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Someone sent flowers to Tang Youyou, which immediately reached the ear of Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Xiaohan has been looking for someone to stare at Luo xuanchen's every move. He found that he has been very honest in filming abroad recently. So, this time, the person who sent flowers must not be him.

If it wasn't his number one rival, who would it be?

Does Tang youyou have new pursuers around him?

Season owl cold's nerve immediately stretched straight.

After enduring for a long time, he called Tang youyou in private before he left work.

When Tang youyou heard his discontented inquiry, he immediately knew that it must be the eyeliner he arranged in the company that gave him a small report.

Alas, this man is too autocratic.

"Who is this flower giver? Are you supposed to give me the information? " Season owl cold some grumbling tone spreads.

Tang youyou chuckled, "are you jealous?"

"Yo Yo, are there new pursuers around you?" Ji Xiaohan expressed his dissatisfaction.

"So what? Anyway, I'm single now. Everyone knows that. " After working for a day, Tang youYou can tease the man to decompress.

"So, you have pursuers now, and you've been keeping them from me?" Season owl cold more unhappy.

Seeing that he took it seriously, Tang youyou had to seriously explain: "I don't have any pursuers. I don't know who gave me this bunch of flowers. There's no name on it. Besides, it's definitely not from a man. How can a man give me lilies? Send roses as well. "

Hearing her explanation, Ji Xiaohan was also slightly shocked: "lily? Isn't it a rose? "

"Who told you it was a rose?" Tang youyou laughs.

Just now, Ji Xiaohan thought that after receiving the phone call, he hung up without asking clearly.

It seems that it's the resentment of my day.

"Was it given to you by Javier?" When Ji Xiaohan mentioned the name, his tone was full of antipathy.

Tang youyou sighed: "it can't be him. If it is him, he has no reason not to write the name?"

"Who is that? Next time you send flowers to you, remember to ask. " Ji Xiaohan also guessed that it could not be Xia Weiwen.

"I know. I'm curious, too!" After a few words of comfort, Tang youyou hung up.

Just then, her cell phone rang.

She took a look. She was one of her clients, a girl named Jiang Nuoyi.

Tang youyou is very impressed with her because of her neutral dress and her alumni.

"Hello, Miss Jiang!" Facing his own customers, Tang youyou's tone is full of smiles.

"You long, do you like the flowers I gave you?" Jano asked in a gentle voice.

"Ah, you gave me that flower! Thank you very much. The flowers are beautiful. " Tang youyou finally knows who the flower sender is.

"You like it. Do you have time in the evening? I want to invite you to dinner! " Jiang Nuo asked nervously.

Tang youyou is a little surprised: "it's me who should treat you. Thank you for your support."

"Then Can we meet in the evening? " Jiang Nuo listened, full of expectations.

Tang youyou thought for a moment and nodded, "of course, let's have a meal tonight. I'll arrange the place. After the table is booked, I'll let you know!"

"OK, I'll wait for your message!" Januoyi seems to be very happy.

Tang youyou made a phone call with Ji Xiaohan to explain why he didn't go home for dinner at night.

Then I called two more little guys.

At night, Tang youyou wanted to ask Liu Xi to go with him, but Liu Xi had other social activities, so Tang youyou went to the restaurant alone.

The restaurant she ordered is still high-end, because she made the list of Jano and made a lot of money. Of course, she would like to thank this customer.

When she went to the parking lot of the restaurant, she suddenly met a man, Tang Xuerou.

After Tang Xuerou came out of the guard house, the days seemed to be restored. She was holding a middle-aged man by her side. When she saw Tang Youyou, she let that man go first. She stepped on high-heeled shoes and walked in front of Tang youyou.

"I'm really curious why Ji Xiaohan doesn't want you. I think it's also a big news!" Tang Xuerou suddenly laughed. It was so insidious that people could not help but feel cold.

Tang youyou's expression froze and frowned: "what do you want to do? Tang Xuerou, you'd better settle down. Don't ruin your future again. "

"Don Youyou, do you know Xia Weiwen?" Tang Xuerou suddenly put forward a name.

Tang youyou's whole body is stiff and his face turns pale.

Tang Xuerou chuckled: "just yesterday, there was a man from the Tang family. He said his name was Xia Weiwen. Thank my father for adopting his daughter and raising her up."

Tang youyou shivers all over. Is daddy back?

How did he find the Tang dramatist again?

"Alas, I seem to know something. Don Youyou, this handle is in my hand. Is there any hope between you and Ji Xiaohan?" Tang Xuerou can't wait to attack Tang youyou.

I didn't expect to let her meet her here. Would she make her feel better?

"Tang Xuerou, you'd better not be complacent. Even if my father has been to the Tang family, it doesn't mean that you can make trouble." Tang youyou knows that his father must be kind enough to go to the Tang family to thank them. Unexpectedly, his kindness has become an excuse for Tang Xuerou to threaten her.

Tang Xuerou's face slightly changed: "you made me become what I am today, how much I hate you in my heart, do you know? If I shake the news out, your relationship with Ji Xiaohan will immediately become a big joke. "

"If you want to live a good life, you'd better keep this secret. You can threaten me, but do you think the season owl cold will let you go?" Tang youyou is not afraid, because Tang Xuerou has paid off to offend Ji Xiaohan.

Sure enough, Tang Xuerou's face changed, and he became a little scared. "If you don't want me to shake it out, I want you to do me a favor. You know I've set up a girl group now. They have a very important performance at the end of this month. I need you to help me design several sets of clothes. I want to hold them up. How about that?" Tang Xuerou immediately put forward his own requirements.

"What if I don't?" Don youyou doesn't want to cooperate with her. "Don't worry, I won't let you work for nothing. I will pay you. You are right. I also want to live my life well. You should do me a favor. I heard that you are famous in this industry." Tang Xuerou pretends to cooperate sincerely.