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Hearing the three million penalty fee, Li Fang Fang was so scared that her face turned white, and her whole body was drenched in cold sweat.

She nervously and trembled: "Director Liu, this is indeed my fault. I can apologize to Xia Zi Yan, this penalty fee … I don't have that much money."

"No, don't, don't capture me and go to the police station, I was just muddle-headed and was blinded by jealousy and made a mistake. Director Liu, Wandering, don't report me, I will think of a way to raise the money." Hearing that she was going to be arrested and brought to the police station, Li Fang Fang was scared silly. She hurriedly begged Liu Xi and Tang You You, deciding to raise the money to pay the penalty fee.

When Tang You You heard that she had actually pulled in her mother, she was instantly angered and said harshly: "Li Fang Fang, what are you planning yourself, you do not need us to say it out loud. When you first asked me to receive Xia Zi Yan, wasn't it to make me lose face? However, you were unable to make things difficult for her as you expected, and instead made you suffer. Since you're unhappy in your heart, you want to steal my blueprint to frame me. "

Li Fang Fang's evil scheme had been exposed by Tang You You. She was so angry that her face had flushed red: "Liu Xi told me to take care of you, I gave you my client, and you actually think about me like this, who's the evil one here?"

Liu Xi stared at Li Fang Fang: "Alright, the evidence is right here, you either have to apologize publicly and take responsibility, or go to the police station and let the law govern justice."

"Liu Xi, you can't send me to the police station, I'm going to look for Lam Tung." After Li Fang Fang finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Liu Xi and Tang You You looked at each other.

"Mother, what is her relationship with Lam Tung?"

Tang You You asked curiously.

Liu Xi ridiculed: "It's just that kind of relationship, Lam Tung has wives and children, and you're still messing around with her, even if she goes to look for Lam Tung, Lam Tung will not allow her to cause any trouble, don't worry, furthermore, what is she afraid of, you have Quarterly backing you up, Lam Tung is in front of Quarterly, and you don't even dare to breathe."

After Tang You You heard his foster mother's words, he became embarrassed.

"Godmother, I won't ask for his help." she whispered.

Liu Xi laughed: "I know, your self-esteem has always been strong. Don't worry, with the evidence in your hands, are you really afraid that Li Fang Fang will rebel against the heavens?"

"Thank you, mother, for upholding justice for me." When Tang You You thought back to how her godmother had always been protecting her, she felt a warm feeling in her heart.

However, Liu Xi scolded her jokingly, "Idiot, it's her fault in the first place.

On the other side, Li Fang Fang ignored the obstruction of the Lam Tung Assistant and directly pushed the door open to enter.

Lam Tung had just arrived at the office and was drinking coffee while reading the rumours about Ji Yue Ze and Tang You You on the internet.

The more he looked, the more frightened he became, the more the relationship between the two burst out, looking like Tang You You was someone he could not afford to offend in the future.

"Old Lin …" The moment Li Fang Fang stepped in, she immediately shouted in anger.

This shout startled the assistant who followed in from the door. The cup in Lam Tung's hands fell to the ground as he shouted sternly, "Who allowed you to barge in just like that? Do you have any rules or regulations for this company? "

Only then did Li Fang Fang realize that there was an assistant behind him. She immediately became angry: I'm looking for Lam Tung because of an urgent matter, what are you trying to do? You still want to kick me out? "

Lam Tung quickly raised his hand towards his assistant: "That's enough, designer Li has something to report to me, quickly close the door."

"Li Fang Fang, what are you doing?" Lam Tung was so scared that her face and neck flushed red, she stood up from her chair and anxiously walked to the front of her, and asked angrily.

"Liu Xi and Tang You You found out about my mischief and even found evidence, saying that they would send me to the police station. Old Lin, you can't ignore me, if I were to be captured, I will definitely reveal our relationship." Li Fang Fang was threatening Lam Tung, and hoped that he could save her life in this dangerous situation.

When Lam Tung heard this, his face turned green from fright. He instantly pointed at Li Fang Fang's face and cursed, "You brainless idiot, didn't I already warn you not to provoke Tang You You?

"Old Lin, how can you say such words? What relationship do we have? We've already slept for three to four years, if you don't care about me, then I really won't care about anything. " Li Fang Fang was crying now, her nose was snot and tears were flowing down, she was crying sorrowfully and despairingly.

"I can help you deal with this, but you have to resign immediately and stop working at the company."

"Why? After I quit my job, who will be the one to support me? " Li Fang Fang did not want to lose such a good job. Furthermore, she was old, and if her actions in the company were to be made public, she would not be able to work in this circle.

"Who cares what happens in the future, now is the time!" Lam Tung was simply going to go crazy from this woman's torture.