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"Big brother, why is there no one here? Did Daddy bring us to the wrong place?" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian felt a sense of loss, she was so stupid, she could even go to the wrong place when shopping.

Tang Xiao Rui looked around: "That's right, look at the shops above, they're all open."

Ji Xiao Han knew that his daughter was definitely making him carry her, and he was naturally prepared to carry this little fellow around.

"Ah …"

"No way!"

The two little fellows revealed an unsurprised expression. From the fact that they were Tang Xiao Nai, their little mouths had already turned into an "O" shape.

"That's right!" Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's shocked expression, it was so cute that it made him feel like his heart had melted, he really wanted to kiss her again, no, he couldn't let go even if he wanted to.

After Tang Xiao Rui heard this, a lot of thoughts appeared in his big, bright eyes.

"Daddy, aren't you going to buy us something? Don't just stand there. Let's go take a look. " When Tang Xiao Rui thought about how he could buy anything in the whole mall, even his heart started to itch.

Tang Xiao Nai was also immediately worried. "Right, right, I want to buy something. Daddy, let me down!"

Ji Xiao Han had no choice but to put his daughter down. Before the little guy's calves even touched the ground, he jumped and ran towards a children's toy store not far away.

Seeing the little guy running away, Ji Xiao Han was once again unable to hold back, and laughed to the extreme.

"Lu Qing, was I too indulgent towards these two little fellows?" Ji Xiao Han saw that Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei's eyes were glowing inside the toy store, and suddenly thought of the words that Tang You You would say to him everyday.

The children were too young to spoil them too much. They could give them a lot of love mentally, but they had to learn how to control them physically.

Lu Qing raised his head and looked at the gigantic shopping mall. Closing the door for the whole morning would probably cost him more than a hundred million already, if Young Master were to say the words' indulge 'now, it would probably be … Too late.

However, Lu Qing would definitely not dare to speak the truth, so he could only smile and reply: "The reason Young Master is doing this, is also because he loves children. Look at how happy these two kids are, they're so happy, everything Young Master has done is worth it."

"You're right, I like to see them happy." Ji Xiao Han and Lu Qing chatted as they walked to the toy store.

He saw that his adorable little daughter had already been buried by countless adorable children.

"Daddy, where am I?" The tender voice shouted excitedly. Tang Xiao Nai became excited and started to play hide and seek with his father.

Ji Xiao Han was startled for a moment, then pretended not to notice her presence, and started to play with her.

"Darling, where are you? Daddy can't even find you anymore, hurry up and come out! " Ji Xiao Han pretended to be anxious.

From a corner came the stifled laughter of the little guy.

Lu Qing was on the side, and the wind was blowing wildly.

Sigh, the Young Master still has a child's heart? This was simply refreshing his view of the world.

"Idiot Xiao Nai, stop playing, do you remember what brother said to you?" Tang Xiao Rui saw through her father's intentions immediately and directly walked over and pulled Tang Xiao Nai out from the toy heap.

Tang Xiao Nai was stunned, then pushed him away. "Brother, you're so annoying, I'm playing hide and seek with Father, why did you drag me out? Look, Daddy hasn't even found me yet."

Tang Xiao Rui rolled his eyes, "Daddy did it on purpose to blind, do you really think you can hide from me?"

On the other side of the shelf, Ji Xiao Han was shocked by his son's words.

What was his son talking about? Wasn't he trying to make his daughter happy?

"Xiao Nai, hurry up and choose some of your toys. Let's go somewhere else." Tang Xiao Rui had already packed up a large number of her beloved toys, including a variety of models.

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her large eyes. Seeing that her brother had already taken so much, she immediately looked around her surroundings, and finally came to a conclusion.

"All the toys here are my favorite. Can I take them away?"

Tang Xiao Rui was startled, and looked at Ji Xiao Han who was walking out from behind the shelves.

Ji Xiao Han was about to say yes, but Tang Xiao Rui lectured his like a little adult, "If you want to take so much back, Mummy will be angry, don't be so greedy, just pick a few. If you want more in the future, ask Father to buy more for you."

Then, he turned around to look at Ji Xiao Han. Ji Xiao Han immediately walked over, and caressed her head as if he was comforting her, "Xiao Nai, Daddy is actually preparing to build a small amusement park for you and big brother to enjoy at home. At that time, I'll buy you the world's most fun toys.

"Really?" He never thought that Tang Xiao Rui would be more excited than his sister, because he liked all the fun things in the amusement park.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his son's excited face and nodded, "Of course it's true. Daddy won't lie to you."

Only then did Tang Xiao Nai reluctantly walk over and grab a rabbit and a pure white little princess into her arms.

After being lectured by his older brother, the little fellow actually wasn't greedy at all.

Tang Xiao Rui looked at himself as he talked so much, and suddenly scratched his head in embarrassment. However, he was a little reluctant to let go of all these toys, as they were his favorite.