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In Jijia's half hillside villa, two little guys came back from school and played casually.

Qiao xiaonai will run to Mrs. Ji to ask later.

"When will great grandmother, daddy and Mommy come back? Can I give them a call? " The old lady looked at her little grandson's innocent face, and thought of hiding something from her. She couldn't help but feel sad.

However, he was cruel and heartless and comforted: "xiaonai, don't worry. At this moment, your father and mother are on the plane. You are not allowed to call on the plane. When their plane lands, you can call them."

"Oh, why did mom and dad suddenly go out to play again? They didn't take me to play!" Tang xiaonai's lovely big eyes were suddenly disappointed.

The old lady immediately took her to her arms and comforted her: "xiaonai, will grandma take you out to play some time later?"

"But I want to play with mom and Dad!" Tang xiaonai tooted his mouth and said in a low voice.

The old lady couldn't help but hold her tight and sighed bitterly.

Before, she had always opposed the feelings of Tang youyou and her grandson, but at this moment, when she heard that she had a car accident, the old lady couldn't say the complexity and sadness.

She still has a good impression of Tang youyou. She is not coquettish, impatient, gentle and reasonable. Such a woman is absolutely Wangfu's wife. The only bad thing is that she was born. Before, the old lady could accept that she was a child picked up by Tang family. But since she knew her real identity, the old lady was really stuck in her throat. When she saw her, she thought of the fact that her son had died. She also thought of the picture that Lan Yue left in desperation in order to marry Xia Weiwen.

Every scene is very heartbreaking.

But at the moment, what the old lady saw in her eyes was more lovely and simple smile of two little grandchildren.

On one hand is the past, on the other hand is the future, the old lady's heart is also suffering.

However, now she thinks more and more, his two grandchildren have no mother, and he can't let his two little grandchildren lose their mother's love any more.

So, she can ignore the old people's grudges. As long as LAN Yue and Xia Weiwen get divorced, she will let her grandson marry Tang youyou back, a family, a good life, and a good company for the children to grow up.

I realized the unfinished dream.

Tang Xiaorui, with a small hand holding his chin, sat on the balcony like a little adult, looked up and looked up at the sky.

He couldn't figure it out. His father and mother left him and Xiao Nai to travel abroad alone.

Do they dislike their two little people after they fall in love?

"Alas!" Tang Xiaorui is so hurt.

When daddy and mummy's plane lands, he must make a phone call to communicate with mummy. Can he have a good time without taking them to play?

At the moment, the two little guys are lost and sad.

In the hospital, Ji Xiaohan has been guarding Tang youyou for more than a day. At this moment, it's midnight.

Season owl cold handsome face, showing the color of fatigue.

The anxiety in my heart, coupled with too long time, makes Ji Xiaohan really tired.

Tang youyou is still sleeping. Ji Xiaohan sits next to her bed, holds her hand and plans to take a nap.

In fact, Lu Qing is also outside the door, and several bodyguards are also there.

Lu Qing originally wanted Ji Xiaohan to go to the next room to have a rest. However, no matter how he advised him, Ji Xiaohan didn't want to leave. He had no choice but to look at his young master and haggard for those who loved him.

Is love so great? Can make a person's willpower so strong.

Season owl cold light eyes, bow, kiss the back of her hand, rest.

Not long after he fell asleep, don youyou woke up.

She opened her eyes and felt the warmth on the back of her hand. She couldn't help turning her head and saw the cold owl.

He is still kissing the back of her hand. Tang youyou's eyes are hot and touched.

She looked at him motionless for fear that her little noise would wake him up.

His face was tired and a little pale, but his features were still perfect and handsome.

When you close your eyes tightly, the curling and long eyelashes that make women jealous are even more beautiful.

As a woman, Tang youyou is not as good as herself. Why does a masculine man like Ji Xiaohan have such thick and long eyelashes? It's really unfair for God to give him almost all the good things.

Tang youyou looks at him quietly, and outlines his beautiful features with his eyes. The more he looks, the more he loves, the more he is attracted.

This man's affectionate look is most charming.

However, at the thought of jiyueze, Tang youYou can't help sighing.

I don't know whether he knows it or not.

Maybe Tang youyou's sigh woke up the man.

Those closed eyes, slightly opened.

In the eyes of Tang Youyou, the most charming starry sky appeared in an instant, deep and mysterious.

Four eyes touch each other, a little startled.

"Awake?" The man's low voice rang with joy.

"Well!" Tang youyou is a little embarrassed. She is embarrassed when he catches her on the spot.

Season owl cold gentle ask: "hungry?"? I'll send you something to eat! "

"A little!" Tang youyou is really hungry.

"Wait!" Ji Xiaohan gets up, opens the door of the ward and explains to Lu Qing.

Lu Qing nodded at once: "OK, I'll call uncle yuan right now and ask him to deliver the food."

Ji Xiaohan closes the door of the sick room. Turning around, he sees Tang youyou's struggling to sit up.

"Don't move. Be careful of the wound," he said

When Tang youyou just sat up, she had already touched a lot of wounds, and her small face was wrinkled.

"Did you find the killer?" Tang youyou asked about a topic.

"No, you're awake. I have something to ask you." Ji Xiaohan whispered and sat back in his seat.

"What is it?" Tang youyou is slightly shocked.

"When you think about it, how many people have you offended since you returned to China?"

"Do you want to investigate from these people?" Tang youyou asked

Ji Xiaohan nodded: "yes, the cars that caused your car accident are all fake cards. It will be hard to find them for a while. So I decided to investigate from the people you got revenge on, and I believe there will be results."

Tang youyou nodded: "well, there are many enemies with me at present. Tang Xuerou is my biggest enemy. There are several colleagues in the company. Because they are dissatisfied with my work, they have quarreled with me. Let me tell you the name." Ji Xiaohan calls Lu Qing in. Tang youyou also tells Lu Qing the names of those people. Lu Qing takes a pen and records it. He decides to investigate from these lists.