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C1972 don't take him

The woman on his back was very quiet, which made his chest heave more. He thought she would protest.

Ji Tingyan just bit her lips and continued to hold the man's shoulders tightly. She was not ungrateful. It was also very hard for her to carry her on her back in the snow.

Tie Ting's physical strength is amazing, and she really carried Ji Tingyan to the gate of the scenic spot at one breath. Cheng Yue and several bodyguards wanted to replace her in the middle of the way, but she was directly rejected by tie ting. The woman she liked had to carry her own back and never pretend to be someone else.

Arrive at the rest hall of the scenic spot, tie Ting takes off his coat and a sweater inside. It has been wet by sweat. It clings to his strong body and is full of hormone breath. The eyes of several women on the scene can't move away from him. Women are all visual creatures and can't resist the ghost power of men at all.

Ji Tingyan sees that tie Ting is sweating all over. She blames herself for accidentally stepping on a nail, which makes him bear all the way. She must be very tired at the moment.

"Go change your clothes, boss. Don't catch a cold." Wang Cheng quickly handed him a bottomed sweater.

Tie Ting took over, went to the next room to change, and put on his coat again.

The staff of the scenic area gave them a pass. There was a wooden bar corridor beside them. Along the way, there was a rare spectacular scenery, including a viewing platform at the middle of the mountain.

"Go and see. I won't go. I'll rest here and wait for you." Although she felt shocked, Ji didn't want to bother others, let alone disturb them to see the beautiful scenery.

"Xiaonai, I'll accompany you. I won't go either." Cheng Yue immediately said.

Li Jingwen didn't make a sound, because she wanted to know if she would go.

Tie Ting sat directly beside her and told Wang Cheng, "go up and have a look. I'll accompany her here."

Everyone was stunned. Wang Cheng suddenly understood the meaning of the boss. He came to catch Cheng Yue's arm. "Let's go, elder sister. Let's see. You can take more photos for Miss Ji."

"I'll stay, too. Go and see." Li Jingwen suddenly asked.

Ji Tingyan was more embarrassed when she saw that everyone was thinking about herself. She quickly said, "I'll be here alone. Go and play. Don't worry about me. There are staff here. I won't be alone."

"Xiaonai, you paid me. I can't leave you here alone. "Li Jingwen said, pushing Cheng Yue:" you go to take a picture of xiaonai, she must also want to see the beautiful scenery here. "

Lu Mengmeng's eyes turned white with Qi beside him: "cumbersome."

Wang Cheng hurriedly takes Cheng Yue and a group of Lu Mengmeng to leave. Tie Ting asks him to look after Lu Mengmeng carefully. In the rest hall of the scenic spot, there are only three people left. Li Jingwen finally finds a chance to talk with him.

"Coach tie, do you remember me? I trained with you three years ago. " Li Jingwen some shy carry Mou to look at tie Ting, the eye is full of smile.

Ji Tingyan listened and was surprised: "really? He used to be your coach? "

Tie Ting glanced at Li Jingwen's face and said lightly, "sorry, there are too many trainees, I can't remember clearly."

"I had short hair and looked like a fake grandson. It's normal that you don't remember me, but I remember you. I'm so happy to see you here again." Li Jingwen's eyes are bright and clear, expressing her joy at the moment.

Ji Tingyan also felt wonderful and said with a smile, "that's really a fate. You two have a good chat. I'll go to the bathroom."

Ji Tingyan leaves, Li Jingwen looks at tie Ting's eyes and becomes affectionate.

Tie Ting stood up and went to the gate. He stood in front of the glass window and looked at the view outside.

"Coach tie, don't you really remember me? When we went to the valley for training, I was bitten by a snake. It was you You inhaled the poison for me, and you carried me out of the jungle that day. " Li Jingwen looks forward, hoping that tie Ting doesn't really forget himself.

After hearing this, fetting turned to look at her carefully: "I remember something when you said that. It's a coincidence. Didn't I ask you to stop training? Did you leave later? "

"I like this profession, whether it's working for the country or entering the bodyguard industry." The smile on Li Jingwen's face became brilliant. She knew that tie Ting didn't think of her for a while, but he would never forget himself. That time, he took drugs and blood for her regardless of his life, and she would never forget it in her life.

Ji Tingyan turns from the bathroom and comes out. Seeing that Li Jingwen finally has a smile, she smiles and asks, "it seems that you have a good chat."

Li Jingwen nodded shyly: "yes, I'm really happy to see the coach again."

"Why didn't you mention it to me before?" Ji Tingyan sits back and suddenly asks.

Li Jingwen's face stiffened, and she smiled dryly: "I'm here to work this time. It's my personal business. Of course, I can't mention it. Xiaonai, you won't be angry with me."

Ji Tingyan shook her head: "of course not. I just asked casually."

Tie Ting poured two cups of hot water, gave Ji Tingyan one and handed Li Jingwen another.

After the two women answered, they all said a thank you. Tie Ting's hands around her chest, lean against the wall beside her, and look down at Ji Tingyan.

Ji Tingyan lowers her head and drinks water. She feels that someone is looking at her from the top left. She subconsciously looks into the eyes of the man. Her heart is in disorder.

Li Jingwen is immersed in her own world, but she doesn't find the small movements of two people around her.

Seeing Ji Tingyan's company, tie Ting goes to another room to have a rest.

Li Jingwen saw him leave, and suddenly said, "xiaonai, do you want to know how I got to know coach tie?"

"Yes." Ji Tingyan nods.

Li Jingwen told her something about the training, which was the vivid story that she walked a long way for her on her back.

Ji Tingyan suddenly feels something bad. Just now, tie Ting was carrying her all the way. Her breath was connected with each other and her skin touched. Li Jingwen said that their training was in summer and they were wearing thin clothes. If tie Ting really ran all the way with her on her back, Ji Tingyan didn't dare to think about the picture.

"Coach tie is my lifesaver. I really want to do something to thank him, nane. Thank you so much this time. Let me have a chance to thank him." Li Jingwen suddenly holds Ji Tingyan's hand and tears slide down her eyes.

Ji Tingyan breathes fiercely, and Mei Mou looks at her in amazement.

The next second, Li Jingwen sobbed and said in a low voice: "for the past three years, I have been looking for him and looking for opportunities to repay him. You may not know how I came here for the past three years. Xiaonai, I like him and I really like him."

Ji Tingyan froze all over, and her expression was even more stunned. She didn't expect Li Jingwen to say these words to her.

"Xiaonai, you are the eldest lady. Would you not take him away? Please? " Li Jingwen is even more sad to cry. She kidnaps Ji Tingyan to morality. She likes to say it first. If Ji Tingyan also likes to tie Ting, she is robbing. It's immoral.