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Lu Xuanchen's apology made Yang Chuchu lose all her anger. She couldn't help sighing for him: "Did you like Sister Youyou for a long time? Have you chased her before?"

No, when I have the courage, I have no chance! Lu Xuanchen laughed at herself, the sadness on her face, especially strong.

Yang Chuchu frowned. She didn't know if she should talk, just like exposing others' wounds. It was cruel. "

She's doing fine now! Lu Xuanchen looked up and asked her, her eyes flashing with concern.

Yang Chuchu nodded: "It should be a good life, Brother Ji is very nice to her! Plus there are two cute children around!"

People in the Ji family accepted her! Lu Xuanchen suddenly thought of the last time she was opposed by Mrs. Ji, he could not help muttering.

Yang Chuchu was stupid and would not comfort people. When she saw him like this, she only felt sympathy. land

Xuan Chen left first. Before leaving, he asked Yang Chuchu to make a phone call to ask Tang Youyou, and if he didn't eat together at night, he would tell him. Yang

Chu Chu really made another call to Tang Youyou.

"Sister Youyou, I seem to know something just now. You and Lu Xuanchen are also friends!" Yang Chuchu asked with an awkward smile.

Tang Youyou sighed softly at the end of the phone: "Yeah, I am also a friend with him, we have known each other for a long time, what happened?" "

It's nothing, I just feel like eating together at night, OK? "Yang Chuchu still has to seek Tang Youyou's opinion, afraid she will find it inappropriate.

"Chuchu, don't hide your words, I have something to tell him, if you can be present, it will be more convenient!" Tang Youyou also felt embarrassed, meaning to use Yang Chuchu as a shield.

"It's okay, I understand!" Yang Chuchu laughed immediately. Don

Youyou also laughed at her: "As long as you don't mind, see you tonight!" Tang

After you hung up Yang Chuchu's phone, you called Ji Yunhan and wanted to tell him something to eat at night.

"You have to pay attention to safety, and whoever eats with, I don't care about you!" The gentle voice of the man came over there, and was petting and drowning.

"Do you really care about me?" Tang Youjue felt guilty. "

Well, no matter what, we are all married, where else can you escape? If you relax enough, you have to go home obediently! "Ji Yanhan said no matter what, but he still kept his mind in mind, if he came back too late, he wouldn't have to worry about dying him."

Well, rest assured, I will go back sooner! "Tang Youyo hung up the phone, warm heart. She

The reason why she feels so happy is that Ji Yanhan reassured her, and she was very happy with him. To

Before he felt he was arrogant and unreasonable, and he was also difficult to get along with. can

Only when I walked into his life and heart, I found out that these are just a kind of protective color for outsiders. The true him gives only a warm feeling.

Tang Youyou couldn't help grinning her lips, happiness had long been born in her heart.

At the end of work in the evening, when Tang Youyou left the company, a bodyguard followed her to get in the car. Three cars before and after left the company and went directly to the restaurant.

Now Tang Youyou is traveling, Ji Yunhan has assigned her a bodyguard, he really doesn't trust her. Don

Youyo is also used to it, and it feels safe to be guarded. To

After reaching the box, Tang Youyou asked some of the elder brother's bodyguards to pick a place to eat, and she sat in the box and waited.

After a while, Yang Chuchu and Lu Xuanchen came. They didn't intentionally make an appointment together, but they happened to meet them downstairs. Two

Personally pushed the door into the box, Tang Youyou was sitting in a daze.

"Yoyou, it's been a long time!" As soon as Lu Xuanchen came in, she whispered a greeting. Don

Yoyo quickly got up and smiled at him: "Yeah, I haven't seen you in a while." Yang

On the face of Chu Chu is a close-up light bulb.

She hurriedly greeted, "Sit down, let's order food and eat. I'll order. If you have something to talk about, wait a minute. In case Brother Ji knows, will I be hunted down?"

Tang Youyou couldn't help but laugh: "Relax, you are too full, we just have a meal with friends."

Yang Chuchu then relaxed his mind and began to order. land

Xuan Chen's eyes stopped on Tang Youyou for a few seconds, and she found that her temperament had improved a lot. It might be that she was expensive to dress up, and she also had a sense of luxury. "

I haven't congratulated you on your happy wedding, and I'm happy to find your biological father. "Lu Xuanchen came here for a chat, so he said directly.

There is no strangeness between him and Tang Youyou, but a sense of familiarity. "

I originally invited you, but you didn't come! "Tang Youyou was hurried."

It happened that I was filming abroad that day, I didn't catch up, it was a shock! "Xuanchen Lu whispered. Tang

Youyo nodded: "I know you have been very busy lately, but you still have to take care of yourself, don't be too tired!" "

I am happy to hear your concern for me! Lu Xuanchen took the cup and sipped.

Yang Chuchu sat beside, watching the two gossip, and she had to follow along.

"Remember the grass field behind our elementary school? I plan to buy it and I will build a new home there. If you have time, you can bring your children over to play!" Lu Xuanchen said suddenly.

When Tang Youyou heard it, he was inexplicably sad, and his eyes became red in the blink of an eye. "

At that time I just talked casually, how do you remember? "Tang Youyou bit her lip, holding back the sadness in her heart."

I do n’t know, I remember! Lu Xuanchen shrugged. "However, the land has not been sold sincerely, and it is still under discussion. "

"Why? Doesn't the other party want to sell?" Tang Youyou asked curiously.

"Yeah, I will see the family in person in two days. I don't know if the price is not discussed." Lu Xuanchen sighed secretly, it is not easy to fulfill a childhood dream. Don

Nodding Yoyo nodded: "Maybe, that grass field is also of great significance to that family!" "

Anyway, I just want to buy that land. "Lu Xuanchen said firmly.

Yang Yangchu couldn't help but laugh: "Lu Xuanchen, I really don't see that you are such a stubborn person, but people still have a little dream, otherwise you don't know what it means to live!"

Lu Xuanchen suddenly turned her head to look at Tang Youyou, Tang Youyou met his gaze, and fled in shock. "

In this world, will there be two people with similar personalities? If so, I should look for it, and I can't always live alone, it seems a bit too lonely! "Lu Xuanchen asked suddenly jokingly. Tang

Yoyo also laughed: "You still don't want to do this, it's not fair to others!"