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C1116 reluctant to part

Girl from the heart of a few words, make a man action, quiet eyes condense her small face. "

I promised you something, but I haven't done it. I'm not as good as you said." Luo Jin made fun of himself.

"I've played so many plays, all of which say that life is like a play and play like a life. The gratitude and resentment in the play are much more bloody than the life of ordinary people. Your mother is also for you. Standing on her position, I still quite understand her. However, everyone will have selfishness and greed. I'm greedy for your gentle love. Now I'm the one who is not willing to let go 。” Yang ChuChu said with a bitter smile, looking at his eyes, a deep feeling is hard to be allowed.

Luo Jinyu reached for her long soft hair and said softly, "how can I feel so much at a young age? Eat more. Let me think of a way about this." "

what else can you do? I can't be more important than your mother if she is a big mother. " When Yang ChuChu said that, she felt sad. She really wanted to be the most important person in his heart, but she knew that she could not do it in her life.

"You and my mother, there's no comparison. Don't think about it." Luo Jin's words are gentle.

"If it's my rival, I won't give in, but she's your mother." The chopsticks in Yang ChuChu's hand are turning the dishes in the bowl. Just now, they still taste good. Now, they don't know how to eat. They have too many grievances in their hearts to tell. "

as long as I don't marry another woman, my mother will definitely give in. You are also young now. I have several years to wait until you reach the legal marriage age. In these years, as long as I don't marry, my mother can't help me." Luo Jinyu dare not break his mother's heart, but he also has his persistence.

"Then your mother will hate me even more." Yang ChuChu laughed at himself.

"When my mother is angry for a while, she should understand that you are the only one I really love." Luo Jinyu firmly believes that her mother is not unreasonable, she just wants to force him to follow the route she has set, but when she finds out that he will not take a step, she will definitely give up.

"By the way, is Fang Kexin still in your company? Did you think about it when I asked you to leave her last time? " At the thought of Fang Yang's bad behavior, Yang ChuChu even resented his daughter. She really couldn't let a woman she hated appear under Luo Jinyu's eyes every day. What's more, the other party obviously took advantage of him. "

clearly, you can rest assured that I will not let her pass the probation period. I will let her leave." Luo Jinyu whispered. "

can't you let her go now? I'm really afraid that in case she treats you... "

"I'm a man. What can she do to me? Don't worry. Although he is my assistant now, I have arranged for her to go to my brother's side. She will not meet me again at work. " Luo Jinyu has dealt with Kexin for a long time, but instead of quitting her, she has directly changed her position. Now, what she is facing is his younger brother, Luo Henning. "

will she bother your brother?" Think of this solution, Yang Chu beautiful corner of the mouth can not help rising, Fang Kexin must be angry. "

don't you know my brother yet? In his eyes, there is only Mu Lin in his heart. Besides, does Fang Kexin have the courage to bear Mu Lin's anger? " Luo Jinyu's arrangement is reasonable. If Fang Kexin comes for fame and wealth, she is in the wrong place. Yang can't help but smile at the thought of Maureen's majesty.

"Well, don't laugh. My brother will blame me if he knows my arrangement." Fang Kexin is now kicked off like being a ball by Luo Jinyu. It will not make Tang Qi unhappy, and Fang Kexin's goal will not be achieved.

"Well, I'll stop laughing and eat!" Yang ChuChu's taste is back. Two people came out after eating hot pot, it was more than eight o'clock in the evening. "

I'll go to the next restaurant and pack dinner for my mother." Yang ChuChu didn't forget to promise his mother.

"Good!" Luo Jinyu follows her in.

After packing a few bags, the two walked towards the car. When he opened the door and sat in, Luo Jinyu suddenly didn't want to drive. He sat still.

Yang ChuChu put the packing box gently. As soon as she turned around, she saw him sitting still, motionless and loyal. She couldn't help but be stunned.

"What's the matter?"

"It's not easy to see each other. Is it going to be different?" Luo Jin's bitter smile is extremely painful.

"Then Then I'll sit in the car with you for a while. " Yang ChuChu also felt that the family had come all the way and invited her to have a meal, but now they wanted to let him go back, which was not enough. Luo

Jin Yu's side is over the eyes, and the light at the bottom of the eyes is warm.

Yang ChuChu's heart leaped wildly, his breath was slightly disordered, and he hurriedly avoided the anxiety at the bottom of his eyes. Female

the child deliberately avoids dodging, which makes Luo Jinyu's heart sink again. He feels that Yang ChuChu is deliberately away from him. "

let me take you back!" Luo Jinyu didn't dare to suggest any more, said in a low voice, and then started the car. Yang

of course, ChuChu knows the meaning of his eyes. Since he was with him, Yang ChuChu has had some experience in that field. Moreover, it's like he opened a strange door, and it's so hard to forget when he gets the happiness.

Luo Jinyu drives towards the apartment where Yang ChuChu lives. It's not far away from

it's ten minutes away. "

there is a long corridor next to it. You can drive there. Let's go down for a walk." Luo

Jin Yu is slightly shocked and sees that Yang ChuChu points to a road.

Luo Jinyu immediately took a turn and drove to the corridor. There is an unattended parking lot beside

there are a few cars in it. It seems that not many people come here at night. Yang

got out of the car clearly. When the night wind blew, she shivered and her hands instinctively folded in front of her chest.

Luo Jinyu got out of the car and looked at the corridor like a fire dragon not far away. He smiled and said, "I didn't expect that there was such a scenery here."

"Let's go!" Yang ChuChu whispered. Only

Yes, she just walked two steps, the man suddenly turned to her side of the door, the next second, he pressed her on the door, thin lips crazy attack. Yang

in fact, it's not drunk. I just want to give two more opportunities to walk here.

Yang ChuChu cried twice, and felt that the door of the back seat beside him was opened by the man's palm.

The next second, her petite body was held by a man to sit in, then, the man also sat in, the door closed, fell the lock.