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She had just woken up. Her long hair was in disarray, and her skin was white and rosy. She had a kind of lazy beauty to her.

When Ji Xiao Han saw Tang You You like this, he felt as if an electric current was flowing through his body, directly rushing to the deepest part of his body.

Tang You You did not dare to raise her head to look at the current Ji Xiao Han. Her heart was still thinking about the romantic words that the man said to her in the hotel last night. She blushed, got up, and walked towards the bathroom.

Ji Xiao Han knew that Tang You You must be embarrassed. He was shy at the hotel last night, but she did not know how enchanting or deadly her blushing look was.

"Xiao Nai, can I come back early today to play with you? At night, our family will go out to eat! " Although Ji Xiao Han wanted to free up some time to accompany her child, his company had been rather busy recently, and he barely had time to rest. She only wanted to finish what she had accumulated throughout the day and return to accompany her most important family members.

When Tang You You came out of the bathroom, she was already gone. She had helped her daughter wash up and put on her clothes, then pulled her little hand as she walked downstairs.

At the breakfast, the two elders were already chatting about the little guy at school with Tang Xiao Rui.

Seeing Tang You You go down the stairs, the old lady immediately thought of something and said: "Ku, Xiao Nai messed up your jewelry yesterday. You tidy it up yourself, my eyes are blurry, I can't even see clearly!"

How would Tang You You dare bother the old lady? He hurriedly replied, "Grandmother, I have already arranged everything well. Xiao Nai also guarantees that there won't be a next time."

Tang Xiao Nai pouted her lips and acted cute.

Everyone looked at the little guy's cute and naughty appearance. How could they bear to scold her again?

"Oh yeah, Wandering, I see that there seems to be a gold-inlaid jade pendant in your drawer. Is that something your parents left you?" The old lady tore her bread slowly and asked casually.

Tang You You's expression instantly changed to one of grief. She nodded: "Yes, that's what my parents left for me."

Ji Xiao Han, who was holding the milk bottle to drink, felt a cold sensation sweep through his entire body. He had already frozen in place, his gloomy eyes quickly raised up and looked at Tang You You, and then, he peeked at his grandmother's expression.

Why did Grandma mention about Tang You You's jade pendant? Could it be …

The old lady had long heard Ji Xiao Han mention it before, although Tang You You had found his own biological parents, unfortunately, their fates were too shallow.

"In fact, I seem to have seen that jade pendant somewhere before. However, I don't remember clearly where I saw that jade pendant, especially when I was old and my memory had declined. I hope you will forgive me when I see your parents dead and treat us like your family." The Old Granny had lost her son before, so she knew the pain of separation between flesh and blood, and she loved Tang You You's miserable life more and more.

Tang You You's eyes had already reddened. Although the old lady said that she had met her before, she did not hold any hope anymore.

She believed that Ji Xiao Han must have investigated everything thoroughly, that her parents were definitely no longer in this world, that there was nothing left for her to hope for.

"Thank you for your understanding, Grandma. Thank you for not looking down on my birth." Tang You You held back her tears. Because with the kids by her side, she didn't want to cry too unsightly. However, she was truly moved.

Although he felt pity for Tang You You and his eyes reddened because of this matter, he was more afraid that his grandmother would know something. It looked like he had to quickly destroy that jade pendant and the jade pendant that was stored in the museum. No matter what, he could not let it remain where Tang You You and his grandmother could see it.

The old tutor comforted gently, "Alright, you shouldn't be sad this early in the morning. Let's not talk about this anymore. Let's have breakfast."

Tang You You looked at Ji Xiao Han with his beautiful eyes, but realized that Ji Xiao Han was deep in thought as he drank his milk, and his actions were a little stiff.

She was slightly taken aback before she asked concernedly, "What are you thinking?"

Only now did Ji Xiao Han realize that he was too absent-minded, and his handsome face quickly recovered to normal. He said warmly: "Nothing, I'm thinking about work."

"Daddy, are you busy these days?" Tang Xiao Nai asked in concern as she drank her porridge.

Ji Xiao Han reached out to stroke her little head, smiling as he replied: "The company has had a lot of things to do recently!"

"Daddy, you have to take care of your rest. I don't want you to be too busy and get sick!" Tang Xiao Nai's words of concern were obviously a bit childish.

The old lady immediately smiled and said, "Xiao Nai, you can't say it like that. Your father is in good health, he won't be sick."

Tang Xiao Nai immediately nodded, "Yes, Daddy looks very healthy."

When Tang You You heard that the topic was related to Ji Xiao Han's condition, she inexplicably thought of what happened last night. His face was inexplicably a little hot.

"Mummy, your face is so red. You aren't sick are you?" Tang Xiao Rui suddenly turned his head to look at Tang You You's rosy red face, and thought she had a fever, because in the little guy's eyes, only when she was sick and had a fever would her face turn red.

Tang You You was already shy to begin with, but after hearing her son's words, she immediately felt like burrowing into a hole in the ground.

The two old men looked at each other and laughed. The old lady quickly comforted Tang Xiao Rui: "You won't only blush if you're sick."

"Oh? "Why?" Tang Xiao Nai was also very curious.

The old lady explained with a smile, "When a certain person sees a person they like, they also blush!"

Tang You You instantly became even more embarrassed. However, she simply lifted her lips and smiled.

"Erm, I've finished eating. Let's go!" Tang You You was really unable to stay calm and eat breakfast. Thus, she hurriedly wiped the corner of her mouth with a tissue and stood up to leave the table.

Seeing Tang You You leaving hastily, Ji Xiao Han also slowly stood up. He extended his hand and took a piece of bread: "I'll send you off to the company!"

Tang You You ran out of the living room, and just as she was about to open her bag and find the car key, Ji Xiao Han's voice came from behind her: "Is it just because the kids see you blushing that you're feeling guilty like a thief?"

Tang You You did not turn back, but her face was even redder, and she stubbornly said: "Who said I'm guilty? Why should I feel guilty! "

"Because you have already become my woman!" The man suddenly took a step forward and whispered into her ear.

Tang You You suddenly turned her head, her pink lips accidentally brushing against the man's lips. She took a step back, and said angrily: "Ji Xiao Han, can you not say such words anymore?"

"Here, eat!" Ji Xiao Han suddenly gave the bread in his hand to her: "When you're working, you have to fill your stomach."