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Daddy, is the Mummy beautiful?

"Hee hee, the little duckling was taken by the eagle and eaten …" Tang Xiao Rui hid a little duck behind him as he smiled proudly.

"Mummy, big brother stole my duckling, you must teach her a lesson." Tang Xiao Nai had no other choice but to seek help from Tang You You.

When Ji Xiao Han returned home, he quickly stepped into the living room. However, he did not see the figures of the children.

"Young Master, you're back!" Uncle Yuan hurriedly stepped forward to greet him.

"Where's the child?" Ji Xiao Han's handsome face looked somewhat anxious. He didn't know why he didn't feel a sense of panic when he saw his child.

It was as if the child's appearance was a dream. When he awoke from the dream, he would no longer be able to find them.

"In the bathroom. Miss Tang is bathing the two of them." Uncle Yuan replied with a smile.

"Oh!" Ji Xiao Han heaved a sigh of relief and walked towards the bathroom.

The bathroom door was ajar, and from inside came the sound of the little guy happily humming a nursery rhyme.

Hearing the voice, it sounded like the voice of a daughter singing, but after singing a few lines, her son shouted out, "It's so unpleasant to the ears, Tang Xiao Nai, stop singing, I beg you, please let me go."

However, Tang Xiao Nai deliberately turned her face to Tang Xiao Rui's ear and sang a few lines even louder.

"Alright, alright, the two of you be more obedient. Whoever is disobedient, this Mummy will fart." Tang You You threatened with her head on fire.

Ji Xiao Han leaned on the side of the door, his gloomy eyes looked at the scene in the bathroom absentmindedly.

Water vapour rose. In the vast fog of the bathtub, two small and tender bodies were simply like a beautiful picture scroll.

Of course, other than the two little fellows cursing at each other right now, everything else was still fine.

Ji Xiao Han's heart slowly calmed down, he had been anxious to return and see them, but now, seeing them, he felt that he was satisfied with his life.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze moved from the two little fellows' small faces to the woman bent over the bathtub.

Tang You You took off her jacket, and at the moment, she was wearing a thin, white shirt with half of her sleeves rolled up, revealing her slender, snow-white wrists. Her long hair was also wildly tied behind her head, and at this moment, a few strands of hair, due to her being too busy, messy landed on the front of her chest.

It was unknown if it was due to the heat that she was sweating or not, but there was a hint of vigilance on her fair face. The gentleness of a mother, coupled with the natural charm of a woman, caused the man who was looking at her to gulp.

Thinking back to five years ago, when he had a life and death struggle with her, Ji Xiao Han felt a very strong feeling in his body.

It was like an electric current crazily assaulting all the nerves in his body.

"Daddy …" Just as Ji Xiao Han was about to feel the impact on his body, he turned her face and discovered him. His crystal-like eyes immediately opened wide and her face was filled with happiness.

"Cough …" I just came back! " Ji Xiao Han let out a light cough, concealing the sorry state she was in at the bottom of her heart.

Actually, he didn't need to explain anything at all. In any case, Tang You You didn't care whether he had just returned or if he had already returned.

"Daddy, do you need me to tell you a story? Tell the story of mother duck with duckling... " When Tang Xiao Nai saw his father, he was overjoyed. She immediately wanted to interact a bit with his father.

"Sure …" Daddy is listening to you earnestly. " The man's big body was squatting beside Tang You You, and he was very close to her.

Ji Xiao Han purposely ignored the woman who was washing his son's face. His beautiful eyes, filled with gentleness, looked at his daughter.

"Daddy, it's better if you don't listen to what I've just said. It's so unpleasant to listen to it. I've listened to it countless times. I'm going crazy!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately tore down his sister's stage. Everything he said was true, and every time he took a bath, his sister would tell him only this one story.

"Big brother is so annoying. I told dad about it, but I didn't ask for you to listen." Tang Xiao Nai immediately became angry and glared at her brother.

Ji Xiao Han actually laughed out loud. His daughter was too cute, he carried her like he was Mummy.

"Get out of the way!" Just as this dirty thought popped up in Ji Xiao Han's mind, he heard the cold voice of the lady beside him.

Was this man too bored? She bathed the children and he came to watch the show?

Ji Xiao Han had no choice but to stand and walk to the side, and said indifferently: Do you need my help?

"No need, it's all done!" "As long as you don't get in the way here." Tang You You did not appreciate his kindness.

Ji Xiao Han frowned somewhat angrily. His family's bathroom was so big, how could he possibly be a hindrance to her?

Tang You You tested the water temperature, so the children had to get up quickly or else they would be frozen.

She sat up with her daughter in her arms and wiped her with a dry towel.

The little guy also felt that the atmosphere was a little off, so he could only not say anything more. He obediently sat in Mummy's embrace, allowing Mummy to help him put on his clothes.

Ji Xiao Han leaned on the wall and watched the woman skillfully help his daughter put on her pajamas and slippers.

Immediately afterwards, Tang You You picked up her son again. The two little fellows still had some moisture in them, and at the moment, Tang You You's thin shirt had already been stained with moisture twice, and the wet air on her chest had reflected the light purple colored barrier on top of her.

The expression in Ji Xiao Han's indifferent eyes became a few degrees darker.

He was admiring her insolently. In any case, this woman was helping his son put on his clothes, so he wouldn't notice her.

"Hmm …" Much bigger than he thought.

Last time, when he accidentally pushed the door open and entered, Ji Xiao Han discovered that although this woman looked weak, she was actually very impressive.

Tang Xiao Nai raised her head and looked at his father, hoping that his father would pay attention to him. Unexpectedly, his father's gaze was all on Mummy.

She was a little disappointed and asked sourly: "Daddy, is Mummy beautiful?"