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C2036 please the father-in-law

Tie ting and Ji Tingyan are sitting in front of the open-air cafe. This lazy and comfortable life will make people's happiness index rise. At least Ji Tingyan's mood is full at the moment.

There are three children playing the game of blowing bubbles. One of them looks at a girl about two or three years old, like a penguin, chasing the bubbles. Ji Tingyan looks at the bubbles coming from the sky and can't help but reach out to promote them.

The little girl forgets her shape for a while, pours directly at the foot of tieting, and instinctively grabs the corner of his pants with two little hands.

Tie Ting is more eager to carry her whole person gently, which did not make her little face hurt.

The little girl blinked black eyes and looked at the strange uncle. In the distance, her mother rushed to her. When she saw her daughter was gently supported by such a handsome man, she blushed and said to her daughter, "thank you to Uncle quickly."

"Thank you, uncle." The little girl is like her mother.

Tie Ting chuckled and waved to the little girl.

Ji Tingyan holds her chin and looks at the gentle color in the man's eyes. She even has an impulse to have a baby to play with him.

"Why do you stare at me like this?" Tie Ting eyes light smile, turn around, see her Ying Ying eyes, look at himself directly, his expression slightly startled.

"It's nothing. You seem gentle with the little guy." Ji Tingyan droops her eyes and gently stirs the coffee at hand. It's fragrant and exciting.

"Let's go back after lunch. Xiao Xun should be back in the evening." Tie Ting chuckled.

"Well." Ji Tingyan nods.

Lunch is served on the island. The dishes here are generally not spicy. Seafood is the main dish. Ji Tingyan enjoys the sea breeze and delicious food. This man is also very satisfied.

In the afternoon, the yacht stopped at the bank, the two people went back home by car, and her mother also came back early. She also bought some vegetables herself and repeatedly told her aunt what kind of taste to make. It can be seen how happy she was that her two sons could go home and get together.

"Mom, I went to the airport with Tingyan to pick up the plane. In another hour, Xiaoxun's plane landed." At five o'clock in the afternoon, tie Ting was in a hurry to get ready to go to the airport.

"Well, be safe on your way." Tie mother nodded softly.

Tie Ting drives with Ji Tingyan towards the airport. As soon as he gets to the airport hall, he sees tie Xun pushing the suitcase and coming out with Tang Weixin.

Seeing this, tie Ting whispered in Ji Tingyan's ear and said, "Xiaoxun is lucky. Let him wait until Tang idealism."

"Well, it's a perfect match for them to walk together." Ji Tingyan can't help sighing that the temperament of tie Xun is elegant, the temperament of Tang Weixin is elegant, and the height of the two people is also the golden ratio. When Tang Weixin smiles, she looks up slightly to see the appearance of men, which is really enviable. Many young women beside her look at them.

"Don't we match?" Tie Ting was a little unconvinced and bit her teeth in her ear.

"I don't know." Ji Tingyan deliberately teases him, and then waves to tie Xun and Tang Weixin and shouts, "tie Xun here."

When he heard a voice calling for him, he raised his head sharply. He saw elder brother and Ji Tingyan standing in the crowd. With a happy eyes, he hurriedly led Tang Weixin to their side.

"Brother tie, Miss Ji, we meet again." Tang was also very happy to see them.

"Don't call her Miss Ji, or you can call her sister-in-law." The proposal of tie Xun.

Ji Tingyan's pretty face is ashamed. She and feting are not married yet. It seems inappropriate to call her sister-in-law. So she quickly said, "let's call it Mingzi. I don't have much difference from idealism."

"I'm 28 this year." Tang Weixin said at once.

"Me too." Ji Tingyan looks surprised.

"I'm in January. I must be older than you. Then I'll call your name." Tang Wei said that he was generous.

"Well, we all have names." Ji Tingyan agrees.

The two brothers looked at each other. They didn't seem to have a say in this matter.

Sitting in the car, Ji Tingyan found a small head in Tang's bag. She said happily, "it's so cute. What's its name?"

"Xier." Tang Weixin quickly opens the bag and takes the dog out. Ji Tingyan takes it and cuddles it in her arms to play with it. The little guy seems to be very smart too. He squints and enjoys it in her arms.

"Brother, when are you engaged?" He asked curiously.

Tie Ting chuckled: "I have to ask Xiao Nai when she wants to."

"I have no opinion, but my father asked us to think about it for at least three months." Ji Tingyan tells the truth.

"That uncle must be a serious person, he is also for your sake, afraid you will be cheated." Tie Xun said with a smile.

"My father does worry about this. Marriage is a big deal. It's important to know each other." Ji Tingyan also feels that she is not in a hurry for the time being. She still needs to break in with tie ting.

Tie Ting nodded seriously on his face: "since uncle is worried about this, let's have more time with each other and think about engagement."

Tie Xun's quiet eyes turn and deliberately ask Tang Weixin about this: "Tang Weixin..."

"Well?" Sitting in the back seat, Tang Weixin raised his eyebrows: "what do you call me?"

"Idealism?" Tie Xun tries to shout again.

Ji Tingyan listened and smiled secretly. It seems that tie Xun is going to die for Tang Weixin.

"What's the matter?" he said

"Does your father have any rules? How long do we have to date to get married? " Tie Xun pretends to ask her easily.

"No, my father said, as long as I can drink him at the table, he will let me marry." Tang Weixin said jokingly on purpose.

"Drinking?" Tie Xun Jun's face is miserable: "does your father like drinking? Then I'll have to be filial to him. "

Tie Ting also couldn't help laughing out: "Xiaoxun, just your little drink, I'm afraid your father-in-law can't see it."

"I can still drink." Tie Xun is cheeky and complacent.

"My father's drinking capacity is very good. Many of his colleagues can't drink him. However, he is old now. My mother controls his drinking capacity, but he still likes to make friends at the table." Tang Weixin mentions her father with a happy face. She has been deeply influenced by her father since she was a child. Her father is the first hero she worships.

"Don't worry. I'll practice my drinking well. I will not let the old man down. I'll start tonight." Tie Xun suddenly has a new goal.

Tang Weixin chuckles, this fool.

When she arrived at the home, she was waiting at the door. Suddenly she saw her son's car coming in. She walked quickly and saw a pretty girl standing beside her little son. She was surprised.