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However, Pei An Xin laughed self-deprecatingly: "It was indeed very tiring, that's why, next, I wanted him to help out."

"Cheng Cheng! Daddy is here! " Mu Shi Ye did not care to say anything to Pei An Xin as he already opened the back of the car. Seeing the little fellow who was tied up to the child's safety seat, with a bottle in his hand and his small mouth sucking on it, Mu Shi Ye was shocked when he saw the man's big face that was extended towards him. Then, his little mouth flattened, and he started to cry loudly, shocked.

"Don't …" The little fellow immediately waved her two small hands, she could already express the simplest of emotions and did not let Mu Lin carry her. After that, she looked out the window at Pei An Xin, and pitifully shouted: "Mummy, Mummy hugs!"

Seeing that his own Little Princess actually didn't want him, Mu Shi Ye's handsome face was instantly filled with a deep sense of loss.

"This is your aunt!" Hurry and call one over for Mummy to hear! " Pei An Xin did not express too strongly of a sense of hostility towards the Mu Family siblings. This was because she knew that she had already mentally prepared herself for her daughter when she first decided to give birth to her.

She didn't force it, and if she could, she wouldn't blame anything. Everything was something that she had decided herself, even if she had to cry, she had to bear it.

"Du du!" The little fellow's words were indistinct, but the meaning behind it was clear.

"Cheng Cheng is so obedient!" Mu Lin was very happy to hear this, and immediately reached out to grab the little fellow's tender fingers.

Seeing that the little fellow was actually willing to call him big sister and not willing to call me big sister, Mu Shi Ye walked over with an incomparably dejected look.

"Don't... Father's scoundrel! " Cheng Cheng suddenly said, causing everyone to be dumbstruck.

Pei An Xin couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sorry, he'll remember what I've said normally."

Mu Shi Ye suddenly had the urge to cry. However, he couldn't blame Pei An Xin for teaching his daughter this way, because he was more than just a scoundrel, he was simply a scoundrel.

"Cheng Cheng's scolding is right, your father's is a scoundrel. Ignore him and let your aunt hug him." Mu Lin did not sympathize with her brother at all, and instead, supported what the Niece said a lot. When she reached her hand out to hug him again, she finally got her to hug him.

Mu Lin hugged the little fellow in her arms. It was small, and didn't have any weight, but it made her soften her heart in an instant.

"It's just like when I was a kid. It's so cute." Mu Lin muttered as he hugged her.

Pei An Xin looked at his daughter, then looked at the sad Mu Shi Ye at the side: "Why aren't you quickly trying to please your daughter? When I want to work in the future, you have to take care of her. "

"How can I coax her? Teach me. " Mu Shi Ye had just found out that there was such a cute little fellow who was currently in high spirits, and had not even had the time to react to it, so at this moment, he really did not know what to do.

"Do you have anything to eat at home? Give her something to eat first to improve her feelings. " Pei An Xin felt that his daughter was only interested in eating.

Mu Shi Ye immediately ran into the hall, and after a while, he held onto a piece of bread: "Can I take this?"

"You can try it. Daughter has a very good taste. She doesn't want anything that doesn't taste good."

Mu Shi Ye immediately placed the bread in front of the little guy. "Darling, do you want to eat some bread? If you let daddy carry you, daddy will give it to you to eat. "

"No!" The little guy twitched his little face and hugged her bottle tightly, looking like Mu Shi Ye was about to snatch it away from her.

Mu Lin, who was standing at the side, started to laugh loudly.

Pei An Xin looked at his and gave a faint sneer, "Looks like your daughter really doesn't like you. Then, there's no other way.

"No, Anxin, we agreed to raise our child together. How can you take her away with you?" Hearing that, Mu Shi Ye's handsome face instantly became anxious, afraid that Pei An Xin would take his little lover away.

Mu Lin's hand that was hugging the little fellow tightened as well. Seeing such a cute and adorable Niece, she naturally didn't want Pei An Xin to take it away.

"Fine, I'll give you one day. You should properly familiarize yourself with your daughter. If one day later, she still doesn't want you to hug her, then I'll take her away." Pei An Xin purposely made things difficult for Mu Shi Ye, but she was still a little resentful. When he thought that after knowing that she was pregnant with a child, she would continuously answer calls from many unfamiliar women, he decided to blame this on Mu Shi Ye.

Hearing that, Mu Lin immediately turned to look at her brother: "Hurry up and think of a way, the child is so cute, I'm not willing to let go of him."

Pei An Xin raised his eyebrows, waiting to see Mu Shi Ye become a joke.

Mu Shi Ye's beautiful eyes froze, he was so anxious that he didn't know what to do.

He had never been so anxious before. Facing a little baby who still didn't understand, the proud him instantly collapsed.

"I remember that I have some small toys on the second floor, I'll give them to play with!" Mu Shi Ye immediately ran upstairs, and after a while, he found all of the expensive character models that he had collected when he was young.

It looked pretty cute, but it had another characteristic, and that was … Expensive.

These were all privately ordered items, and each one was extraordinary.