstairs and ask your mommy!"

People who don't dare to be offended by jimucheng are the only ones who can be offended now.


Xia Yuchen still wants to take him with her parents.

He jumped out of bed and quickly turned out a suit of clothes with short hands. The quick ones were put on.

Jimucheng stood by, originally going upstairs to dress his son. Unexpectedly, his son has been trained so well.

Is there no father's love of children, will become so mature?

I think of myself.

Heart, so painful! After getting dressed, Xia Yuchen ran into the bathroom again. Unfortunately, Xiao Dian was not tall enough to build a toothbrush, so she had to ask dad for help.

Jimucheng also has a strange feeling in his heart. It's stuffy. I wish he could go back in time. Let him find his son earlier and accompany him to grow up.

Xia Yuchen is brushing his teeth while peeping at daddy's dazed expression.

"Daddy, why are your eyes red?

Did Mommy bully you? "

The kid's ability to see the face is not bad.

Jimucheng quickly calmed down, reached for his little head, Wen smiled and asked, "if one day your mommy really bullied me, would you love daddy?"

"No, my mommy is so nice. How can she bully you?

I'll be relieved if you don't bully her! "

Little guy doesn't buy his account.

Jimucheng: "..." Is he that bad?

However, from this point, jimucheng has seen that the little guy is still the closest to his mother.

He was a little jealous. Although he came here as a child, he was still a little uncomfortable.

"Son, let me ask you something. Did you mention a man named uncle Yan before? What is his relationship with your mommy?"

Some people in jimucheng want to ask for information from their son.

"Uncle Yan is my mother's good friend."

The little guy blinks his eyes and answers very carefully.

Jimucheng nodded and continued to ask, "there are many kinds of good friends, some of them are general, some of them are close to each other, which kind are they with your mommy."

"Of course it's a good one, daddy. Are you jealous?"

The little guy laughed and blushed jimucheng's frozen handsome face.

"Don't talk nonsense. How can I be jealous?"

Jimucheng doesn't admit his intention.

"Why do you ask so clearly? I won't betray my mommy!" he said with two short hands

Jimucheng grinds his teeth. OK, I can see his purpose. Besides, he protects the woman so desperately. Is it really her own?

But he's half the credit.

"Daddy, it seems that you haven't told me, do you have a girlfriend?"

The little guy began to ask him back. He pointed to the towel while asking.

Jimucheng, a young man, has never waited on people before. At this moment, he quickly takes a towel and moistens it with water. He wipes the little guy's face. He looks a little stiff and replies, "of course not!"

"Daddy, when you talk, you pause, which means you didn't tell the truth!"

The little guy's face is about to be transformed by the man's hard rubbing, and he retorts.

"Who told you to stop and lie?"

Jimucheng is surprised again. He carefully looks at the small face on his hand. He is only four years old and knows everything.

"Mummy said it!"

The little guy admitted generously.

Jimucheng cursed in his heart. What happened to the woman?

How can we educate his son with the thoughts of an adult?

"Daddy, if you have a girlfriend, I can only leave you with Mommy!"

After the little guy found out that he might have lied and lied to him, his little face became sad.

When he heard that his son was going to leave him, jimucheng was calm and flustered.

He squatted down, put his hands on his son's shoulders, and looked at him in the same direction: "Yuchen, daddy really has no girlfriend, I promise you!"


The little guy blinked his eyes, and then he smiled with a black belly: "then can I introduce one to daddy?"

Jimucheng almost choked.

This little guy even wants to introduce his girlfriend to him. Have you ever thought about his feeling of being Laozi?

"Who are you going to introduce?"

Jimucheng thinks it's not Xia Xinnian's idea to introduce the kid so seriously.

"Who else is my mommy? My mommy is single. You two are perfect!"

Little guy is very enthusiastic to sell mommy to Daddy, eyes are full of little star light.

Jimucheng's handsome face was full of astonishment.

For a long time, he asked in a low voice, "son, do you think your mommy will like me?"

Xia Yuchen asked, stupefied, and then stared at daddy's handsome and shocking face for a long time: "I don't know, daddy is not as good as Uncle Yan, uncle Yan is so good to Mommy, Mommy is not moved, daddy is so bad to her, if Mommy is moved, there must be a problem here!"

With his fingers, the little guy knocked on his little head.

Jimucheng's mouth twitches twice. Does Xia Xinnian fall in love with him just because he's in the water?

This little guy, is his ass itchy?

Want to be beaten?

Although he was angry with his son to the rhythm of spitting blood, jimucheng was reluctant to beat the little guy.

It can only be said that the son is too clever to cheat him.

Moreover, the son loves to tell the truth too much. Every sentence sticks to his heart. Jimucheng feels that he should get used to it.

Holding his son downstairs, Xia Xinnian still hasn't left, but he plans to leave.


When Xia Yuchen saw mommy and her eyes were bright, she immediately struggled down from jimucheng's arms and ran to her.

Xia Xinnian crouches down and embraces his son.

"Yuchen, Mommy is going to work soon. Would you like to go to the new school with your father today?"

When Xia Xinnian went downstairs just now, Ji Mucheng mentioned this. Xia Xinnian didn't object.