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The news of Ji yunning's death made the old lady suffer a lot. It also brought up the scene that she had sent her eldest son in those years. The whole person was in great pain and tears, so her real resentment towards the dialogue deepened.

After dinner, the old lady called Ji Xiaohan directly to the small living room.

Ji Xiaohan looks at grandma with anger and resentment, and instantly guesses her purpose of finding herself. "

why hasn't Bai Zhenzhen been sentenced? How is your son? Your father has been there for so many years. You should let him die in peace. " The old lady was so angry that she pounded her crutches on the ground, which showed how excited she was at the moment. "

grandma, don't worry. It's not so simple. I don't think Bai is the real killer. She's just a ghost for the dead. If she is killed, then Dad's grievances can't be cleaned up!" Because Ji Xiaohan knew the truth of the matter, he was so determined. "

Oh, for the dead? Is she that great? She is willing to be someone else's ghost. Don't forget that she confessed that she murdered your father and let her pay for her life. She didn't deserve it. " As soon as the old lady thought that her eldest son was dead, she was very sad. She wished she could kill Bai Zhenzhen with a knife. "

grandma, please give me some time, this matter, and the inside story!" Ji Xiaohan really doesn't know how to explain it clearly. The old lady's heartbroken appearance at the moment makes him heartache.

"Well, inside? You tell me, what's the inside story? " The old lady is not old and confused, she is smart at the moment, so if her grandson doesn't give her a satisfactory result, she will never give up.

Ji Xiaohan sighed and sat down beside her grandmother, reached for her shoulder and whispered: "grandma, Bai Yiyan was kidnapped by a group of people before. Bai Zhenzhen came to us for help. At that time, she didn't admit to killing my father, but later, she admitted again. Then, her daughter Bai Yiyan was also released. I guess Bai Zhenzhen It must have been threatened. " "

is there such a thing?" The old lady immediately frowned: "when was Bai Yiyan kidnapped? Who is the one who kidnapped her, you know? "

"At present, I just don't know, so I want to investigate along this line. The other party is too cunning and destroys many clues. I'm also trying my best to trace it now. Grandma, Bai Zhen is not so stupid. She can't know that killing is a crime of death and she has to turn herself in on her own initiative." Ji Xiaohan can only reveal part of his inner feelings to persuade grandma, hoping that she can tolerate some more time.

"Why didn't you tell me that earlier? How many things have you concealed from me? " The old lady immediately got angry and felt that it was too late to learn the news at the moment.

Ji Xiaohan sighed and comforted: "grandma, you have been taking care of Grandpa. I don't want you to worry. Believe me, I won't let my dad die. I must catch the murderer and let him pay the price!" Say

to the last few words, Ji Xiao's eyes are cold and bright, and he kills the machine in a flash.

"Well, do you have any suspects now? At the beginning, we set up several strong enemies in Jijia. Is it possible to have relations with them? You'd better check them all, but you can't let the murderer go beyond the law! " The only criminals that the old lady could think of were some of Ji's rivals.

"Among those who set up enemies with their father, there were also suspects. I was investigating them. However, several of them have declined in recent years. It's easier to know the truth from their mouths." Ji Xiaohan shifts the old lady's suspicion.

"Well, you'd better talk to your uncle about this matter. He also helped in the company at that time, and see if he had any clues for you!" The old lady sighed suddenly.

Ji Xiaohan's handsome face suddenly tensed up, his eyes pressed and looked back with a fierce look, but his tone was not tight and he said: "if I have time, I will find out the details of my uncle. However, my uncle is busy with his affairs recently, and it's not convenient for me to disturb him."

"If you can't find him, I'll find him. He will tell me everything honestly." The old lady is still full of confidence in her little son. "

grandma, my uncle just lost yunning. Now he is sad. If you go to ask him to talk about this matter, you are afraid that it will bring up his sorrow again. You should not talk about it again. At least, in the last half year, don't talk about it!" Ji Xiaohan immediately whispered to each other. The old lady thought carefully, and his words were reasonable, so she sighed: "OK, I can understand the pain of his loss of his daughter, so I will not look for him for the time being, just for fear of thinking about your father, he will be sad again. When your father was buried, he didn't come, and he must have been reluctant to leave."

Season owl cold in the bottom of the heart sneer, he is not not not not to come, is not dare to come, guilty of it. "

grandma, I promised to tell xiaonai and Xiaorui bedtime stories. I'll go and greet them first, and you can have a rest earlier!" With that, Ji Xiaohan got up and left.

Two little guys took a bath and lay on the bed waiting for daddy to come and tell a story.

The long hair that Xiao Nai has just washed, hangs on her little shoulder smoothly, under the sea of Qi Liuhai, a pair of big eyes of water spirit, are blinking, blinking, boring.

"Elder brother, I saw a child stuffed candy for you today. Did you bring it back? I want to have one!" Ji xiaonai has a small mouth and wants to ask his brother to take sugar. "

you have brushed your teeth. You are not allowed to eat sweets. Be careful of cavities!" Ji Xiaorui immediately gave her a white look, and then reminded her: "for a while, don't tell Daddy about this, you know? Daddy will scold me! "

"OK, but if you promise to help me with the manual work tomorrow, I won't say it!" Ji xiaonai is a villain now. Seeing that she has grasped his brother's handle, she immediately knows to exchange terms with him. Ji gave her a look: "you are so stupid and lazy, you are hopeless!" "

don't say that to me!" Ji xiaonai can't quarrel with his brother, and his angry face turns red. He holds his fists tightly and waves them to Ji Xiaorui's side twice.

"Well, I won't talk about you. If I really say you're stupid, I'll do a lot of things for you later. I'm tired to death. It's not easy to be your brother!" Ji Xiaorui is very busy. "Of course, it's not anyone. I'll call him brother," he said triumphantly

Ji Xiaorui glanced at her and was depressed by her proud face.

At this time, Ji Xiaohan pushed the door in, and the two little guys climbed up from the bed and sat up. They shouted together, "Daddy!"