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As the boss, Tang You You went to the private restaurant first. In the private room, she picked the most expensive dishes and ordered five dishes!

If Ji Yue Ze agreed to help, then the profits he would bring her would definitely be a thousand times greater.

He was dressed leisurely and had a casual hairstyle, but it didn't affect his innate good looks. Moreover, there were a few holes in his left ear with two earrings. It looked a bit indecent from the looks of it.

She doesn't even know how to make tea. Can she really achieve great things?

How suspicious!

Tang You You then took out the information she had prepared. It was about the preparations for the Autumn Festival, and also about the new information on the main brands of Only Idealism.

Ji Yue Ze lazily received it, and slowly flipped through it. "These are all works that you designed?"

"Oh, no, this is the hard work of all our designers!" Tang You You immediately explained.

"Is there any work of yours here? Let me see! " Ji Yue Ze asked with the same indifferent expression.

Tang You You lowered his head, embarrassed. "My work is not imprinted yet, I have only been in the Enter Company for a short while, and have not produced anything yet."

Ji Yue Ze lifted his head, his clear eyes swept across her face, and then placed the collection of artifacts on the table. "Why are you showing me items that have been designed by someone else? I'm not interested. "

"I know, our company is preparing to host a winter New product launch at the end of this month. My boss has decided to let me take charge of all the matters concerning this press conference. I want to ask you to help me out. We won't let them come in vain, we'll pay for their appearance! " Tang You You quickly told her the truth. After that, she looked at Ji Yue Ze with her beautiful eyes that were filled with pleading.

Ji Yue Ze's beautiful and deep eyes slightly narrowed: "Even though Only Idealism is a subsidiary of my big brother, up until now, I have never deliberately cooperated with his company."

"I know. Not only have you never worked with our company, you've also never worked with other companies." Tang You You nodded and said seriously.

"Then do you think I'll make an exception this time and help you?" Ji Yue Ze took the cup on the table and slowly drank the water.

Tang You You was shocked by his words, her face had an inexplicable blush, and indeed, asking for help, was not an easy task.

It was a huge challenge for someone like her, who had a stupid mouth and thin skin.

"Ji Yue Ze, Only Idealism is your brother's company. For your brother's sake, can you help me this time? Please, I really need the help of your artists. " Tang You You quickly softened his tone and said: "Come to Ken Qiu Ta."

Ji Yue Ze pursed his lips, looking as if he had lost something.

"Our company has promised that all the artists that are participating in the new product fair will be unconditionally sponsored by our company." Tang You You threw out an even more tempting condition, hoping that Ji Yue Ze would seriously consider it again.

"Alright, since you are the mother of my two nephews, I promise to help you." After Tang You You offered her an attractive condition, Ji Yue Ze said something that caused her to be dumbstruck.

Ji Yue Ze smirked sinisterly: "There's always a first time going wrong, why not I just give this to you for the first time?"

Tang You You, "..." Can you not make your words sound so clichéd?

Ji Yue Ze saw her blush inexplicably, and immediately said: "Sister-in-law, why are you blushing? It can't be that you're thinking wrongly! "

Tang You You instantly felt like digging a hole and drilling into it.

Who was the one who was spouting nonsense? Was it her fault for thinking wrongly?

"Ji Yue Ze, thank you for your help. As long as we have your support, this press conference of mine will be half done." Tang You You said with a smile.

"In a while, if you drink three cups of wine, I'll help you out unconditionally!" Ji Yue Ze suddenly put forward a very difficult condition.

Tang You You immediately boasted, "As long as you are willing to help me, even if there are conditions, even if you let me drink ten cups, I will be fine with it."

"Ten cups?" Can you drink it? " Ji Yue Ze looked at her suspiciously.

With such a petite body, he really didn't believe that she could drink ten cups.

"Then five cups! Five cups, I'm sure there's no problem! " Tang You You still had some confidence in his alcohol tolerance.

"Drink Red Bar!" Ji Yue Ze felt that since she was so confident, there shouldn't be any problems, right?

Delicious delicacies were served, and the fragrance gushed out into the air. As expected, the dishes were very appetizing.

"How did you find this place?" Ji Yue Ze picked up his chopsticks and picked up a piece of fresh meat to eat, then looked up at her and asked.

"Friend? What kind of friend? It's a man, and a woman as well! " Ji Yue Ze squinted as he stared at her.

Tang You You was startled, and could only reply: "Yes, my boss!"

Only then did Ji Yue Ze's face return to normal. "I got them to bring the wine over, are you sure you want to drink?"

"Of course. This is a social gathering, and also a matter worth celebrating." Tang You You felt that if he did not keep his word, Ji Yue Ze would underestimate her.

Ji Yue Ze also wanted to drink a little. Furthermore, he was addicted to alcohol, even though he was already very far away from those dark and gloomy days.

But he also seemed to have developed some unspeakable interest in wine.

The waiter brought a bottle of good year red wine and opened it. Ji Yue Ze poured Tang You You half a cup, "If you can't drink it, then drink it leisurely. In a while, tell me about the event!"

"Sure!" Tang You You nodded very straightforwardly.

After that, the two of them continued drinking and eating, and Tang You You started to discuss some of the details of the press conference with him.

As a in the entertainment world, Ji Yue Ze would also give her some good suggestions. This was definitely a good thing for Tang You You.