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When Luo He Ning saw her domineering expression that looked like a queen, not only did he not dislike her, he actually liked her temperament.

"You really want to be my girlfriend?" Luo He Ning was so excited that he started to sweat profusely.

"Do you want to give it a try?" Mu Lin suddenly pulled his hand, and retreated step by step.

Before Luo He Ning could react, Mu Lin suddenly fell on the bed behind him.

"Ugh …" "I …" Luo He Ning was really afraid that she would treat him as a hooligan, so anxious and thirsty.

However, very quickly, his voice was swallowed by the lips that the woman actively sent over. When the thin lips touched her soft lips, Luo He Ning's mind went blank for a moment.

He could not believe that as he was currently kissing Mu Lin, he was still pressing down on her body. The faint fragrance of her body assaulted him, making him dizzy, but very quickly, as the instincts of a man controlled him, he seized back the leading position, allowing this kiss to deepen.

It was unknown how much time had passed, but when Luo He Ning finally regained some clarity, his lips had already stopped at her flat stomach, which was in her slender lower abdomen.

Luo He Ning was stunned once again. What was he doing?

"Luo He Ning, is this your first time?" Mu Lin's voice suddenly sounded out, and faintly asked.

Luo He Ning felt all the nerves in his body tense up, and admitted somewhat embarrassedly: "Yes!"

"Me too!" Mu Lin's words made Luo He Ning jump again. The color in his eyes immediately deepened, and her heart wildly jumped with excited sparks.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so rude to you …" Luo He Ning immediately wanted to stop all this, because when he found out that it was also her first time, he knew that it was time to stop.

"No, don't stop!" Mu Lin suddenly sat up, her beautiful eyes had a tinge of sadness in them: "Can you not stop?"

Luo He Ning looked at her in shock, his voice hoarse: "I cannot hurt you!"

"Think of it as me hurting you, okay? I'm twenty-eight years old, and I want to make amends... The taste of men! " It was also because Mu Lin was drunk that she dared to say something that was both bold and passionate. It was so much that Luo He Ning was almost unable to endure her actions, and his nerves immediately tensed up.

"I'm afraid you'll regret it if you wake up from your drinking!" Luo He Ning said in a low and hoarse voice, "Mu Lin, do you know what you're saying?"

Mu Lin laughed lightly, and self-deprecatingly said: "Of course I know, you really think I'm drunk? "Actually, I'm still very sober. We are already adults, so we can all take responsibility for our own actions. Don't worry, I won't blame you when I wake up from my drinking!"

Luo He Ning looked at her captivating lips that moved up and down, and thought of the taste he had just tasted. Indeed, his heart was once again filled with an intense desire.

"Are you sure?" Luo He Ning actually thought about it even more than she did, because this was the most beautiful dream he had ever.

"I'm sure …" Mu Lin suddenly reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing him to press lightly against her shoulders. "Luo He Ning, I'm sure!"

Luo He Ning felt that the woman's voice was like a flame, burning through his logic bit by bit. In the face of his beloved woman's soft and gentle appearance, perhaps no man would be willing to be a righteous man.

Luo He Ning was also not willing to do it. No matter how serious the consequences were this time, in the future, he would have to endure more pain. At this moment, he only wanted to be as crazy as her and sink to the bottom.

"Pain …" The woman's coquettish voice called out, causing both of them to fall into despair.

Dusk was approaching and Tang You You had already been accompanying the old lady for more than three hours.

They watched as Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin came over to bring them out of the boring banquet!

Her phone rang, she looked down, and saw that it was not Ji Xiao Han, but Kang Yi Le.

Her drink must have awakened.

Tang You You leaned close to his ear and whispered in concern, "Miss Kang, are you feeling much better now?"

Kang Yi Le had clearly just woken up, and her voice sounded very dispirited. She asked with great difficulty: "Miss Tang, did I get drunk today? Did I do anything to lose control of myself?"

Tang You You couldn't help but want to laugh. Kang Yi Le was much more honest when she was drunk, when she was sober, that would be when she lost her composure.

"No, you were drunk and fell asleep on the table!"

"Did I say anything I shouldn't have?" Kang Yi Le suddenly asked her nervously.

Tang You You nodded her head: "Although you didn't do anything, you have said so much, it's nothing more than confessing to Ji Yue Ze, saying that you like him or something like that!"

"Ah, I don't want to live anymore. Miss Tang, I knew it, I must be speaking nonsense, Ji Yue Ze must be annoyed to death by me, Miss Tang, what should I do? Is it true that I will never see him again? What should I do? " Kang Yi Le cried in grief.

Tang You You knew that she had become like this because she really liked Ji Yue Ze, so he could only console her: "Don't cry, it doesn't matter, Ji Yue Ze is also drunk, he definitely didn't hear what you said!"

"Really? Is he really drunk? " Kang Yi Le was a little surprised: "I got drunk because I was excited and happy. Why would he get drunk? You don't want to talk to me? "

Tang You You realized that, as expected, women who were in love would become suspicious.

"I don't know why he got drunk. Maybe it was because he was a man. He loved to drink."

Kang Yi Le nodded her head: "En, that is the most reasonable explanation, thank you Miss Tang, if not for your good fortune, I might not even be able to meet him, we can work together happily in the future!"

"Miss Kang, will you look for me in the future …"

"Don't worry, I won't. My words are the best. I'll trouble you to fulfill my wish this time. Miss Tang, do you know?" I'm engaged, and I'm getting married at the end of next month! " Kang Yi Le's voice became sorrowful all of a sudden.

Tang You You was stunned once again, and for a moment, she didn't know how to comfort her.

But he treats me pretty well, for my parents, I agreed to marry him, but, for my parents' sake, I have always been in love with Ji Yue Ze, so I wanted to see him, I tried a lot of ways, in the end, you helped me fulfill this wish, although I said a lot of things that I shouldn't have, but at least I spit them out, my heart feels better, I hope that when I get married, I can invite you to join me! " Kang Yi Le braced her spirit, so that she did not look so sad.

Tang You You suddenly felt that she looked to be carefree, like a spoiled young miss. But now it seemed that she was sensible and obedient, even though she had some crazy actions towards Ji Yue Ze, but she could understand. People that she liked, shouldn't she be crazy for once?