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C619 punishment for her

Tang Xuerou really has an impulse to die in the hands of Ji Xiaohan. Her life is brilliant because of him, but it also ends because of him.

All her glory was given by him, but when he knew the truth, he had no pity for her and ruthlessly threw her out. Only Tang Xuerou can realize this kind of mood. She is looking forward to a bright future with him. She refuses all men and just wants to leave all her best to him. Unfortunately, in the end, she has to let a man run over her. This shame is humiliation. This Despair makes Tang Xuerou want to cry.

Ji Xiaohan stares at her with cold and lukewarm eyes. Even if he sees her sincerely repenting, Ji Xiaohan has no pity. He just feels that a person's essence is evil, and she will be loyal to her nature at any time.

"I really want to kill you. You make her suffer such a heavy injury. It's still light to kill you!" Man's voice, cold and piercing, cold and callous.

Tang Xuerou is stiff and looks at Ji Xiaohan with empty eyes. From his words, she can hear his strong feelings for Tang youyou.

"Then you'd better kill me. I don't want to live in such pain any more. I don't want to see you pet her any more. I will go mad." Tang Xuerou suddenly rushed forward, and Ji Xiao's cold and tall body retreated two steps, with a cold face and a sneer.

"You shouldn't have lied to me in the first place. You've got to do it yourself!" Ji Xiaohan knows that Tang Xuerou is not willing to give up all this, but she is absolutely not allowed to cheat herself. "Yes, I'm greedy, but I really love you. Ji Xiaohan, you are so high, of course, you can't understand my humble mood. Five years ago, you didn't even look at me more. In your eyes, I'm really so terrible, so dirty? Do you love Tang youyou because she gave you two children? Maybe she is not the only one who has children. Why can she get all your love? It's not fair that she can get everything without effort, but I, I try so hard, but only get such a result, I'm not willing to! " Tang Xuerou knew that she was doomed this time, so she lost her voice and cried, regardless of her image. She just wanted to let Ji Xiaohan know how much she loved him and how disappointed she was. Ji Xiaohan coldly looks at her crying, and says in a cold voice for a long time: "I love her, not only because she has given birth to two children for me, but also because she is kind and gentle. She never takes the initiative to hurt others. Unlike you, she has no ambition and greed." "Hahaha, Ji Xiaohan, you are so naive. She wants more than me, and her ambition is bigger than me. You must have been cheated by her. She looks like she doesn't want anything, but she actually wants everything..." Tang xueroujue's Ji Xiaohan talks about Tang youyou as if she is the purest woman in the world. Tang xueroujue is ridiculous.

"Even if she wants it, I am willing to give it to her. No matter what she wants, as long as I have it, I will give it to her willingly. Understand?" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to hear her defile Tang youyou's image in his heart. He interrupts Tang Xuerou with a cold voice.

When Tang Xuerou was stiff, she couldn't laugh any more. She couldn't even cry. She felt very sad. "Well, she's good at everything. She's your angel, but I'll curse her as long as I'm alive. Yes, I just want her to disappear in the world. I'm deliberately withdrawing my coquetry with that man and asking him to help me get revenge on Tang Youyou, Ji Xiaohan. Are you satisfied? I'm the one who hurt her. Do you want to kill me? Oh, by the way, you are so terrible that you will not do anything against the law, but unless I die, I will continue to hurt her even if I have a little chance. " Tang Xuerou just wants to die at the moment, because to live is more painful and painful than to die.

Her love for Ji Xiaohan has long gone mad.

"You can't die, but you will live in pain. Tang Xuerou, pay for your behavior!" Ji Xiaohan finished, turned around and left.

When Tang Xuerou saw that he was going, she rushed to him at once. She wanted to hold him for the last time.

Unfortunately, two bodyguards rushed to stop her.

"Ji Xiaohan, I hate you I hate you! " Tang Xuerou cried out in pain.

Ji Xiaohan left her a cold figure, and the words she just confessed have been recorded.

Tang Xuerou's confession in the police station was completely void, and she was still considered guilty.

Mr. Liu, who is far away in the deep sea, has also become an international wanted man in a flash. He has been arrested before he can even escape.

In Mr. Liu's confession, he also pointed out the fact that Tang Xuerou actively seduced him and wanted him to retaliate against Tang youyou.

Tang Xuerou was finally caught in, but when she was caught, she looked dementia, like a psychopath holding the trophy she had mentioned all over the room and giggling.

Her mother wanted to snatch the cup in her hand, but she hurt her head severely. She was insane in a few days.

Therefore, before being put into prison, Tang Xuerou was transferred to a mental hospital for treatment.

Tang youyou's wound is healing slowly. He can get out of bed and move. But occasionally, he still feels headache.

There's just one thing that I can't hide!


Tang Xiaorui and his parents still feel strange after talking on the phone.

Because it's Tang Xiaorui, he always thinks about one thing more deeply. He always feels that daddy and Mommy are hiding something from them.

So, Tang Xiaorui and Tang xiaonai discussed, and they planned to find the reason from the old lady.

Because in recent days, when the old lady answers the phone, she always hides from them deliberately.

At the right moment, Tang Xiaorui and Tang xiaonai heard the old lady's mobile phone ringing again.

Tang xiaonai immediately rushed to the old lady with her mobile phone: "great grandmother, your mobile phone rings!" As soon as the old lady saw that it was Ji Xiaohan, she immediately said to Tang xiaonai, "xiaonai, go out and play first. Grandma answers an important phone call." "OK!" Tang xiaonai ran out happily as usual, but she didn't go far this time. Instead, she ran to the room and dragged Tang Xiaorui to listen.

The old lady also inquired about the situation of Tang youyou every day, and then told Ji Xiaohan about the situation of her two children. When the old lady hung up the phone, she saw the two little guys who came into the door suddenly. They were stunned.