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Yang ChuChu's rebellious response made someone's handsome face flash a trace of dissatisfaction. He gave up to catch the fish in the washing pool and came directly to hold her tightly. His thin lips dangerously pressed against her ear and questioned: "don't let me go in the morning, is it because there are many men on the scene? Are you itching? "

"Ah?" Yang ChuChu did not expect that the man suddenly led the fire to her, her pretty face blushed instantly, and her angry side eyes looked at him: "I didn't have it!"

"If not, I'll go with you early in the morning. I'd like to see which live impatient bastard dare to make your idea!" Luo Jinyu is very domineering. Although he dotes on her like his daughter, he doesn't allow anyone to peep at her.

"You think a lot. I don't think other men will be able to see me except you can see me!" Yang ChuChu said with his head down, not confident.

Luo Jin Yu Jun's expression on his face was slightly shocked, and his voice was even lower: "what's the matter? It's just a joke. Are you angry? "

"No, after Liu Lan's quarrel last time, everyone knew that I was born improperly. Many people were laughing at me behind my back. Luo Jinyu, thank you for not disdaining my birth and treating me so well." Yang chulin's delicate body turned around, stretched out her slender arm, circled the man's neck, and pasted her tender face on his warm skin. She was deeply grateful to him.

Luo Jin felt a pain in her heart, and subconsciously tightened her up, whispered and comforted: "you don't care what outsiders think, how to say, as long as you know that you and your mother are not the fault party, you can be upright, not inferior to others."

"My mother's company has been affected. I really hate them, but I dare not make such a fuss as they do. Every day I watch my mother grieve for the company's affairs. The only thing I can do is to make more money and provide for her in the future." Every time Yang ChuChu thought about it, he felt sad. His mother had a hard time working out her career. Because of the label of third party and involvement, the men's eyes were not serious. For this reason, several business talks broke down.

"I know about it. Last time I talked to your mother about it, she didn't accept my help. Go and persuade her. I really want to help her." Luo Jinyu knew that this incident had a great impact on Cheng Ying, which brought her life and career to the bottom.

"My mother is a stubborn person, I advised her several times, she did not agree." Yang ChuChu chuckles bitterly. Her mother is strong. She knows.

"The Liu family and the Ji family used to have business contacts and cooperation with Mulin, because last time I talked to them about it, they are willing to help you. You can wait for a good show. In recent days, the Liu family will fall into the risk of financial fault." Luo Jinyu hasn't been idle in this period of time. He has been targeting Liu's family since the last time that the media caught the exclusive news asking him for a full price. At present, the information he holds will soon change.

"Really? Do you really avenge me? " Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes were very happy. He couldn't help but reach out and hold the handsome face of the man. He took the initiative to close his mouth and kiss a few times.

For a while, the man could not stand the girl's eager gentleness. His body was a little tense, but his thin lips were raised because she was happy.

"I will certainly do your business. I will never allow them to deceive you like this." Luo Jinyu bit his teeth and thought of the poor way she was crying that day, he would hate to let Liu family's shrews go to hell.

Yang ChuChu's eyes are hot and her heart is moved and grateful. She must have accumulated a lot of virtues in her previous life, so in this life, she can meet a man who protects her so much.

"Well, go out first. You're here. I'm afraid we don't have dinner tonight!" Luo Jinyu couldn't help but smile bitterly. She had a great influence on him. Even if he stood by, he didn't want to do anything.

"Well, I'll go out first!"

Yang ChuChu finally took a kiss at his neck and turned away happily.

Luo Jinyu looks at her kitten's same attributes, sometimes mischievous and sometimes obedient. No matter which side, Luo Jinyu is very moved.

When the dinner was served, Yang ChuChu helped to bring out the dishes and chopsticks. The man was dressed in trousers and shirt. He was ascetic and noble. He was supposed to be strategist in the company. He ordered soldiers from all over the world, but he bent down to the kitchen and became a family cook for her. That's too much talent.

Luo Jinyu saw her blinking her eyes and staring at herself, but she didn't know what her little head was thinking. She walked over and scratched her little nose lightly: "aren't you hungry?"

Yang ChuChu quickly put away his thoughts and eat well.

The two people's world is always warm and romantic. The eye contact between them is also full of the ambiguous atmosphere of love.

Yang ChuChu really likes such an atmosphere, which makes her very relaxed and free. She always feels that someone loves her.

After dinner, two people went downstairs and took a walk in the community before going home.

Back home, it's more than 10 o'clock. After eating, it's a good time for two people.

In the bathtub, Yang ChuChu is like a little cat in the sun. He is lolling with his hands on his chin, squinting his eyes and lying on the edge. The man behind her is rubbing her body gently and delicately, with more and more skillful movements.

However, the man has just scrubbed her for a while, and the big palm is not very regular.

"Well!" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes opened and looked at him vaguely, smiling at the corners of his mouth.

Luo Jinyu had been holding back. He wanted to have a good bath.

But she looks back and smiles like a fuse, which directly ignites the boiling blood in his body. What else?

He didn't want to wait for a second, just wanted to hurt her.

In the early morning, the sun is shining, and the breath of spring is more and more strong. The flowers planted by Yang ChuChu outside the courtyard, facing the rain and sunshine, bloom next time. They are full of vitality and prosperity.

Such a beautiful morning, people are in a particularly good mood. The delicate body is turned over by a man, and unconsciously, there is a entanglement of rain and dew.

In the busy night, Yang ChuChu gradually came. She was wearing a low-key sweater, long hair scattered behind her, a white cap on her head, and slim jeans. She outlined her straight and slender legs, lowered her head, and walked out of the white feather building. Even if she could not see her face, her slender figure was enough for men to imagine Of.

She stood at the door and looked around. Why hasn't Luo Jinyu come?

In fact, it's not that Luo Jinyu didn't come here on time, but that his team was just out of the company, and was slightly watched. Several black cars were chasing his three cars.

"President Luo, these people are not good at coming. What should we do?" The captain of his bodyguard asked him on his cell phone.

Luojin Yujun's face is awe inspiring. It's a good time to go after him at this time.

It's hard. Do you know he's going to be with his girlfriend tonight?

As soon as Luo Jin's eyebrow was sharp, he immediately began to speak in a deep voice: "detour first, get rid of them, and then go to find Chu Chu!"

"Mr. Luo, these people are here while we are here. If we lead them, will they be bad for Miss Chu?" Some people are worried.

Luo Jin snorted: "is it the people of the Liu family who are playing tricks again? In this case, I'll call Chu Chu and ask her to go home quickly! "

Luo Jinyu pulls Yang ChuChu's cell phone, but no one answers it. He looks shocked.

What's the matter?

In fact, Yang ChuChu's mobile phone was lost this afternoon. She didn't know where it was. She was talking to a group of people, but when she turned around, she found that the mobile phone on the next table was missing. She was also anxiously looking for it.

Unfortunately, her time is too late, because Luo Jinyu said he would come to pick her up.

It's good to stand at the company's gate and look around, but she didn't see Luo Jinyu's car. She couldn't help wondering, is Luo Jinyu in a traffic jam?

Now it's the rush hour, traffic jams are normal, but her mobile phone is missing now, it's hard to call him.

While waiting anxiously, Lin Enron's assistant suddenly drove over, saw her and waved to her, "you are waiting for someone, you are clear?"

"Yeah, I'll wait for my boyfriend!" Yang ChuChu replied.

"Otherwise, you can take my car first. I'm here to get something for Enron." Said the assistant at once.

Yang ChuChu frowned and hesitated for a moment. Finally, he nodded, "OK, I'll go first!"

Anyway, he told Luo Jinyu the address last night. If he didn't see her, he would know that she went first.

After sitting in the car, she wanted to borrow the assistant's mobile phone, but found that the other side didn't bring the mobile phone, she sighed helplessly.