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C1734. She's happy

In the narrow room, a table of two chairs, opposite to Chu lie, sat LAN Bai. His face was as white as the light, his eyes were full of fatigue, but he still sat still, like a woodcarving.

It's been nearly five hours. Lambert still denies his guilt. He keeps yelling and saying that in order to get the property in his hand, Lambert deliberately framed him. That notebook is also the forged evidence of Lambert, which can't prove his guilt at all.

Chu lie knew that Lan Bai would not plead guilty so easily. He was an old fox in the business world. He knew what kind of way to excuse himself.

"Is my lawyer here?

I will not cooperate with you until he comes. "

Lambert had a firm look. He expected that chulie would not beat him. After all, they had no evidence to prove that he had killed people.

Chulie sneered: "Lambert, we have patience to play with you."

Lambert's face was paler. He knew that he could not escape this time.

Now, the hospital.

The dinner Ling brought to lanyanxi is still porridge, but it is very nutritious porridge, as well as rich and mellow chicken soup.

"I'll do it myself."

LAN Yanxi saw that the man was holding the spoon and blowing cold the porridge for herself. She was embarrassed at once, so she hurriedly reached out to carry the porridge.

"Don't move. It's very hot. I'll do it."

Men don't want her to do it. Her hands are delicate. What if they burn?

Blue words Xi low Mou smiled: "you already let me live cannot take care of oneself."

Ling Mo Feng sighed and smiled: "you are in a special period. I should take care of you. Don't have any psychological pressure."

"I don't have pressure."

LAN Yan said stubbornly, opening his mouth to drink the porridge he had fed.

"Have you eaten yet?"

LAN Yanxi found out that he was suspected of eating alone, so he asked him curiously.

"Eat first, and I'll let chulie pack it for me later."

Of course, Ling didn't eat it. As soon as he got off work, he rushed here. Even the porridge and soup were brought by the bodyguard from his aunt.

"Then you can have some, too. Don't be hungry."

LAN Yanxi said quickly.

"I'm not hungry yet. Please eat more. The doctor says you are too weak."

Ling doesn't share her food. He just wants to keep it all for her to eat.

LAN Yanxi's dialogue with them is a little funny and childish. It's really not what the president should say. However, despite his identity, he is a more gentle and meticulous person than ordinary men.

Lanyanxi has long been in love with the feeling of being spoiled by him, that is, if he doesn't want to eat, she can only eat more.

Eat some support, blue Yan Xi lie on the bed, staring at the ceiling, Chu lie has sent dinner, Ling Mo Feng sat in front of the sofa table and chair beside the bed to eat, he wants blue Yan Xi to eat a few more, but blue Yan Xi really can't eat.

The atmosphere is quiet. LAN Yanxi suddenly has a bit of urgency. She is pregnant now, and her body has a lot of abnormalities.

"Do you want to get up?"

Ling Mo Feng saw her hands holding on, and sat up forcibly. He immediately put down the chopsticks and came to ask her.

"You eat your meal, I go to the bathroom."

LAN Yanxi is so embarrassed that he feels that it's not the right time.

Where is Ling Mo Feng in the mood to eat? When he hears that she is going to get up, he is very nervous. The man's thinking may be that he thinks more. He feels that she is bleeding now. Going to the bathroom may aggravate her condition.

"I'll go in with you."

Men's words, immediately let blue speech Xi shame pole.

She quickly pushed him away: "no, you don't come in, don't come in."

Ling Mo Feng's tall body stood at the door, his face was red, but even if LAN Yanxi didn't want him to go in, he couldn't force him to. He could only wait at the door until LAN Yanxi came out, and he asked nervously, "are you ok?"

LAN Yan hopes to shake his head bitterly: "it seems that he will still bleed, so he can only continue to lie on the bed."

Ling Mo Feng's heart trembled for a while. Suddenly, he felt that he could not help at all. He was very upset.

"Then don't walk around any more. I'll ask the doctor to come over and help you with your examination."

Ling Mo Feng is really worried about her health and children's health.

When the doctor heard that lanyanxi was bleeding again, he was very nervous. He came to check the condition of the fetus again. Fortunately, the fetus has no major problem so far.

LAN Yanxi lies on the bed and looks at the man's concerned face. She still blames herself.

In the courtyard of a border base, Ling wennuan was wearing a man's coat and holding a thermos cup with jujube and ginger slices in it, lying on the railing of the corridor, drinking hot water and looking at the training ground in the distance.

She has been here for a night. In this moment, the fever has subsided, but the cold has not been completely cured. She began to be a little chilly and chilly. She took Mu Weicheng's coat and wore it. It was army green, long and broad, but it wrapped her body, which could not be said to be warm.

Ling wennuan feels that the pace of life here is very slow. Maybe for her, it's really long. Mu Weicheng went out in the morning and didn't come back at noon. Now it's afternoon. Ling wennuan knows that he's very busy, but he can wait for someone's taste. It's really sad. It's hard to get by every minute.

It's raining again. The weather here is very strange. It will suddenly rain heavily, and then the temperature will fall again.

Ling wennuan looks at the rain and worries about what the man is doing at the moment and whether he is working in the rain.

When Ling wennuan looked left and right, she saw an off-road vehicle and drove into the yard. The man pushed the door and jumped down. As expected, she was all wet.

Mu Weicheng saw the girl lying in front of the guardrail in the corridor from afar, which made him feel more eager to return, and even stepped on the accelerator harder.

Mu Weicheng walked up the stairs quickly. At the stairway, she saw the girl in his coat. Her eyes were shining and she was looking at him painfully.

"You're all wet. Go and take a bath."

Ling wennuan urged him anxiously.

"It's OK. I'm strong."

Muwei Cheng is very proud to say, only wiped a face of water, and then asked her: "do you have water in your cup?"?

I'm a little thirsty. "

Ling wennuan hurriedly handed it to him. The man picked it up and drank it. After a sip, he frowned: "it's so hot. What kind of water is it?"

"I put brown sugar, red dates and ginger slices in it. This is the tea for women to replenish their vitality."

Ling wennuan saw that the man was not used to drinking, and Jun's face was wrinkled. She couldn't help laughing.

Mu Wei Cheng also followed with a smile: "since it's a good thing for your women, then you drink more, I'll take a bath."

Ling wennuan turns around and follows him. After Mu Weicheng enters the room, he takes off his wet T-shirt at the first time. His solid back is completely exposed in Ling's warm eyes.

Every inch of the strong muscles that show up because of daily exercise are made of sweat, just like steel, full of hard feeling.

Ling warm eyes as if straight-line general, stick in the back of men, why there is an impulse, want to go to the card point oil ah?

In fact, her legs have been driven by the brain for a long time. When she reflects, her little hands have been printed on the back of the man.

The man's body suddenly stretched. Although he didn't turn around, it was obvious that he was not comfortable. He asked shyly, "warm, what are you doing?"

Ling wennuan immediately drew a circle on her back with her hand, and then clapped her hard: "well, it's very strong. It's a good exercise here."

The man smiles because of her words, thin lips rise, inexplicably in the bottom of his heart a little excitement.

"You want to tell me, are you satisfied with my figure?"

The man slowly turned around. It turned out that his front was more masculine than his back.

Ling wennuan's eyes were too embarrassed to look. She gave a dry smile and said, "I don't mean that. Your figure used to be very good."

"Better now."

The man suddenly approached her. Although he was wet, he had a natural wild charm, which made Ling warm subconsciously step back, blushing with shame: "better, better. When we get married, you have to keep this figure well. If the shape changes, I don't want you."

"Warm, do you dislike me now?"

When someone listens to it, his handsome face suddenly dims.