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Ji Tingyan finally understood why she was angry. She was worried about her. She couldn't bear it. She snuggled into his arms actively. The man sighed and held her tightly in his arms. His chin touched her forehead lightly. She was mixed in joy and sorrow. He would take her back for a few days first. He thought of her. He was crazy at night.

Ji Tingyan feels his arms are tight, her depression finally dispels, subconsciously raises the corners of her mouth, this kind of mood, mixed with five tastes, but it is happy and reassuring.

The cross-country team is moving forward. There is an unknown path ahead. Suddenly, there are many big trees on both sides. Ji Tingyan looks out of the window at the changing scenery, but her heart is calmer and calmer. Tie Ting comes here to do such a dangerous thing. If she doesn't know, she may still be able to stay. Now she knows that no matter where she is in the world, she can't stay, She would be at ease if she had to see him all the time.

After more than an hour's driving, I finally came to a lake area. There are a row of buildings on both sides of the lake area, all of which are two-story houses, some of which are old, some of which are new. The only feature is that they are strong and strong, and some of them are airtight windows, which make people look and feel the pressure.

"These houses were all built by my brother. This is our current base. In a period of time, we will come to negotiate as businessmen, and we must clean up those bastards." Tie Ting has nothing to hide from her.

"Then Are you in danger? " Ji Tingyan's breathing is sluggish and she sits up nervously.

Tie Ting's arrogant hook lips smile: "of course, I will not be in danger, so many years of training is not in vain, I am very confident, these houses are designed by my brother himself, very defensive, if those bastards dare to come, I will make them never come back."

"Are you going to bring them here? catch all in one draft? Is that against the law? " Ji Tingyan is worried.

"There is no law here. No one will take care of it. There are small countries on both sides. They are harassed by terrorists all the year round and are too busy. If we can get rid of them, we will share their worries and solve their difficulties." Tie Ting's eyes were cold. If it wasn't for his father's revenge, the fate of him and his brother would not be like this. He planned for many years, and the two brothers worked together. One day, when they had the ability to revenge for their father, they would not miss the opportunity.

"Have you done so much with your brother to avenge your father one day?" Ji Tingyan is really distressed. They have endured and persevered for so many years, just to do one thing. It must be the most meaningful thing in their life for them. They are strong and heartbreaking.

Tie Ting looked at her eyes, flashing, as if afraid to see her clear eyes.

A big iron door opened, the motorcade drove in, the door closed, tie Ting pushed the door out of the car, turned around and handed her a hand: "come down."

Ji Tingyan put her hand in his palm and jumped down from the big SUV.

Cheng Yue also gets off the bus, and suddenly hears someone shouting at her: "sister, are you really here? What an accident. "

When Cheng Yueguang listens to this sound, his scalp becomes numb and turns around, isn't it Wang Cheng? He came running with a smile, his face excited, as if he had a child with sugar.

"I I came with nane. " Cheng Yue is not at ease. She dare not look into his sincere eyes.

"I know. You're here, too. When you're here, you're not lying to me." Wang orange smiled more happily.

Cheng Yuezhen can't bear to beat him. In fact, she just lied to him. This silly boy, he is following him. His heart is so sincere. Alas, he should be a black wolf. Can Wang Cheng have a long memory and learn from his boss more? Don't be cheated so easily.

"Well, I'm here. Do you have any gifts for me?" Cheng Yue chuckles.

"How do you know I have a present?" Wang said, then turned and waved to her, "come here and see what I have prepared for you."

Cheng Yue smiles and takes a look at Ji Tingyan. The meaning of her smile is not clear. Cheng Yue can't laugh or cry anymore, so she has to follow Wang Cheng.

Tie Ting sees that Ji Tingyan is very interested in Cheng Yue and Wang Cheng. He is a little jealous and says, "when did you get them together? You are so active in other people's affairs, but you are not so thoughtful in our affairs. "

Ji Tingyan is stunned, looks back at him, chuckles and says, "who said that I didn't care and would come to see you thousands of miles away?"

"Xiaoxun, come here and introduce me." Tie Ting shouted at his brother who had just got off the bus.

When Fuxun came over, he smiled and held out his hand to Ji Tingyan: "my eldest brother said that you only knew each other for a few days, and he was deeply rooted in love. His eyes are really good. My name is Fuxun. He is his twin brother."

"Nice to meet you. My name is Ji xiaonai." Ji Tingyan replied with a smile.

"Ji? I don't know what's your relationship with Timothy? " Tie Xun suddenly smiled more happily.

"Ah?" Ji Tingyan is frightened. Does this little uncle have a pair of bright eyes? How can I guess her relationship with big brother?

"Why do you ask?" Ji Tingyan is nervous. She wants to hide her identity and just want to have a normal love with her.

"I think you are a little like him. I remember that he seems to have a sister of dragon and Phoenix." Tie Hoon raised his eyebrows and said proudly.

Ji Tingyan is going to faint. She is embarrassed and doesn't know what to answer.

"Xiao Xun, stop asking and do your work." Tie Ting frowned and spread his brother directly.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes are stunned for a while, looking at tie Ting, she is at a loss.

"Tie Ting, why don't you ask who I am?" She followed the man behind, toward a house, the voice sounded softly.

"You don't want to say, I won't ask." Tie Ting suddenly stops and Ji Tingyan bumps into his back. With a low cry, she pulls back and stares at the man's solid back.

"If I don't, aren't you curious?" Ji Tingyan doesn't give up trying to find out.

"Even if I'm curious, I can't change your identity as Miss Ji, can I? In a foreign country, I went to see you that night. Your eldest brother was standing by your side. I couldn't recognize him. " Tie Ting turned around, her eyes deep and quiet, and finally told her mind.

"Ah? You knew that for a long time? " Ji Tingyan's chest is stuffy. Suddenly, she thinks her idea is ridiculous. She thinks she can hide it from him. In the beginning, she knew everything.

"If you don't tell me your real name, I won't know? Fool. " Tie Ting reached for her pretty nose and gave it a little scratch: "you still want to see when you hide from me."

Ji Tingyan suddenly wants to get angry and shout at him. Is this man playing with her? I've known who she is for a long time, but I have to accompany her in acting. I want to see how she can continue acting. Is it bad or not? It's bad.

"I don't want to talk to you. I want to go home." Ji Tingyan stamped her feet, turned around and left.

The man grabbed her and trapped her in his arms: "come on, let's go. Who am I?"

"You don't know who you are, but you're a hateful person. You're still waiting to see my jokes. Tie Ting, you're waiting. I must remember this account." Ji Tingyan said angrily, struggling gently in his arms.

"Hello, you two, don't take away the dog food, OK? Think about our single dogs. " The voice of binding Xun came from a window on the second floor.

Tie Ting quickly let go, Ji Tingyan pushed him hard, the man finally soft: "tired, not tired, to my room to rest."