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C917 small living treasure

As soon as Tang youyou's words fell down, the door of the bedroom was secretly pushed open by a small hand. Ji xiaonai's small head came in. His waist long hair was not yet taken care of. He was still wearing a pink mini Pajama and a pair of cute little rabbit slippers. The whole person looked like he was going to be adorable. "

is daddy still sleeping?" As soon as the little guy came in, she saw Ji Xiaohan lying on the bed. She immediately ran to the bedside with a smile. She would shake off her two slippers and climb to the bed to play with Daddy. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are both stiff. It's because of Ji Xiaohan. He can't let his daughter climb into the quilt now. It's a shame.

At the same time, Tang youyou ran over and picked up his daughter: "xiaonai, I got up so early. Mommy will go and dress you first, and then play with Daddy, OK? Just in time, daddy doesn't go to work this noon! "

"No, I don't want to wear clothes. I'm going to play with Daddy. Daddy, I'm going to ride a horse!" The little guy is very stubborn and wants to jump out of Tang youyou's arms, because it's hard for her to catch daddy idling in bed. Season

Xiao Hanjun's face is creepy, and Tang youyou has indicated with his eyes that he should hurry into the bathroom.

Season owl cold is about to roll the quilt on his body. He runs into the bathroom in a very awkward way, and his voice comes out: "Xiao Nai, wait, daddy wash his face, brush his teeth and come out!" Season

xiaonai is going to cry. She stares at Tang youyou with her big black eyes: "Mommy, why don't you let me play with daddy? Is daddy your own?" Don

youyou is going to be angry and laugh at his daughter, who is a one muscle little thing. "

of course not. Daddy belongs to all of us!" Tang youyou replied with a light smile.

"Then why don't you let me sleep with daddy? I haven't slept well yet! " The little guy blinked his eyes and asked, before I could sleep with my father and mother, but now I want her to sleep in the small bed alone. She really seems to sleep with my father and mother! "

let you come to sleep tonight!" Tang youyou knows that her daughter has been used to squeezing a bed with her since she was a child. Now she suddenly forces her to sleep alone. She may not be very happy.

"Well then, don't wait for me to fall asleep and carry me to my little bed!" There was this example before. The little guy woke up and was very angry. Don

chuckled: "no, you can rest assured that what Mommy promised will be done." Season

when Xiao Han came out, he had more nightgowns on his body, but he still flashed into the cloakroom, and in a moment, he changed a suit and came out.

The lower body is the tailored trousers, the upper body is a gray turtleneck sweater, very home, also very young and handsome, both mother and daughter saw him come out, they were fascinated by him. "

wow, daddy is so handsome!" After the little guy had an aesthetic sense, he found that daddy was still more handsome than his brother. Now his brother is getting colder and colder, but his face is tender and warm. He immediately reached out for hugs.

Season owl cold Dynasty Tang youyou micro picked a eyebrow, that handsome appearance, just blend into a touch of evil.

Tang Youmeng wakes up, stares at him, and goes to the cloakroom to change clothes. Xiao Han doesn't work today, just to take Tang youyou to see her wedding diamond ring.

The two little guys are also free. Naturally, they are going to fight with each other.

A family of four came to a high-grade jewelry design company. In the VIP reception room, Tang youyou and her three sons saw the diamond ring with bright light, and now it is gorgeous.

Tang youyou opens his lips slightly and exclaims. Xiao Han's eyes have not left her expression. She wants to see if she likes it at first sight.

When seeing Tang youyou's eyes shining, Ji Xiaohan knew that she liked her this time.

"Why is this diamond so small?" Just as Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are immersed in this incomparable diamond ring, a childish voice blows a blank on their faces.

Season owl cold moment reaches out to caress forehead.

Well, his little princess still thinks the diamond is too small.

But it's not easy for him to find the most suitable drill. The designer next to

is also embarrassed. He feels that his design is unparalleled in the world, but at the moment, he blushes.

In order to take care of the designer's face, Ji Xiaohan kindly let him out.

"Mommy, this diamond is small and doesn't shine. Where did Daddy find it for you?" Little guy is young and doesn't know how to appreciate it. She has new toys every day. Besides, the water drills on her toys are very big. So, she thinks that mommy's diamonds will certainly not be smaller than her, but now it seems that they are too small.

Next to Ji Xiaorui said, "is it possible to compare real with fake?"

"What is true or false?" Ji xiaonai blinks big eyes, like a curious baby. Don

youyou had to be patient to explain: "xiaonai, the size of a diamond can't represent anything. Your father's mind is enough. I think this diamond ring is very beautiful and I like it very much."

"Mommy likes it. It's for Mommy anyway!" Ji xiaonai said with a smile.

Ji Xiaohan reaches out and pinches her little face: "when you grow up, find someone you like, and you will be given such a beautiful diamond ring." "

really? Then I want my brother to give it to me, OK? Brother is the most handsome! " Ji xiaonai immediately glances at Ji Xiaorui.

Ji Xiaorui shuddered and quickly refused: "stupid xiaonai, you can't like me, I'm your brother!" "

why can't I like my brother? I like my brother! I want you to give it to me! " Ji xiaonai said at once.

Ji Xiaorui shrugs his shoulders to show his weakness.

"Well, I'll give you one smaller than Mommy!" Ji Xiaorui said bad.

"No, it's bigger than mommy's, twice as big!" Ji xiaonai immediately said with full air.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan don't know how to save the scene. There is an innocent daughter who will be defeated by her every day. However, this is the fun of life. If such a small treasure is missing, the fun will be much less.

Although Ji Xiaohan is bewildered by his daughter every day, he is very grateful to Tang youyou for giving him such a lovely little princess. He will love her all his life.

"Daddy, the diamond ring is here. What about the necklace? Do you want to give mommy a necklace The little guy immediately asked again with a smile.

Season owl cold nods: "of course, necklace also wants to send, a moment, we go to choose one!"

Because the necklace has no ring significance, and jixiaohan has no special customization, but even if you buy it, you will definitely send the best to her.