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When Ji Yueze went back from the wedding, he drove around and bought a very famous roast goose. I have brought Bai Yiyan to eat for the last time. She has eaten a lot. She is full of praise and has a proper snack. Season

Yue Ze just stepped out of the hall of the seven-star hotel and saw the drizzling rain in front of the door. She was in a strange mood. Between the blank spaces, she flashed past her image when she was eating roast goose. Ji Yueze's heart will be soft when she is injured, wronged and pitiful, and can only be kept at home. When he was carrying half of the roast goose and pushing the door open, Bai Yiyan was sitting on the sofa alone, her eyes were red, and she saw that it was him. Bai Yiyan quickly got up and walked towards the bathroom. Ji put down the roast goose, followed her into the bathroom, and found that she was wiping her eyes with a cold towel. "

What's the matter?" Ji Yueze saw that she was not right, her voice and color moved, showing concern. Bai

Yiyan immediately shook her head and said softly, "nothing, it's just that the wound hurts!"

"Is it? Let's go to the hospital and see the doctor. Will it be an infection? " After listening, Ji Yueze's brow was slightly twisted and his tone was a little anxious.

Bai Yiyan immediately shakes her head again, retreats two steps, and covers the position of the wound with one hand: "no, no, no, no, no, it hurt a little just now. It doesn't hurt now!"

When Ji Yueze saw what thought she seemed to be hiding, he suddenly became Stern: "Bai Yiyan, what are you hiding from me? Come on, I want to know. "

Bai Yiyan saw him staring at herself with such stern eyes. She lowered her head and bit her lips lightly. Her voice was too small: "I'm worried about my aunt. She hasn't heard from me for a long time."

Ji Yueze's eyes narrowed. Sure enough, she was worried about Bai Zhenzhen. Only

Yes, this woman is also ridiculous, obviously worried about death, but not in front of him. "

if you want to check online to see if there is any unknown female body or something, maybe it's your aunt!" Thinking that Bai Yiyan had concealed him before, Ji Yueze was inexplicably angry, so he scared her directly.

Sure enough, Bai Yiyan's face was white, because his words were white.

Trembling all over, tears in her eyes quickly gathered together. She raised her misty eyes and stared at him angrily: "my aunt will not die, please don't curse her." Ji

Yueze was just joking with her. Unexpectedly, she was so serious. He shrugged his shoulders and said calmly, "I heard that bad people are all long-lived. Don't worry. Your aunt has done such an excessive thing, and she won't die so early." Bai

Yiyan is speechless again. It's true that Auntie is bewildered. She hurt Ji's family by any means for money, and she can't exonerate her.

"Come out, I bought you something to eat!" Ji Yueze suddenly caught her little hand, which was not hurt, and forced her out. White

Yiyan can't help but be surprised when she smells the strong aroma.

Ji Yueze took her to the dinner table, opened the box, and half of the cut roast goose appeared in front of Bai Yiyan.

"Didn't you include this food in the unhealthy food? Why did you buy it again? " Bai Yiyan glanced at him, and her heart flashed sweet, but her mouth could not help laughing at him.

At the beginning, she had to eat the roast goose. Ji Yueze said that she was disgusted by it. All the baked things were unhealthy, so she could eat less.

Unexpectedly, he was willing to buy it for her.

"You like it. What can I do?" Ji Yueze shows her hands. She can't help it. After a sad day, Yiyan's mood has finally improved. She can't wait to eat when she hears the fragrance.

Ji Yueze took chopsticks for her, and suddenly thought that lunch didn't seem to be prepared for her. Did she eat it? "

What did you have for lunch?" Ji Yueze picked up his eyebrows and asked. "

I ordered takeout!" Bai Yiyan replied truthfully.

"You have takeout delivered to my door?" Ji Yueze's face flashed a blue.

"No, no, no, I didn't reveal your address. I went downstairs to get it at the gate of the community!" Bai Yiyan seemed to be a little angry when she saw him. She immediately explained in a hurry. "

are you hurt and in the mood to go out for takeout?" Ji Yueze really underestimated her.

Bai Yiyan looks embarrassed: "I'm hungry!"

After hearing this, Ji Yueze felt soft and strange again. After she was injured, she seemed to become her housekeeper. She even worried about what she was eating three meals a day, for fear of starving her. But before she knew him, she had lived on her own for so many years without starvation.

In Ji Yueze's daze, Bai Yiyan has bowed her head and eaten the roast goose.

"It's fragrant. Would you like to pay for it?" Bai Yiyan's satisfied smile, and then a pair of beautiful eyes Piao he asked. "

do not eat!" In fact, Ji Yueze's recipes are strictly regulated. He is not a greedy person. He likes baked goods. He only likes to eat steak. Others are not very sticky. "

eat one piece, it's really delicious!" Bai Yiyan feels that Ji Yueze is too strict with herself. Is it hard to bear the itch without eating such delicious food?

Anyway, she can't do it. She can see what she likes and what she likes. She can't do it without a bite.

"No!" Men refuse very firmly.

Bai Yiyan shouted, "well, if you don't eat, you don't eat. It's all for me!" Ji Yueze was going to get water to drink. Suddenly, he heard that she pulled the roast goose to her side like a bully, as if it was really her own.

I don't know which tendon is shaking in my body.

Ji Yueze took two steps back and went back to the table. He directly reached for the goose leg with the most meat and took it away.

"Ah!" Bai Yiyan has been staring at the goose leg for a long time. She is thinking about it. She will taste it carefully. Unexpectedly, she sees the goose leg floating away from her eyes.

The next second, the man thin lips open, a bite.

"It's really delicious!" Just now, someone, who was disgusted and refused to eat, sighed with satisfaction. Bai

Yi Yan stared at him with unbelievable eyes. Her beautiful eyes were full of complaints: "Hey, Ji Yueze, didn't you just say you didn't want to eat?"

"I didn't plan to eat at first, but it depends on how much you eat. I'd better pay for it together. We'll live together in the future, and try to keep pace with what we eat!" Ji Yueze finished and took another bite. White

Yiyan's beautiful eyes are dull again. Why does this man always give her the illusion of a lifetime?

But Mingming, she is always ready to break up with him, oh, no, he broke up.