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In the villa of Jijia manor, the lights are bright. The old lady is sitting in the living room, watching two little grandchildren playing with remote control cars around the living room. She is in a peaceful mood, and her face is smiling with the little guy's expression from time to time.

LAN Yue came down from the upstairs and looked at the time. It was dark outside the window. The little son said he would bring his girlfriend back for dinner. It should be near. Tang

youyou moves a laptop and sits on the sofa in Ji Xiaohan's study. Both of them have business to deal with. The study is very quiet. Only the voice of Tang youyou's fingers touching the keyboard and the voice of men giving instructions to the phone from time to time.

Suddenly, a car rang outside the window. Tang youyou raised his eyes and looked at the man. Ji Xiaohan put down his pen, got up and straightened his skirt. "It's supposed to be here. Let's go. Let's go and have a look!" "

MM!" Tang youyou stretches out and finds that it's not good to work at home, that is, he can be lazy at any time, and he can't achieve his goals. "

What's the matter?" Ji Xiaohan looked at her expression of resentment and couldn't help reaching out to rub her long hair. Just now, looking at her work, he was always in a state of boredom. He wanted to care for her. "

nothing, that is, today's work is not finished today, which leads to the increase of tomorrow's workload!" Tang youyou is angry with himself.

After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan even chuckled and comforted: "don't give yourself too much pressure. If you can't finish it, you can't do it. I can recruit more designers for you to share the workload."

"Ji always sympathizes with his subordinates, but it can't solve the fundamental problem!" Tang youyou is in a good mood. With the gentle concern of this man, it seems that he is not so depressed.

"I don't want to see your frown. If you don't insist on working, I can let you play at home every day!" Ji Xiaohan said with a serious face. "

I know that you want to support me, but I also know that women must be independent, not too dependent on men, otherwise, what should I do if I am rejected?" Tang youyou said in a big way.

Season owl cold handsome face is urgent, hurriedly firm assurance: "I will never abandon you." "

I'm afraid that I will dislike myself. OK, I can solve the work myself. Don't worry about it for me. Let's go and go downstairs to have a look!" Tang youyou drags his arm, and the two go down the stairs.

At this moment, downstairs, Ji Yueze stops the car, reaches out and gently grasps Bai Yiyan's small hand, only to find that her hand is as cold as ice. It seems that it is a very stressful thing to forcibly bring her to see her family.

LAN Yue has stepped out quickly. She looks happy when she sees her little son.

"Ozawa, I'm thinking about why you haven't come yet."

Ji Yueze smiled at his mother, and saw two little tails following her mother, two little heads swinging out, shouting: "uncle!"

Ji Yueze gently reached out his hand and touched Ji xiaonai's small head: "wait, uncle has brought you a gift!" "

yeah, uncle brings us gifts every time he comes. Why?" Ji xiaonai is very happy.

Ji Yueze squatted down and replied smilingly, "because uncle likes you two!" Ji

Yueze stands up, opens the front passenger's door, and Bai Yiyan bends down and comes out of the car.

"Hello, aunt!" Bai Yiyan lowered her head and did not dare to see LAN Yue's expression, because she was very upset and blamed herself. "Don't be afraid, Xiao Yan. I won't blame you. It's cold outside. Come in and sit down," Yue said gently Bai

Yi Yan has long known that Lan Yue is a very good mother. She has a gentle temper, is kind-hearted, and has a very elegant and generous temperament. It's all because her mother is too greedy for money, which harms her marriage. Season

Yue Ze reached out and held her hand tightly: "let's go, my mother really didn't blame you!"

"I know!" Bai Yiyan is relieved.

When they stepped into the living room, Ji Yueze and Tang youyou had just come down the stairs. Tang youyou had already taken the initiative to say hello: "Xiaoyan, you are here!"

Bai Yiyan also looked up at Tang youyou with a smile, and was given a heart by her friendly and friendly eyes. She also smiled and said, "sister youyou!" Xiao Han also stood by and smiled, exchanged a secret look with his brother, and looked at the old lady sitting on the sofa. Both of them walked towards the old lady at the same time.

Ji xiaonai suddenly squeezed over, grabbed Tang youyou's hand, and asked curiously, "Mommy, daddy said, she's our aunt, right?"

Ji xiaonai's voice was loud, innocent and brilliant, and everyone on the scene was stunned. Don

chuckles, but Ji Yueze squats down and says, "do you like the aunt that my uncle found for you?"

"Yes, my aunt is so beautiful!" Ji xiaonai immediately laughed happily, and her mouth was sweet. Bai

Yiyan suddenly feels embarrassed. The little guy's mouth is like honey, but she doesn't know what to do. Ji

Yueze knew that the play was still in the back, so he put his hand around Bai Yiyan's waist and stood in front of the old lady and said softly, "grandma, are you still angry with us?"

The old lady looked at them and sighed, "I have a few days to live. How can I have so much time to be angry with you?" "

grandma, don't say that. We are more upset when you say that!" When Ji Yueze heard that grandma agreed with them, he immediately squatted in front of the old lady, took out his greatest ability and pretended to be clever. The old lady glared at him: "from childhood to adulthood, are you still angry with grandma? It's not bad this time. You young people's happy life will do. I don't care about anything now! "

When Bai Yiyan heard the old lady's words, she had been grateful for them for a long time, and her eyes were red.

"Thank you, grandma!" Bai Yiyan said in a low voice. The old lady sighed: "when you first came into the house with Ozawa, I was very satisfied with you. In fact, up to now, I am still very satisfied with you. You are very similar to youYou. You are like a woman who will spend a good time with my grandson. In a family, what kind of wife you will marry is very important. Since you have gone through many times, you are still determined to choose not to leave, It can be seen that your feelings can stand the test. Since they are the best choice, you can have a good life. " The old lady's words warmed the atmosphere of the living room, and everyone was relieved. LAN

Yueyi's eyes were looking at Bai Yiyan. Seeing that she was wearing a thick down jacket, she couldn't see how big her belly was at that time, so she took the initiative to ask: "it's almost five months since the baby was born. It's such a fast time. I just heard that she was pregnant, but I didn't expect that it would be five months at once!" White

Yiyan nodded slightly red on her cheek: "yes, just five months ago."

"Is the child moving hard?" The old lady asked suddenly again.

Bai Yiyan's face is redder. "It's been moving a lot recently!" Ji

Xiao Han and Ji Yueze exchanged a look, and both of them went to the stairs involuntarily. They left these family gossip to these women to talk. They can go upstairs to talk with Grandpa. The old lady immediately asked LAN Yue, "when you were pregnant with Ozawa, did you move too much? I seem to remember you said that. " "

Yes, it's very naughty in the stomach. It's more naughty!" LAN Yue said with a smile. Bai

at this moment, Yiyan is just like a novel creature. She is looked at by two people. However, Tang youyou Snickers at her side until Ji xiaonai asks, "Mommy, was my brother and I in your stomach before?"

All the adults were stunned, so they forgot that there was a little guy beside them.

The old lady quickly smiled for Tang youyou and said, "yes, you lived in Mommy's stomach with your brother at that time. Maybe you had a few fights."

"I knew that my brother would beat me. He was fond of bullying me since he was young, so I became a sister only when I could not beat him. Otherwise, I had to be a sister!" Ji xiaonai said with a serious face, and then stared at Ji Xiaorui who was playing with his new toy.

Everyone was amused by Nai's childlike words. It seems that the imagination of the little guy is very rich. White

Yiyan also laughed for the first time from her heart, because children are so cute. What's in their cerebellar pouch is just like a kaleidoscope, which has all kinds of ideas.