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When Lu Xuan Chen closed the door, Tang Xue Rou's previous imposing aura immediately dissipated, and he pleaded with a face full of pleading: "Wandering, you said that you were not interested in Ji Xiao Han, why are you not willing to leave now? Are you attracted to him again? "

Tang You You hated that hypocritical face of Tang Xue Rou. She felt that she was always wearing a mask and her expression kept changing, to the point where he didn't even know which one was her true face.

"Tang You You, you really want to become my enemy? "You better think it through. Our current identities are too far apart, it's not good to go against me." If was tough, she didn't believe that Tang You You wasn't afraid of death.

Tang You You no longer bothered with her unreasonable actions, she walked out with big steps.

At the door, when Lu Xuan Chen saw that she had come out with a tense expression, he asked concernedly: "You people fought again?"

"Hengcheng-ge, I'll be leaving first!" Tang You You's mood was heavy, he immediately walked towards the elevator.

Tang Xue Rou suddenly swept all the items on the table to the ground. The moment she thought about Tang You You remaining, it was as if doomsday had arrived, and she was extremely afraid.

After Tang You You finished this matter, he went straight home.

However, as soon as she returned to the Ji Family Villa, she saw that in the living room, a man was drawing something on a piece of paper with his daughter in one hand.

Tang Xiao Rui watched on the side with a face of joy, occasionally pointing fingers at others.

Tang You You originally thought that Ji Xiao Han wouldn't be able to deal with the two little fellows, but he never thought that...

"Mummy is back!" Tang Xiao Nai was the first to see Tang You You, and immediately jumped off Ji Xiao Han's leg in excitement. She ran over, grabbed onto one of Tang You You's fingers, and pulled her forward: "Mummy, quickly come over here and look, Daddy is painting for us."

Tang You You didn't even want to go over and beat up the hubbub, but since she couldn't stand her daughter's excited eyes, she could only walk over and pretend to admire her.

"What is this? Duck? " Tang You You looked at Ji Xiao Han's masterpiece as he smiled.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze instantly darkened, as he said in an extremely displeased manner, "This is a swan."

"That must have been before the ugly duckling turned into a swan!" Tang You You curled her lips.

Ji Xiao Han was originally in a good mood, but after suddenly hearing his random comment, he no longer had any interest in painting: "Come and paint, see what you can draw."

Tang You You immediately sat down by his side, took out a pen, and agilely started drawing on the paper.

Ji Xiao Han had never trained in painting before, so being able to paint a swan like a duck was already pretty good.

On the other hand, because Tang You You had been studying design, drawing was as easy as flipping her palm. With just a few strokes, she could draw out the soul of a swan, causing Ji Xiao Han's face to turn even more gloomy and unsightly.

"Mummy is great, your drawing is really beautiful." Tang Xiao Rui immediately clapped his hands.

Tang Xiao Nai also supported her cheeks with her two small hands, looking at Mummy's swan with great interest, which was getting more and more beautiful.

Tang You You finished the painting and looked at the man provocatively.

Ji Xiao Han had no choice but to admit defeat, and said indifferently: "Fine, you've won. Whatever you want, I will satisfy you!"

Tang You You was stunned, her beautiful eyes blinked twice. When she was drawing just now, did she bet with him on anything?

"Mummy, quickly state your conditions. Daddy has already given you a chance." The little guy immediately began to jeer from the side.

Tang You You coughed a little unnaturally. "I … I don't want anything. "

"Are you sure?" Ji Xiao Han raised his eyebrows slightly.

Tang You You nodded.

"What a pity. I was planning on letting you work in the Only Idealism Design Department. Since you said not to …"

"Wait a minute!" Tang You You's mind was a little blank just now, but after hearing his words, her beautiful eyes slightly lit up: "You want me to work in the Only Idealism Design Department?"

"What is it? Didn't you already apply for the position? " Ji Xiao Han said sarcastically.

At the mention of this, Tang You You became angry and glared at him: "If it wasn't for you obstructing me, I would have taken down this job a long time ago."

"It's not too late to go now." The bottom of Ji Xiao Han's eyes flashed with a dark glow.

"Even if you didn't say anything, I would still have gone to the interview." Since he decided to stay, of course Tang You You would look for a job.

The two little fellows who were silent beside exchanged a look filled with laughter after hearing the conversation between Mummy and Father.

"We're going out for a meal tonight, do you have any objections?" Ji Xiao Han suddenly asked.

"We have no objections!" The two little fellows replied in unison.

Seeing the little thing so excited, Tang You You knew that their little hearts were already starting to move, how could she refuse?

Maybe she gave her children's lives a little too boring and tasteless, so any suggestion Ji Xiao Han made would make the two little fellows feel new and excited.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly grasped an important piece of information. If he could make any decisions in the future, as long as the two little fellows had no objections, the woman would not oppose him at all.

So that's how it was!

"Daddy, Mummy, you guys continue chatting. Xiao Nai and I will go watch TV." Tang Xiao Rui held his sister's small hand, intending to leave some space for father and Mummy to build up their relationship.

Uncle Yuan immediately followed behind the two little fellows. "Little Young Master, do you want me to watch the show with you?"

"Mn, thank you Uncle Yuan!" The little guy politely but happily laughed.

The living room became quiet.

Without the little guy's noise, Tang You You suddenly felt that it was weird.

She raised her pair of beautiful eyes and accidentally bumped into the deep eyes of the man who was probing her. Her heart skipped a beat.

"Who did you see just now?" Is it that man again from last night? " The moment the little guy left, even Ji Xiao Han's expression changed, and his voice revealed a trace of ridicule.