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"Alright, I will go over and bless you!" Tang You You felt that his friends were really not many.

"Really? That... Can you bring me Ji Yue Ze's autograph? " Kang Yi Le was very happy and conveniently made a request.

Tang You You was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. However, since the other party was taking care of his own business, a signature photo was not too much.

"Alright, I'll ask him for it and send it to you!" Tang You You promised her.

"Thank you so much, Miss Tang …" Oh, no, let's be friends. Can I call you Wandering? You don't look that much older than me! " Kang Yi Le was extremely happy, she instantly felt that Tang You You was a very good person.


"Mm, alright, I'll hang up first. Thank you for not leaving me in the dining room. I've been borrowing your office to sleep for the whole afternoon!" Kang Yi Le said with gratitude.

"You're my client, after all. You have to treat your customer like you treat God. I'm afraid I'll make you sleep on the sofa!" Tang You You laughed and said.

"I'm not feeling wronged. I'm very grateful. This is it for now, I have to go home!" "See you next time!" After Kang Yi Le finished speaking, she hung up.

Tang You You looked at his phone and sighed emotionally. It turned out that Kang Yi Le was so anxious to see Ji Yue Ze, not because she wanted to date him, but because of her girl's dreams.

"Wandering, who are you calling?" the old woman asked, looking over her shoulder.

"A customer!" Tang You You replied softly.

"Come sit over there with me for a while!" The old lady immediately took her somewhere else.


Because of the ceremonial dress she was wearing, she had to look nice while sitting down. She just sat like this, feeling even more tired than when she was at work.

Only when Ji Xiao Han called did she have an excuse to leave.

The Old Granny also warned her, "Go and have a good romance with Xiao Han. As for the child, I have already instructed Uncle Yuan, he will take good care of these two little things. Don't worry!"

"Thank you grandma, then I'll be leaving first!" As if he had been greatly relieved, Tang You You said two words of thanks before pulling her skirt to head towards the Walk Outside.

From a distance, Ji Yun Ning saw her figure and she quietly followed him out. When she arrived at the door, she saw that it was dusk.

Tang You You directly walked toward the third carriage.

Ji Yun Ning's eyes were almost popping out of their sockets, it was actually Ji Xiao Han herself who came to fetch her.

As he watched the cars drive away, Ji Yun Ning realised that the bag in his hand was almost deformed by her.

In these five years, even though Ji Yun Ning was abroad to accompany the two elders, she had never stopped paying attention to Ji Xiao Han for a single moment.

Out of all the girls that were coming and going around him, she had almost never become his opponent, because she understood Ji Xiao Han the best.

He was definitely not the Flower Great Young Master. Although he was young, he had an extremely calm temperament and would never casually play with women just because he was excited or empty and lonely.

He was used to being lonely and could endure it. In fact, his heart was tightly sealed, and not just any woman could easily enter his heart. If that woman were to enter his heart, she would become the happiest woman in the world.

Ji Xiao Han doting on his woman would definitely bring about a sense of warmth and peace of mind. No matter how heavy the storm was, he would cover her up.

Ji Yun Ning had once enjoyed his warmth and care, so she could not forget about him.

In these five years, she thought that her hopes of finding a girlfriend had grown greater and greater. The reason why Ji Xiao Han didn't find one was because he couldn't let her go and kept waiting for her to come back.

And now?

This was truly ironic, the relationship that Ji Yun Ning and Ji Yun Ning established since childhood, was actually unable to contend against the sudden appearance of Tang You You.

She was so jealous that she became mad, and wished she could drag Tang You You along to die with her.

"Yun Ning, what are you looking at?" Suddenly, the old lady's voice came from behind her.

Ji Yun Ning quickly restrained the emotions on his face and turned her head. With a gentle smile on his face, she said, "Grandmother, I saw Elder Brother Xiao Han coming!"

"Oh, he came to pick you up for dinner!" The old lady frowned, "This brat, why didn't you come in and say hello to me? I'm going to scold him when we get back!"

When Ji Yun Ning heard that they were going to share a romantic world with each other, she couldn't help but grind her teeth in hatred.

"Grandma, Elder Brother Xiao Han seems to be very good to sister-in-law. It's really enviable!" Ji Yun Ning asked tentatively.

The old lady nodded. "That's right, your brother really treats her unreasonably well. Even I, this old woman, am getting jealous. However, young people have the way of communication. No matter how good he is to you, it's only right. They are about to become husband and wife!"

"Elder Brother Xiao Han will be very good to me in the future. Being his wife, he will definitely be very happy!" Ji Yun Ning sighed.

The old lady's expression suddenly became shrewd as she tried to ask, "Yun Ning, you haven't been looking for a boyfriend for so many years. Don't tell me you like Xiao Han?"

Ji Yun Ning never thought that the old lady would actually ask her about this. She was so frightened that her face turned white, and she immediately shook her head and denied, "Nothing … "No, Grandmother, how dare I!"

"Yun Ning, you are a smart child, I believe you won't disappoint grandmother. Xiao Han and You You are about to get married, although the children are young, they are all sensible now, our Ji Family's reputation requires everyone to protect us, back then when your father made a mistake, I did not hold back."

Ji Yun Ning was so frightened by the Old Granny's words that her entire body froze. She knew that the Old Granny was not joking.

"Grandmother, don't worry about that, I'm just a sibling to Elder Brother Xiao Han. You know what sort of person I am, if I don't give you my boyfriend, I just want to stay with you and grandpa." Ji Yun Ning immediately withdrew her tender body to comfort the old man.

Although the old lady's words did not contain a trace of warning, it still told Ji Yun Ning that she had some thoughts and could not move.

"I was only casually saying that. Look at how nervous you are!" The old lady immediately laughed and held her hand. "Alright, come here. Grandmother will formally introduce to you a very outstanding young man!"

Ji Yun Ning was so frightened that her entire body shivered, following that, the old lady brought her to a young man.

"This one!" The Old Granny smiled and introduced him, "He is the youngest son of the protagonist of today's day. He has already taken over the family business and is a very stable person. If you have the chance, contact him more."