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C782 it's appropriate to call a sister-in-law

After Ji Yueze left, LAN Yue was in a bad mood for a while. Unexpectedly, her son finally knew about his father. They must also be upset.

Who gave them those pictures? It's not her. It's not the old lady. Who will it be?

LAN Yue's mood turned, and she couldn't guess for a moment.

Just at this moment, a phone call came, she took a look, the corner of her mouth raised a smile.


Javier's voice came over the phone: "I decided to retire early!"

"Why?" LAN Yue listened, eyes color surprised. "I'm fifty-three years old. I've already passed the age of Biebo. I decided to sell all my shares and save all my money for youyou. I don't want to be so tired anymore. I want to go back to China and spend time with youYou and youyou. If I miss so much time, I should always leave some time to mend!

”Xia Weiwen's voice sounds tired. He has been dealing with the transfer of the company's equity for a long time. He decided to transfer the company.

After hearing what he said, LAN Yue calmed down: "your own business, you make your own decision, and I will not interfere with you. You and youyou have lost the love between your father and daughter for more than 20 years, and really should enjoy the happiness of your family."

"When you are young, you will feel that no matter how much money you earn, you will not be able to use it. Therefore, you will try your best to earn it, but when you are old, you will find that money is good enough, and there are many more things worth pursuing than money." Xia Weiwen said with emotion.

"Well, money is a good thing, but time is not enough. Youyou must also need you very much. You can come back!" LAN Yue said softly.

"One more month, I'll be back home. Take care of yourself." Chaveen's words are full of concern and concern for her.

"I have a good life here. I often go dancing, practice piano and make some friends!" LAN Yue said with a smile.

"Well, when I return home, we'll dance and practice together!" Xia Weiwen yearns for such a life inexplicably.

"We Is that ok? " LAN Yue's mood, inexplicable burst of bitterness, when we used to live together, the two people were living together without struggle and love, but now, can they really return to the past?

Chaveen's side is also silent, yes, can only think about it.

"Xiaoyue, I'm sorry. I asked for a divorce!" Chaveen suddenly spoke, full of remorse and apology.

LAN Yue immediately shakes her head and denies, "no, I'm sorry your person is me."

"Well, let's not push around like this. When we return home, there will always be a time to meet." Javier laughed.

"Yes, and for a long time, until we are old and can't walk!" LAN Yue also smiled, but she burst into tears.

"Hang up!" Xia Weiwen finally endured the pain and hung up the phone.

LAN Yue reached for a tear and put away her sadness.

Tang youyou promised Tang Youkang to have dinner together. Unexpectedly, Tang Youkang called her again at noon the next day.

Although Tang youyou didn't want to go, he agreed, so he had to go and have a look.

This time, Tang Youkang did not book a box, but ate in a very conspicuous hall.

Don youyou didn't care. Tang Youkang came and sat down first. When Tang youyou came, he asked him, "don't you say there are still people?"

"Yes, I haven't come yet, yo, have a cup of tea first!" Tang youkangli sent the tea cup to her, and then exclaimed, "you long, I often think of Lan Lan recently!"

LAN LAN is Tang Youkang's ex-wife and Tang youyou's adoptive mother.

Tang youyou's face slightly changed: "is that right?"

I really doubt it!

Tang Youkang said with a sad face: "I can see through Meng Lijuan. When one's career is low, it's easiest to see through the people around her. She only wanted my money!"

Tang youyou sneers at the bottom of his heart. Now he can see her clearly. It's ridiculous.

"How nice Lan Lan is! She never despises my poverty." Said Tang Youkang, his eyes still red.

Tang youyou glanced at him and thought to himself, maybe he really experienced a huge setback and blow before he had these painful understandings. He was really pitiful. Only when he was old did he find out that he was married to a non-human being.

"Mother is very good, a very good woman, but God let her go too early!" When Tang youyou said that, his face turned ugly. His mother died of illness. Isn't it because Tang Youkang and Meng Lijuan made her angry?

Tang Youkang covered his eyes with his hands and could not answer. He knew that the death of his ex-wife had something to do with him.

Just as the father and daughter were frozen, an elegant voice began to sound: "what is your expression?"

Tang youyou hears the sound and raises his head abruptly. He sees Ji Shangqing pull open a chair opposite her and sit down.

"How are you?" Tang youyou looks shocked.

Tang Youkang quickly wiped his tears, smiled and said, "Yo Yo, he is my new boss, Mr. Ji! You already know each other! "

How could Tang youyou not know him? Ji Xiaohan has been telling her to stay away from this man.

"Miss Tang, what a fate!" Ji Shangqing said to Tang youyou with an elegant and friendly smile.

"Ha ha!" Tang youyou gave him these two words.

Tang Youkang's expression is flustered. I'm afraid that the cold tone of Tang youyou will make Ji Shangqing unhappy.

He went to peep at Ji Shangqing's reflection. Fortunately, Ji Shangqing was not unhappy at all. He still smiled and said, "is Miss Tang misunderstood me?"

"No!" Tang youyou quickly took a sip of tea and said lightly: "I'm curious. How can you become a superior subordinate relationship?"

Tang Youkang quickly explained, "you long, I really want to thank Master Ji. If he didn't give me a job, I'm afraid I would starve to death."

"You are welcome, Mr. Tang. You are a talented person. How can you be buried?" Ji Shangqing laughed and said politely. Tang Youkang's impression on Ji Shangqing is not so good. He feels that this young man is not arrogant and impetuous. He works calmly and most importantly, he doesn't look down on others. He loves to deal with such young people. If his daughter Xuerou is not crazy, he will definitely introduce him to Ji Shangqing immediately. For example,

it is a beautiful thing to have a son-in-law like him.

When Tang youyou hears this, her eyebrows are more wrinkled. She always feels that things are not so simple. There are many talented people, and Tang Youkang is not young. How could she choose him?

"Miss Tang, what do you like? Just order it. I'll treat you!" Ji Shangqing's smiling opening.

"Ah, what's the meaning of this? Young master Ji, he said it's my treat!" Tang Youkang immediately opened his mouth in fear.

"How can you miss an opportunity when there are beautiful women in the room?" Ji Shangqing is joking. Tang youyou is bored a stomach of gas, light way: "I feel that you still call me a sister-in-law, will be more suitable."