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C1472 someone to be jealous

Blue mother left like this, Wang Rong's day suddenly ushered in a nightmare, and he ran to a man's face in dismay and frustration, confessing his incompetence: "that woman is dying, packed up and went abroad to travel for relaxation, I can't contact her, can you help me find her, I promise, I can coax her again, she is a lonely old woman People, a few sweet words can deal with it. Please give me another chance. This time, I will definitely control her. At that time, I will make LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng hate each other...... "

"Forget it!" The man sitting on the sofa shakes his cigar, takes another sip, spits out the smoke, and looks at Wang Rong coldly: "you may not know Mr. Wang's temper, but I do know. I don't need to give you a chance. You are so arrogant and arrogant that you can't even grasp a woman's heart. You want a second chance. Do you think this is the vegetable market? There is also room for bargaining. In those days, you were able to take property from that rich woman. That's because you are young and strong. Now, you are not young, and you want to use your body as capital! "

Wang Rong was ridiculed for nothing. His expression was rich and frightened. As soon as his legs collapsed, he knelt directly in front of each other and said in a trembling voice, "please give me another chance. I despised that woman too much. I made a mistake. I overestimated my charm. This time, I promise..."

"I don't need your assurance, sir. You like people who do things strictly. You've already made a fuss. If LAN Yanxi's mother finds out your purpose, it will not affect me." The man put half of his cigar on the table and sneered coldly: "ten years ago, I still had your evidence in my hand, killing is killing, you can weigh it yourself!"

"Please open up in vain. I will give you all the money I have. Please let me live a life. I will disappear immediately. I will never affect you!" Wang Rong's heart was about to stop. He felt that his death was coming. He didn't want any money. He just wanted to change his way of life.

"What is your money in my eyes? What's more, how many times have you failed in your spending and investment over the years? I don't need to tell you how much money you have left in your hand. Wang Rong, one's luck won't last forever. Your luck has come to an end. Accept the fact! " After a cold snort, the man walked directly in front of him.

"If you don't give me a living, I'll shake out the bribe you took me back then. Everyone can't think about it!" Wang Rong jumped from the ground and pointed to his back.

"By yourself? Wang Rong, you've been fooling around all these years. The evidence in my hand is enough for you to be shot at once! " The man laughed bitterly.

Wang Rong was paralyzed. Once again, he could not stand stably and fell to the ground. Looking at the man's expression, he felt that he was really alive.

"Kneading you is as simple as kneading an ant." The man looked at him angrily: "waste, if it wasn't for your utilization value, with the money you gave me back then, I couldn't let you live so long!"

Wang Rong was so scared that he didn't expect the other side to turn over and say that he would really kill him if he wanted his life.

Sure enough, there won't be a good end to doing evil. Wang Rong didn't believe it before. He felt that his fate was reversible. But now, he found that no one can hold it in his own hands.

Wang Rong didn't expect his time of death. The next day, a group of people who didn't know where they came from sued him. Then, in the car accident, the evidence was conclusive. In addition, a pair of children of the rich woman regarded him as a thorn in the eye, and even killed him. Wang Rong was directly put in prison for trial, and even had no chance to meet his family.

But this scene, all by Ling Mo Feng to see in the eye, with his calculation result, almost identical.

Wang Rong is just a small person. In the eyes of the power holders, he is just a chess piece. When he is useful, he has value. When he is useless, he is like garbage, which is inconvenient to people's eyes and makes people hate to clean it up immediately.

A spring rain, continuous under the day and night, drizzle such as needle, partial lingering, let people's mood, also follow the gloomy.

Lanyanxi was worried about her mother all the time. When she heard that she was safe, her heart came down. In the afternoon, when I got off work, there was an emergency. LAN Yanxi couldn't get off work in time. He went out with Wang Xinyi.

Also at this time, LAN Yanxi saw a text message ring with only a few simple words. "Make dinner for you and come back early!"

It's a very common saying, but LAN Yanxi is in a good mood. It seems that Ling Mo Feng will go home every other day. This is something she dreamed of before, and it has finally come true.

Unfortunately, she can't come back early today. She still has work to do.

"If you don't go back to dinner, you have to eat with the foreign guests!" LAN Yanxi moved his fingers and sent a message.

I also thought that the man would reply to her, but when she arrived at the dining place, she didn't see any movement on her mobile phone. She thought it was broken. She took it out and looked at it again. It wasn't broken, so the man didn't plan to reply to her.

What happened?

Blue words ran a face of inexplicable.

This time it was a private engagement between diplomats of the two countries. Wang Xinyi took her with her to make her face familiar. In the future, she can stand in this circle. Ordinary people, Wang Xinyi doesn't bring her here. LAN Yanxi is so pitiful that she takes care of her guests at work.

LAN Yanxi was generous and decent at the dinner table, but she was still honored with several glasses of wine. She couldn't get rid of it. Moreover, Wang Xinyi even asked her not to push. If she had a drink, she would be in a better mood.

The boss advised her to drink. LAN Yanxi has no reason not to drink.

Therefore, the average amount of blue Yan Xi was a little confused.

On the way back, Wang Xinyi's assistant was driving. LAN Yanxi sat on the back seat, dizzy and distraught. Wang Xinyi also drank a lot, but she had a good amount of alcohol and was not drunk. She just recalled some things in the past and the sadness on her face.

"I really regret that I didn't have a child before the divorce. If I had a child, who would dare to persuade me to get married again. I have to go back and have a child to send me off. What else would I get married? It's a pity that I'm still alone now. I don't have a place to borrow seed if I want to have a baby. Yan Xi, you're still better than me. You're young and there are opportunities! " Wang Xinyi reaches out and claps LAN Yanxi's arm to give her some advice.

Although LAN Yanxi is drunk, her brain is still clear. After listening to her boss, she is inexplicably sorry for her.

"Sister Xinyi, in fact, there are still good men in the world, but they haven't met yet!" Said blue Yanxi softly.

"Do you still believe in good men? Yan Xi, I envy you very much. In fact, it's hard for a woman who is too smart to live happily. She has seen everything through. It's hard to pretend to be stupid. You can think like this, which means that the more simple you are, the better your ability to sense happiness. Maybe, I think things are too biased. There are still good men, such as my father My father is very good. Unfortunately, I can't meet someone who loves me as much as he does! " Wang Xinyi suddenly covered her lips and began to cry.

LAN Yanxi is at a loss. He wants to persuade and doesn't know how to persuade. He looks at the assistant driving miss for help.

"Let her cry. Every time she is drunk, she will cry once. After crying, she will be OK!" The assistant sighed.

LAN Yanxi sat beside him, speechless for a while. In this world, everyone has troubles. Who can understand who? Therefore, no one can easily persuade others, because, can not empathize. LAN Yanxi asked the assistant miss to park her car in front of the sentry box hundreds of meters away from the vice president. She got out of the car and walked unsteadily into it.

Assistant Miss watched her walk forward alone. The old elder, whose shadow was in the street lamp, couldn't help sympathizing with her. Even if the man to be married was the noble vice president, how about that?

In the middle of the night, there is no one to love and care about. It's not as good as the common people. Even if they have no right or money, at least a room of people will gather together for warmth.

Shortly after the assistant's car disappeared, a black car blocked lanyanxi's way strongly.