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C770 don'st give her a chance

Half an hour later, Ji yunning's heart began to rush. She looked at the time again and again, expecting that the tall and handsome figure of Ji Xiaohan would come in from that door.

She went to dry her on purpose. Half an hour later, he didn't go to see her first, but after another 20 minutes, Ji Xiaohan stepped to the lounge.

Pushing open the door, he saw the woman standing with her back to him, and his eyes were slightly stunned.

However, in the next second, the surprise at the bottom of his eyes was broken. Just a moment ago, he imagined Ji yunning's back as Tang youyou. Because they were almost tall and now dressed in similar women's clothes, it's no wonder that Ji Xiaohan would be stunned for a moment.

"Brother Xiaohan!" As soon as Ji yunning turned around, he saw Ji Xiaohan with one hand still on the doorknob. As he remembered, he had a black suit, a white silk shirt and a tall, straight body, which gave people an invisible sense of pressure.

Ji yunning looks at the young and beautiful face that makes her yearning for all the time. Her heart beats faster and her white face flickers with shyness.

"I'm sorry, there are so many things. I've been waiting for a long time." Season owl cold light mouth.

Ji yunning shook his head and said willingly, "I used to wait for brother Xiaohan. I've never been bothered. I've been used to it for a long time. But brother Xiaohan should pay attention to rest and not be too tired!"

"I'm used to it!" Ji Xiaohan replied casually.

Later, Ji Xiaohan looked at the empty tabletop, and Li frowned and drank softly: "Lu Qing, how can you not send yunning a glass of water?"

As soon as Lu Qing heard this, he immediately apologized: "I'm sorry, young master. I forgot in a hurry. I'll send water in."

Ji yunning was not aware of how wronged she had been left out of the cold just now. At this moment, Ji Xiaohan's concern turned her mood and gave birth to a touch of emotion.

"Why are you here?" Season owl cold to sit on the sofa next to, lazy and noble.

Ji yunning is also sitting on the sofa, her beautiful eyes are full of emotion, and her voice is soft: "I heard from my father that brother Xiaohan is here. I was very happy for a while, and I wanted to meet you. Brother Xiaohan hasn't seen you for a while. You are still so handsome."

Season owl cold light smile: "thank you for your praise, I asked Uncle to eat tomorrow, you also come tomorrow!"

"Well, as long as brother Xiaohan invites me, I will certainly go." Ji yunning immediately said with a happy face, but his eyes seemed to stick to Ji Xiaohan's body, which was hard to move. The man's rich and dignified demeanor shows his masculine charm. His tall and strong body has a strong attraction to women. Ji yunning was unwilling to get the man because he didn't get him. At this moment, she is within two meters from him. Her heart surges again

a touch of greed. She really wants to jump into the man's arms, even if it's just holding him She was content to let go.

"What's uncle doing recently? Do you know? " The season owl asked as if he cared.

"Daddy has been resting at home recently, and has done nothing else." Of course, Ji yunning does not dare to sell any information of Ji Lin, so she pretends to be ignorant.

"Is it? My uncle is in good health. I saw him in a hurry at the airport today, but I didn't have time to ask Ji Xiaohan listens to Ji yunning's reply, and knows that she and Ji Lin are in a team.

Ha ha, since this woman is standing on the opposite side of him, Ji Xiaohan is not ready to give her any more sweetness.

Ji yunning's face suddenly added a touch of sadness: "Daddy's body is not as good as before. He has been suffering from insomnia and headache recently. He has gone to many hospitals, and experts have seen a lot, but it has not been good all the time!"

Ji Xiaohan sneers at the bottom of his heart. Ji yunning really likes Ji Lin and even plays this drama.

"Then you can take care of him more later!" Season owl cold light way.

"Brother Xiaohan, how many days will you stay here? Do you have time to go out and play? There are many scenic spots around... "

"I'll fly home the morning after tomorrow. I don't have time to play!" Ji Xiaohan interrupts her directly.

"The day after tomorrow?" Ji yunning's face is disappointed. He also hopes that Ji Xiaohan can play with her once.

"I want to have a long time with my children, so I want to go back early," said Ji

Hearing this, the smile on Ji yunning's face is hard to maintain.

"You are very kind to her!" Ji yunning finally stopped laughing and his face was full of sadness.

Ji Xiaohan knows that Ji yunning doesn't give up on himself. He nods: "yes, she is my favorite woman. I will treat her well in my life!"

It's like a knife, straight into Ji yunning's chest. Her face is pale with pain. "Brother Xiaohan, do you still remember the pictures we used to be together? How happy we were at that time when you taught me how to ride horses and play ball, and how to play piano and draw pictures. " Ji yunning looks sad and looks at Ji Xiaohan with deep emotion, hoping to remind him of his affection for himself.

"I forgot!" As if Ji Xiaohan didn't think she was stimulated enough, this sentence directly wiped out the last thought on Ji yunning's face.

She trembled all over and lowered her head sadly: "brother Xiaohan's memory is not always very good? You have the ability to never forget. How can you forget? "

The cold eyes of Ji Xiao went on: "yunning, of course, I won't forget how you hurt me."

Ji yunning looks stiff again, ashamed and uneasy.

"Brother Xiaohan, it's been such a long time. Haven't you let it go? My father and I have been punished. " Ji yunning suddenly began to cry. Pear blossom with tears, very pitiful.

Ji Xiaohan ignores her tears and still says in a cold voice, "since it's all over, don't mention it again!"

"But I can't forget the good times I spent with you. Brother Xiaohan, no matter how long I have been, I love you and will not change in the future." Ji yunning suddenly stood up, crying sadly, and walked towards Ji Xiaohan step by step: "brother Xiaohan, can you hold me?"

But Ji Xiaohan got up and said coldly, "I will not hold any woman except my wife."

Ji yunning's brain is buzzing, blank.

Then, Ji Xiaohan went to the door and said, "go!"

Ji yunning originally wanted to take the opportunity to let him hug himself. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiaohan left.

Ji yunning's goal was lost, and her eyes with tears turned dark in an instant. She held her hand tightly and thought hatefully, Ji Xiaohan, sooner or later you will be my man. As long as I don't give up one day, I will have a chance to get you.