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C1966. Right seat

Ji Tingyan is easy to recruit, which makes tie Ting feel successful. This woman is not so smart.

"Why is she here again?" Lu Mengmeng comes down from the upstairs and sees Ji Tingyan at the dining table. She looks bored.

Tie Ting's face sank completely this time, and said in a stern voice, "if you don't think the food here is delicious, you can go to the canteen."

Lu Mengmeng's expression was stunned. Obviously, she didn't expect that feting would do this to her. Her pretty face was red. When her anger went out, she immediately came to please: "brother feting, I don't mean that. I just feel it. It's not good for you to let an outsider come to dinner."

"She's not an outsider, she's my friend." Tie Ting did not hesitate to return to her.

Lu Mengmeng is completely mute, and her heart is extremely bent. She must mention the unknown woman to grandma Zhang. As long as grandma Zhang doesn't agree, brother Funing will not associate with her. He listens to grandma most.

Ji Tingyan is more comfortable when she hears that tie Ting is in charge of herself. Why does she have to contend with a little girl? She should fill her stomach first.

Lunch was very rich. There was meat in the fish. Lu Mengmeng had a few dishes to tie ting. Tie Ting was helpless. The little girl was too warm. He had to find a way to send her away.

After lunch, Ji Tingyan left the villa. When she went out, the two big dogs outside the door opened their teeth and clawed at her again. This time, Ji Tingyan instinctively hid behind her.

Tie Ting presses his hands on the two big dogs, and the hounds suddenly become soft and cute. She wags her tail and blinks her eyes. Ji Tingyan cannot cry or laugh.

"I'll see you off." Tie the thunder and speak softly.

"No, I'll walk there. I've got my route." Ji Tingyan shakes her hand quickly. She has just come all the way. The scenery is good. She needs to exercise.

"Be careful, it's just snowed!" Tie Ting didn't insist, just whispered.

Ji Tingyan looks back at him, and suddenly feels that this man is not as cold as he thought. It seems that he is different from him as a stranger and friend.

"I see." Ji Tingyan, like a obedient child, nodded, put her hands in her pocket and walked towards the lounge with a brisk step.

Tie Ting looked at her back, thin lips pulled a light smile.

At the balcony on the second floor, behind a curtain, Lu Meng stared angrily and stamped his feet: "it's so hateful that he deliberately sabotaged my relationship with brother Funing. Hum, I can't finish with you."

Ji Tingyan returns to the lounge. Cheng Yue and Li Jingwen have finished their dinner and have a rest in the lounge. When they see her coming back, they immediately come to care about her.

"Xiao Nai, your nose is frozen red. Mr. tie didn't send you back?" Cheng Yue frowns.

Ji Tingyan giggled, "I'm going to walk back."

Li Jingwen was so stuffy just now. When she saw Ji Tingyan coming back alone, she was in a good mood. She also came up and asked, "when are we going to leave, xiaonai?"

"Leave tomorrow." Ji Tingyan did not know the meaning of Li Jingwen's question, so she answered.

"Tomorrow? Will it be too urgent? Can the car be repaired? " Li Jingwen really doesn't want to leave here. She wants to see tie Ting more.

"Tomorrow Mr. Fu will take his sister to leave with us. If the car is not repaired, he may borrow his car." Ji Tingyan said with a smile.

"Mr. tie will go together? Where is he going? " Li Jingwen suddenly thought of that annoying little girl, and her heart was sour and anxious.

"That Miss Mengmeng also came here to travel. Mr. Fu may take her to travel with us for a few days. Today's situation, you can see that there is no familiar guide here. Our trip will be very difficult. I don't want to have any more accidents. In order to ensure safety, I agree to join Mr. Fu." Ji Tingyan immediately explained the situation.

"Xiao Nai, you can decide. We have no problem." Cheng Yue answers immediately.

Li Jingwen's eyes brightened, she pressed her heart and nodded, "yes, it's up to you."

In the evening, three of Ji Tingyan were arranged to stay in the guest room on the second floor. The dinner was also eaten in the restaurant on the second floor. Ji Tingyan received a call from her family and reported that she was safe.

Ji Tingyan is looking through a road map. She doesn't need other people's consideration for everything like her eldest daughter. She is used to doing it by herself. This trip is a temporary one. It's very hurried. The temperature in the big city is pleasant, but the weather here is changeable. In order not to go for nothing, Ji Tingyan continues to move forward with an adventurous attitude.

The road map is dense. Ji Tingyan studied it for more than an hour, and finally saw her next direction and route.

After a night, she woke up in the morning, holding a warm quilt and being lazy for a while. The route map beside her pillow fell on the floor, and she bent down to pick it up. Today is another day of adventure.

After getting dressed and going downstairs, Ji Tingyan saw that Cheng Yue and Li Jingwen had breakfast downstairs. Wang Cheng sent them in person. He also gave everyone a warm and windproof submachine suit and a pair of antiskid boots.

"Assistant Wang, thank you. How much are these clothes? I'll transfer them to you." Ji Tingyan doesn't want to take advantage of them.

Wang Cheng quickly waved his hand: "no, no, these are all sent by the general manager, he said, no money."

"How can we do that? These are not cheap." Ji Tingyan frowns. She does nothing to be courteous. She is not a traitor but a thief Bah bah, where does she want to go.

"Miss Ji, hurry up and have breakfast. We are leaving at nine o'clock." Wang Cheng quickly changes the subject.

"What else do you want, sister? I'll have it delivered. " Wang orange smiled at Cheng Yue and asked.

"No, thank you." Cheng Yueju is annoyed by the big boy. His heart beats wildly.

Ji Tingyan frowned and sat down for breakfast. Just after nine o'clock, three black SUVs stopped at the door of the lounge. Lu Mengmeng sat in the car and looked out of the window with disgust.

Tie Ting jumped out of the car and went straight to pick up Ji Tingyan's suitcase and load it into his car.

Wang Cheng smiled at Cheng Yue and said, "take my car. Our drivers are all old drivers. Don't worry."

Li Jingwen is very anxious. She really wants to take a car with bondeng. Unfortunately, she is working now, and Ji Tingyan is the female leader. She can't cross this line.

"You take the copilot." Tie Ting asks Ji Tingyan.

Ji Tingyan is stunned for a moment. Suddenly, she sees Lu Mengmeng in the back seat. She directly opens the front passenger's door, sits on it and ties up her seat belt. Then she sees that tie Ting makes a gesture to the driver. The driver understands the meaning, opens the door and goes down, sits directly on the back vehicle, and tie Ting directly gets on the driver's seat.

"Brother Funing, why are you driving?" Seeing this scene, Lu Mengmeng was disappointed.

Tie Ting light way: "I open at noon, in the afternoon to open, sit well, do not move."

Ji Tingyan's expression is also a little subtle. She subconsciously grabs the seat belt in her arms. She has beautiful eyes and stealthily glances at the man beside her. If he drives, is it a little inappropriate for her to take the copilot?

The copilot's seat is reserved for the girlfriend.