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C1961. The misunderstanding is bigger

The man with his eyes closed heard that he couldn't get around, so he opened his eyes and saw a white SUV standing in the middle of the road.

"Call a car and tow it to the repair shop for them." Tie Ting didn't see each other's car condition just now. He just thought that someone had parked his car on the side of the road to see the scenery. Now it seems that there is something wrong with each other's car. That's why he was so kind and helped.

"OK." Wang orange nodded, stopped the car, Wang orange immediately went down to ask about the situation.

He just came to the car, through the window, he looked at each other with a pair of clear eyes. Wang was shocked. Isn't this the beauty who wants to meet the eldest brother?

Seeing Wang Cheng, Ji Tingyan was also shocked. Then, she quickly knocked down the car window, squinted her beautiful eyes and said in a cold voice, "how can you be here?"

Wang Cheng quickly smiled and explained, "our boss is in a hurry to get back to the company. Miss Ji, what's the matter with you?"

"How do you know my name is Ji?" Ji Tingyan frowned.

"The boss told me, of course." Wang orange laughs like an iron and naive man. The eldest brother can face the beauty coldly, but he can't do it.

Ji Tingyan looks at the car in the distance. Their body and glass are black, but she doesn't know. At the moment, a pair of gloomy eyes look at her like eagles.

Ji Tingyan's heart is full of grievances. It's a narrow path for his enemies. He can also laugh at her in such wild mountains and mountains.

"Miss Ji, my boss said, let me help you drag the car to the repair shop in front of you. It's estimated that it's still more than two hours away. The trailer is risky. I think you should take our car first." Wang Cheng's kind advice.

Ji Tingyan is about to refuse. Cheng Yue has already advised her: "xiaonai, this gentleman is right. The road is icy and snowy, and the trailer is very dangerous. For the sake of safety, let's listen to this gentleman's advice."

Although Ji Tingyan doesn't want to turn to tie ting for help, she can't only care about her self-esteem in case of an emergency. There are so many people in the car. She has to protect their safety.

"OK, thank you." Ji Tingyan thought for only two seconds and agreed.

"Yes, your name is xiaonai. I'll ask my boss." Wang ran back to the car, breathing hot air.

Tie Ting pulls down the window, and Wang Cheng grins: "boss, you and miss Ji are really destined to meet each other in such a place. Miss Ji promised to let us help with the trailer."

"Well, let her come here, take my car, her people, take the car in the back. I have something to tell her." Tie Ting, a man who doesn't believe in life, now has to believe in the fate of this day. What can we do? Ice and snow, can't help you?

"Boss, tell you secretly, Miss Ji, her name is Ji xiaonai." Wang Cheng seems to have got some secret report. He secretly says to tie ting.

Tie Ting gave him a cold look: "let you help, not let you talk."

Wang Cheng touched his nose wisely and smiled twice. Then he turned around and ran to Ji Tingyan's car: "Miss Ji, get out of the car. It seems that the weather is going to be bad. You have to leave here quickly."

Ji Tingyan and two bodyguards got out of the car, but the driver had to hold the steering wheel in his car. Wang Cheng didn't force him, so he let him.

"Miss Ji, please get in the car." Wang orange opens the door where tieting is and smiles.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes lifted, and when she saw tieting sitting on them, she immediately asked in a low voice, "can I sit in the car behind?"

"No way." Before Wang orange could speak, a low and cold voice came.

Tie Ting looks around and sees that Ji Tingyan is trying to avoid. It seems that she has a problem with him.

He must find an opportunity to make things clear. There is no misunderstanding between him and her.

Ji Tingyan lowers her head and grinds her teeth. She doesn't ask any more. She directly steps on the pedal and sits in.

Cheng Yue also wants to get in the car. Wang Cheng quickly stops him. "Let's sit in the back, sisters."

"Who is your sister, don't shout." Cheng Yue gave him a blank look.

Li Jingwen didn't talk all the way. She lost her soul. She stared at Ji Tingyan sitting in the car, and her heart was rolling with inexplicable jealousy. Three years ago, she fell in love with tie Ting as a coach in one training session. After that, she could hardly imagine him as a husband model to be married in the future, although up to now, tie Ting didn't seem to have one She was recognized, but her heart, like a fire lit by someone, illuminated her life and made her blood boil. Her secret love God appeared in front of her without any precaution, just like her savior, to rescue her from the dead abyss.

She thought she had a chance to get close to him and let him remember her, but now

Ji Tingyan takes her chance. Li Jingwen's heart is like being cut by a knife. It doesn't hurt. Even if Ji Tingyan is the object she is ordered to protect this time, it doesn't work. Love is selfish. She won't give it to her.

But at the moment, she can't do anything but watch fate push her and bondeng further and further. Ji Tingyan is so close to him.

When the door closes, Ji Tingyan's heart also vibrates. Just now, she bit her teeth. When she got on the car, she didn't realize the danger. But at this moment, when there were only two people in the back seat of the car, she suddenly felt that the air became thinner. She unconsciously moved her body and leaned towards the other side of the window.

"You don't have to be careful in front of me." Tie Ting opened her mouth indifferently, seeing through her little movements and careful thinking.

Ji Tingyan is stiff all over. She stares at the light in front of her eyes and slowly turns to the man. Then she sees that tie Ting is also looking at her.

"You came to see my grandma that day. What can I do for you?" Tie Ting asked her directly.

Ji Tingyan had the courage to look at him. After listening to him, her courage seemed to be taken away in a flash. Her whole heart became tense. She quickly lowered her eyes, pinched her sleeves subconsciously, pretended to be calm and said: "no Nothing. I just want to see her. "

"You've lived with my grandma for more than half a year, and you're visiting for the first time, aren't you deliberately?" While the man was talking, he took a thermos cup from the side, unscrewed it and drank water.

Ji Tingyan's blood is going to freeze. She stares at the man in horror. God, how can the man even know this? What did he do? Scouting?

After that, it's my big brother's fault. What kind of gambling do you want her to take the initiative to find him? At this moment, people really regard herself as an active courtship woman. Can't she jump into the Yellow River?