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C635: meeting grandchildren

LAN Yue saw that her eldest son's attitude was still cold. She just smiled and said nothing else. Then she opened her handbag and took one thing out of it.

"Vivian and I have divorced. Xiao Han, you and you must be happy, OK?" LAN Yue's voice is full of care.

This sentence changed the expression of the old lady and Ji Xiaohan greatly. The old lady pushed Lao Hua's eyes and saw the divorce certificate in lanyue's hand. Last time she came to find herself, she said that she and Xia Weiwen would divorce. Unexpectedly, so soon, they divorced.

This is just like what a mother would do. The old lady's view of LAN Yue has changed.

However, Ji Xiaohan turned his face to the door and held back his inner emotion. His voice was still cold: "I didn't let you divorce. Why do you want to make this choice? I don't want to owe you anything."

At the moment, the old lady stood up and went directly to LAN Yue. Her tone was a little more peaceful: "Lan Yue, there used to be a festival between us, but from your behavior today, I admire you very much."

LAN Yue chuckled: "I've been married to Vivian for many years. We're both old now, but there's nothing left to shake. It's only Xiaohan who is young and has two lovely children. They should form a happy family and give their children complete love."

The old lady nodded her head and agreed with her very much. Then she hurriedly went to Ji Xiaohan's side and clapped him on the shoulder: "Xiao Han, say thank you to your mother."

Ji Xiaohan immediately looks at grandma with an incomprehensible expression. What's wrong with grandma today?

In the past, even mom was not allowed to enter the door. How can he not only have no mustard for her, but also say thank you?

The old lady knows what Ji Xiaohan is surprised at, and she doesn't want to explain more. She just sighs: "I'm old, and I can think of many things. Although your mother made mistakes when she was young, she is your biological mother after all."

It was an accident that Ji Xiaohan was cold. I didn't expect grandma to think so thoroughly all of a sudden.

However, grandma figured it out, which doesn't mean that he can also let go of the things his mother left behind.

Seeing his son's still cold expression, LAN Yue immediately said to the old lady, "forget it, thank you for telling me. The only thing I want to see now is that Xiao Han and you can hold a wedding ceremony quickly and become a loving couple earlier."

The old lady nodded, "yes, I think so too. Go upstairs with me. Two little guys are watching movies."

LAN Yue didn't expect that the old lady would be so enthusiastic about her. She was flattered.

At the thought of being able to see her two little grandchildren, LAN Yue's face brightened, and hurriedly followed the old lady upstairs.

When she got upstairs, the old lady dragged LAN Yue into the next room and closed the door. "Lan Yue, I know that my son did something wrong. I'm sorry, but you must not mention it in front of the two sons. When I reach an old lady's request." The old lady really hopes that her son will still be a great father in the eyes of her two grandchildren.

LAN Yue was stunned for a while, then she sneered: "don't worry, since I can hold back so many years, I'm sure I won't say it again. I also hope my son has a perfect father image in his mind."

When the old lady saw her promise, she took a deep sigh of relief: "you're divorced. I don't remember all those things. Do you have any plans in the future?"

"I don't know. I've moved back to my own home!" LAN Yue shakes her head. "Do you want to move back to China? It's convenient to help take care of two children later. I'm old and can't help myself. I'm sure there will be children in Yueze. There is no elder at home to take care of me. It's always unsettling." The old lady completely forgives LAN Yue's way of doing things in those days. With her divorce from Xia Weiwen, the old lady is more open-minded.

LAN Yue is a little happy, a little excited to ask: "can I really take care of two children?"

"I don't have a problem. I don't know if there's Xiaohan. Tang youyou shouldn't have a problem." The old lady sighed.

"He must have resented me!" LAN Yue's tone is full of depression.

"Don't worry, I will persuade him slowly. Let's go and see the children with me!" The old lady looked at LAN Yue's sad expression and comforted her immediately.

In the projection hall on the third floor, two little guys, wearing 3D glasses, are watching the cartoon seriously.

LAN Yue and the old lady gently pushed open the door and saw two little guys lolling back in their chairs, staring at the screen.

LAN Yue can finally have a close look at her little grandson. Her excited eyes are moist.

"Great grandmother?" Tang xiaonai glanced at the gate and saw the old lady and a strange woman standing there.

She immediately took off her glasses curiously and came over: "great grandmother, who is this aunt?"

Since I haven't seen LAN Yue, Tang doesn't know her.

An aunt, almost attracted LAN Yue's tears, she quickly turned around and wiped her eyes with her hands.

The old lady touched Tang xiaonai's small head and explained gently, "she is not an aunt, you can't call her like this. She is your father's mother. You want to call her grandma, you know?"

"Is it our grandmother?" Tang Xiaorui also took off his glasses and came up with a small face full of curiosity.

"Yes, she is your grandmother!" The old lady nodded her head.

LAN Yue turns around, eyes brimming with tears, looking at these two lovely and beautiful faces, she can't resist any more, squats down and holds the two little guys tightly in her arms.

"Xiaorui, xiaonai, grandma often goes to see you secretly outside the school gate. Unfortunately, she has never had the chance to meet you. Grandma misses you so much!"

The old lady could only sigh softly when she listened to LAN Yue.

"Are you really our grandma? Don't cry. Are you not happy to see us? " Tang xiaonai heard lanyue's sobbing voice, a small face was surprised, but also a little overwhelmed.

But Tang Xiaorui is more sensible. He leans his head gently on LAN Yue's shoulder and whispers, "grandma, why do you come to us now? Have you been far away?" LAN Yue couldn't cry. She didn't know how to explain it to these two little guys.