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C1008 the ups and downs of life are too great

At the gate of Baiyu entertainment media group, a person suddenly appeared. She was wearing a warm red long dress and painted with heavy makeup, but the powder on her face was not evenly applied. Moreover, the lipstick on her mouth was like a ghost drawing of peach rune, which was smeared in a mess. The exaggerated eyelashes were even stained in front of her eyes. The whole person gave a sense of horror, very hot eyes. This is Tang Xuerou. She just came out of the mental hospital and couldn't stay at home. Suddenly, she thought of her life in the first sister of Baiyu group. She wanted to come and have a look.

Unfortunately, the silver gray gate of Baiyu group is still the same magnificent atmosphere, but it has changed. Bai

Yu group is the entertainment company in charge of Ji Yueze. At that time, the eldest brother suddenly arranged Tang Xuerou to be an artist in his company. Ji Yueze thought that she was a woman liked by her eldest sister at first, and spent a lot of resources to praise her, but also regarded her as an extraordinary idol, Mingxing. Later, after a series of things happened, Ji Yueze drove Tang Xuerou out early to let her Our name has been completely removed from Baiyu group. "

isn't that Tang Xuerou? My God, how could she make herself so, like a psychopath. "

"That's right, didn't it mean she was taken to jail? Why are you running out? Is this make-up too exaggerated? " "

I heard that she's crazy. Let's stay away from her. Don't be hurt by her. She's a psychopath who doesn't have to be responsible." Tang

Xue Rou stood outside the hall, and saw people around her talking about her in a low voice. She was not aware of how embarrassed she was, but she smiled at everyone, crazy and stupid. "

are you talking about me? Am I pretty? I'm Bai Yu's first sister. Do you need me to sign your name? It's OK to take a picture. " Tang Xuerou suddenly rushed to several people and scared them to scream and run away. "

hey, don't run. I don't have an assistant or a bodyguard today. You can sign for a photo." Tang Xuerou stamped her feet anxiously on the spot and shouted at the group.

At this time, two gate guards came over and said to her seriously, "Tang Xuerou, the boss has told me that you can't step into this gate any more. Hurry up and don't come here to be disgraced!" "

who are you talking about? Guard dog, I warn you, don't provoke me, I am the first sister of Baiyu, who dare to drive me away, I will kill you! " Tang Xuerou was immediately enraged and rushed to the two guards.

Two guards immediately also scared back several steps, finally decided to call the police. Don

Xuerou wants to rush to the hall, so the two guards are forced to drag her out. "

let go of me, you two watchdog dogs. Don't touch me with your dirty hands!" Tang Xuerou grabs and kicks with his hands and feet, and scolds while struggling. Two guards are helpless. Facing such a woman with abnormal brain, they can't fight and can't make sense. They can only drag her away once. Half an hour later, the police and Tang Youkang's husband and wife rushed over.

"Xuerou, how did you come here? You scared mother to death! " Meng Lijuan came and hugged her daughter, then pulled her hand: "let's go home. Didn't I tell you? Don't come out! " "

mom, this is my job. I come to work. Please let these two low-quality things in." Tang Xuerou's face turned red, stamping her feet and losing her temper. "

Xuerou, you are not working here. Hurry up, stop making trouble and go back with your parents." Meng Lijuan hurriedly grabs her daughter's hand again. Tang Xuerou pushes her angrily.

Meng Lijuan falls to the ground, looking at her crazy daughter with a dull face.

There are a lot of people gathered around, even some people take out their mobile phones to record. After all, Tang Xuerou used to be the lover of all men's dreams. Now she is as crazy as a psychosis here. This picture is still very exciting.

"You sober me up!" Tang Youkang suddenly came forward and slapped Tang Xuerou in the face, shouting angrily.

Tang Xuerou got a firm slap, the whole person was also blindfolded, and tears of grievance were surging up in his eyes.

Kang Youkang was also shocked by his actions just now. He looked at the five fingerprints on his daughter's face and his shaking hands. He even gave his own daughter such a cruel hand.

"Kang Youkang, you old bastard, what are you doing? Who asked you to hit your daughter?" Meng Lijuan immediately got up from the ground, pushed Kang Youkang away, blocked her in front of her daughter, protected her, and shouted angrily, "you don't care if your daughter becomes like this, do you? Would you like her to die early and not lose your old face

"Shut up!" Tang Youkang is also very regretful for what he did just now, but at the moment, Meng Lijuan's words are like sprinkling salt on his wound, his whole body is shaking with anger, and his old face is red with swelling. The police comrades at the side of

hurriedly came over and advised: "OK, don't make trouble at the door of someone else's company, get on the bus quickly, Mr. Tang, Ms. Meng, you also know the situation of your daughter, don't let her out next time, it's very dangerous, in case of hurting someone, you should be responsible." "

snow soft, go home!" This time, Meng Lijuan pushed Tang Xuerou back into the car, half pulling and half pushing.

Tang Youkang took a look at the stunned people around him, and quickly got into the car with a red face.

This farce is over at last. The two guards are relieved. They can't help shaking their heads and sighing. This is a wonderful life. Half a year ago, Tang Xuerou was surrounded by a group of people, who were like stars and the moon. A small guard like them couldn't even get one of her eyes, let alone talk to her. But now, like a madman, she is playing in front of the company and making jokes. Everyone is amazed at such a dramatic life. For example,

If Tang Xuerou's life comes back again, I don't know if she will make such a choice. Maybe, she is willing to be an ordinary woman, better than the face at the moment, insane. Only when an office door of Italian design company was opened, Liu Xi came in with a tablet computer: "Yo Yo, show you a good play!" Tang

youyou is studying her design. Seeing Ganma's smile, she is shocked: "Ganma, what's the good play to watch?"

"It has something to do with you!" Liu Xi put the tablet in front of her and clicked on the video.