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C1346 backfires

At more than ten in the morning, Ji Yanhan's convoy stopped at the entrance of the newly-established company hall. Assistant Lu Qing led several bodyguards to come down and blocked the car door. Ji Yanhan bent over and walked down. Seeing the appearance of the young and stern bosses, one by one his chests were straight and straight.

In fact, Ji Yanhan just came here to show his face. On both sides of the hall, several media reporters were invited to see him. When Gao Yue appeared, Gao Yue looked shocked. The low-key and steady man walked slowly and the gas field was strong. , Noble temperament, made her heart beating.

Perhaps being attached to someone can make people happy. Gao Yue found that in the process of pursuing Ji Hanhan, he became more and more deeply attached to him, and even his inner feeling became more and more crazy.

Now even dreaming at night, I can dream about this man, dreaming of his gentle whispering words to himself, dreaming of him in the rainy and snowy streets, being embraced by him.

This dream, beautiful, waking up, but cruel.

Gao Yue doesn't know what this feeling is. He may really like this man a bit. He used to take him as a task to approach, but once he got it, he became addicted like a drug user.

Ji Yanhan walked across the red carpet in the middle of the media with a smile. When Gao Yue reflected back, he realized that he was staying in the same place as a idiot, and he forgot what he was doing here.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was already ready. Ji Yanhan stood in the most central position. Accompanied by more than ten high-level executives, he took the ribbon to cut the ribbon. His professional smile on his face seemed to be intimate. But at a distance, no one seemed to be able to walk to him besides those close to him and talk to him.

Whether it's money or status, it gives people an inexplicable sense of distance.

Finally came the reporter's questioning period, because when Ji Minhan bought this company, some bad things happened. After the other party took the funds, he felt that the amount of abandonment was too small, and he played with Ji Minhan's company. The two lawsuits caused that period of time and the impact was not very good, so this time only reporters were invited to report on this matter.

The reporter's meeting was in a conference room on the first floor. Ji Yanhan was sitting in a position with several high-level executives, and there were a few serious bodyguards standing next to him. The atmosphere was still very rigorous.

The reporter was sitting in the opposite position. Gao Yue was wearing professional attire today with a touch of makeup. He smiled and looked at Ji Hanhan and made an introduction.

Ji Hanhan actually noticed her long ago. He didn't expect that this woman would work in the journalist industry.

Some of the previous questions asked about some details of the last lawsuit dispute. Ji Minhan answered or was answered by the next high-level representative. Between the questions and answers, the last dispute was explained clearly. Understand the reason, it turned out that the wife of the previous boss lost hundreds of millions in gambling abroad, and wanted to take the opportunity to make a serious debt repayment from Ji Yihan's hands, and that was how it got into trouble.

Gao Yue also raised a few very high-level questions. She asked Ji Minhan to talk about the company's future development direction, as well as some views on the current politics. Ji Minhan answered it honestly.

Gao Yue looked at him intently when Ji Yuhan answered, with a deep affection in his eyes.

The more you know about a person, the better you are, the more addictive you are.

The men Gao Yue always felt were superficial. Seeing women liked to look at the surface, but Ji Hanhan gave her a different feeling. His eyes never stayed on any woman's face for more than half a second. Does it mean that this man really cares?

His eyes were always firm and indifferent, only occasionally revealing sharpness and solemnity.

The press conference ended more than half an hour later. Ji Minhan got up and left, Gao Yue looked anxious, and finally asked a question in a hurry: "General President, I heard that you and your Vice President have been friends for many years. Will you stand in his camp because of this friendship? "

Ji Yanhan stepped back. This is a bad media reporter who dare to openly ask him such a sensitive political topic here.

"Sister Gao Yue!" A small reporter shivered next to her, because when she was invited to interview, she had already promised that she would not touch sensitive political topics in this interview. But now, Gao Yue is bold and bold. Asking this directly, it's no wonder that it scared others.

Ji Yanhan turned his head back, his eyes flashed coldly.

Gao Yue is also scared, but if you don't ask a different topic, Ji Yanhan won't remember her at all, let alone stop for her.

Lu Qing immediately said with a cold face, "This lady, you are asking too much!"

Gao Yue smiled slightly: "I just want to know how President Ji, who I admire greatly, will choose a position."

Ji Yanhan's face became a little bit blue. His attitude towards politics has always been unknown to the public, because although he and Ling Mofeng have friendship with each other, the business community can participate in politics, and they will interfere with the decisions of many countries. The people have always been very opposed Business people interfere in political elections.

"Sorry, I don't want to answer this kind of question." Ji Yanhan sank, and answered indifferently, and strode away.

Gao Yue stared at his back tightly, his mouth slightly raised, Ji Yunhan this time, finally remember her.

"Sister Gao Yue, how dare you ask, not afraid of being caught by Ji Yanhan's mouth and blocking his mouth!" On the way back, Gao Yue was held in the middle by a group of younger brothers and sisters, very adored.

"Block my mouth? What do you use to block it? Unless, it is Ji Biaohan who blocked it in person!" Gao Yue suddenly found a breakthrough point. If Ji Biaohan was to face her existence, he must do something. If you mess with him, he will naturally come to her to negotiate. At that time, maybe he has to talk in bed.

"Sister Gao Yue, do you like Ji Hanhan? You see his eyes glowing!"

"Don't you like it? He's so handsome and so charming, I like him, and it's normal," Gao Yue laughed dismissively.

"We don't dare to like it. He is married and has children. I don't even dare to think about things with him in a dream." A woman said with a sly expression on her face.

Gao Yue snorted: "What is unthinkable, people must have dreams, what if they come true? Life has been in the world for decades, and what you want, you have to fight for it. I don't care about any moral restrictions. Do you only care about the results? How shameless the process is, the results are good and everyone can accept it. "

Gao Yue's remarks were eye-opening, but everyone still felt that she had trampled on the moral bottom line, and she had a dark hope that God would not make her dream come true.

Ji Hanhan was sitting in the conference room, the air pressure was extremely low. Obviously, the problem of Gao Yue just made Ji Hanhan extremely unhappy. His cold eyes glanced at the people in the personnel department because of this press conference. They are all responsible for the arrangement, and they should have been told before that these things should not be asked indiscriminately.

The person in charge of the personnel department was scared and pale, shivering, and finished, and Mr. Ji was angry.

Lu Qing also coldly reprimanded: "You are too misconducted, so that President Ji can't step down in public."

The person in charge of the personnel department quickly apologized: "General Manager Ji, when I asked them to come over, they told me that they were not allowed to ask about politics. They also promised, but who knows ... why did that woman suddenly ask you about your position, I think she is trying to catch the public's favor and want to attract your attention. "

Ji Yanhan's eyes narrowed for a moment, want to attract his attention?

In just over a month, he had met three times with the woman named Gao Yue. If this was just a coincidence, it would be a coincidence.

"Lu Qing, go and find out what this woman is!" Ji Yanhan immediately ordered the assistant next to him.

"Why is Ji always investigating her?" Lu Qing looked stunned. Generally, a man investigating a woman is interested in her.

"Let's check it first!" Of course, in front of so many people, Ji Yanhan couldn't express his inner doubt.

Lu Qing nodded: "Okay!"

Too coincidental things often hide deeper secrets. Ji Yanhan was originally a suspicious person, so he should check it out.