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C1714. Here comes the charge

Xia ninglan's blow was huge. She was like a stone, frozen in place. She covered her lips for a long time and cried out.

Mu Weicheng actually likes Ling Nuan. Isn't Ling Nuan unilaterally in love with him?

Xia ninglanjue's self is like a joke, a clown who makes a fool of himself in front of them.

Damned Ling wennuan, she knew that Mu Weicheng liked her for a long time, but she didn't reveal a word, just to see her jokes. She was really insidious.

At the moment, Xia ninglan pushes all the mistakes on Ling wennuan. She feels that Ling wennuan is intentional.

When Mu Weicheng came back to his room, he saw Ling warm and languid leaning on his bed, turning a glass of books in his hand. When he came back, he immediately smiled: "have you handled your affairs?"

Mu Weicheng went directly to the bedside, sat down along the bed, and looked at the beautiful girl in front of her gently: "just now Xia ninglan confessed to me, I just told her our relationship."

"What did she say?"

Ling asked curiously.

"She can't take it. She seems to have been hit."

Mu Weicheng sighs.

"Are you in love?"

Ling warm pretty face a change, back to go, a do not want to manage his appearance.

Mu Weicheng's face was flustered, and he reached out his hand to hold her shoulders, but he could not explain: "of course, I'm not upset, I just feel sorry."

"If you don't make it clear at one time, there will be endless entanglements, which can't be soft hearted."

Ling warms his lower lip to remind him.

"I made it clear this time. She should be able to understand."

Of course, Mu Weicheng knows the relationship between them.

"I have been friends with her for a while, but I still don't know what kind of person she is, Mu Weicheng. Am I too domineering?"

Ling wennuan leaned on his shoulder and asked for help.

"No, you're reasonable."

A man's strong desire to survive.

Ling warm chuckle, this just let him go: "OK, you go to the bath, I have to sleep, very tired."

Mu Wei Cheng nodded, took his clothes and went to take a bath.

This night, Mu Weicheng slept on the floor beside Ling's warm bed, guarding her and protecting her.

The next morning, Xia ninglan finished her injection early in the morning. She sat outside the infirmary with a black face waiting for her car.

After having breakfast, Ling decided to go back to the village, just in time to take the same car with Xia ninglan.

She carried her backpack and came over. Xia ninglan stared at her with hate. "Lingnuan, in your eyes, am I a joke?"

"You think so much, I don't think so."

Ling wennuan sat down in the position opposite her and replied in a low voice.

"Then why didn't you tell me earlier about you and the drillmaster mu?"

Shanninglan is even more resentful.

"I reminded you, but you can't hear a word."

Ling warm curl the corners of the mouth, don't think so.

"You mean it. You're so mean."

Xia ninglan was so angry that she couldn't listen to anything at the moment.

Ling warm hands around the chest, do not want to pay attention to her.

"You're so scheming, you can't get happiness. I'll wait to see your ending."

Shanninglan said hatefully.

Ling wennuan's face suddenly changed. He stood up fiercely and forced her step by step: "Xia ninglan, are you cursing me?

I don't blame you for robbing my boyfriend shamelessly, or for peeping into my diary. It's better for you now. A vicious dog bites first. I warn you not to be bullied when I'm lingnuan. If you dare to say another word, I will never let you go. "

Xia ninglan is frightened by Ling wennuan's sudden anger, and her face is pale.

At best, she didn't dare to answer a word. When she got back to the village, she called her family and said goodbye to the school. She left quietly.

Chu lie has investigated the data of the troublemakers. After layers of stripping, he finally found the head of lanbai.

Ling Mo Feng looked at the result, and Jun's face was gloomy and ugly: "this Blue Cypress really doesn't give up. It seems that he designed all these things very early."

"Sir, he is not willing to give away ten billion yuan to others. Maybe these money is his life. Do you think he will try his best to get it back?"

Chulie also felt that lanbai had made too much decision this time. Before he died, lanbai could not resist. After his death, he made such an embarrassing move.

"He believed that Yan Xi was young and could not stand things, so he dared to do so. It seems that I really need to meet this man."

Ling didn't want his wife to take any risks now. She was just pregnant and was told by the doctor that the first three months were still important and could not be stimulated. Ling decided to solve the problem by himself.

"Sir, if you come out, will it rise to a negative problem?"

Chu lie was worried.

"I can't care too much. If even a bully doesn't agree, how can I still have the face to sit here?

How can I trust the old man who can't be blue? "

If before the election, Ling was cautious, it was all because he could not make a mistake. But now, he is in power, and he is not afraid of any threat?

"Yes, sir. It's time to stand up."

Chu lie thinks it's reasonable. There are still three fires in the new office. The tenure of office of Mr. Liu has been stable, and Xiao Xiaozhi can't be allowed to be rampant.

Ling Mo Feng went to the blue house in the afternoon with the investigation results.

This time, he went to the blue house with a lot of people and several cars. As soon as he arrived at the blue house, he cleared the gate of the blue house. The blue man was taking a nap. When he heard his wife scream, he quickly turned over and got out of bed. He hurried down the stairs and saw the door. A large body stepped in.

"Ling Mo Feng?"

When Lambert saw this man, his face flashed with fear. Others respected him as president. But Lambert hated him so much that he could not shout out.

Ling Mo Feng reached out to unbutton his suit and looked at him calmly and calmly: "I should call you uncle Er, but I have my own principle. Only the elders worthy of my respect, I would like to give him the honorific title. If they are the elders who want to kill my wife, in my eyes, there is only one image, that is, the enemy."

LAN Bai listened and asked angrily, "Ling Mo Feng, what do you want to say?

Can you break into my house by your identity?

You are not welcome in my house when you go out. "

"I don't come to your house as a guest. I'm here to ask you about your mistake."

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips raised a sneer, which was gentle and concealed. The domineering aura on his body was exposed. It was as cold as frost and chilling.

"To question?

What crime am I guilty of? "

Lambert took out his arrogance and thought that the sound was reasonable.

Ling Mo Feng reached out, and Chu lie hurriedly sent the investigation report.

Ling Mo Feng directly threw the survey book on the table: "the list of people, confessions and information of third-party transactions that charities smashed last time are recorded in detail here. Do you need me to read them out to you one by one?"

Lambert was stiff and took a step back subconsciously: "Lingmo Feng, you don't scare me here. I don't admit what I haven't done. It must be you who beat me to the wall and deliberately set me up. Yes, you're with lanyanxi. You called her. I want to confront her."

Ling Mo Feng knows that Lan Bai is an old fox. He is cunning and cheeky. There is no evidence. He doesn't plead guilty to death.

Ling opened one of the pages directly: "you should be familiar with this bank card number. There are three million funds going out of your account. Don't think you are an overseas account. I can't find it out. You look down on me too much."

Lambert didn't dare to look at the paper, because he was afraid. He did get money from an overseas account. Ling Mo Feng really spent his time to investigate him.

"Even if I smash that institution, you can't condemn me. The money that runs in it is from our blue family. They are robbers, and you and lanyanxi are accomplices. You are very deceiving."

Lambert, with a thick red neck, pointed to Ling Mo Feng and scolded him.

Ling Mo Feng looked at his abnormal appearance and couldn't help sneering: "are you guilty?

Those funds are handled in accordance with normal procedures. They are not stolen or robbed. If you still don't understand human resources, well, you can find an opportunity to ask the old man. "

"You're trying to kill me?"

Lambert's back is cold.