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Jimucheng finds that Xia Xinnian is not as stupid as he thought. He thinks more carefully.

"Why do you stare at me like this? Is there anything dirty on my face? " Xia Xinnian picked a little eyebrow and asked deliberately.

"How do you know I'm going to control the game?" Jimucheng leaned close, her thin lips against her ears, asking dangerously.

"I guess." Xia Xinnian quickly moves his head away. This man's breath can bewitch people.

"So accurate?" Jimucheng is speechless.

"In short, you should try not to interfere in my affairs, will you?" Xia Xinnian still likes simple life and doesn't want to be interfered by him. It will show that she has no ability, and also loses the interest of challenge.

"Don't worry, you let me not interfere, of course I will not interfere." Jimucheng sighs. She wanted to give her a surprise. It seems that she doesn't like the surprise.

Xia Xinnian suddenly relaxed. She couldn't help drinking too much. Soon, her pretty face turned faint, but she was not drunk, but her eyes revealed the charm of women.

Jimucheng has a good amount of alcohol. Although he has also drunk some, he is not drunk at all. From time to time, he serves dishes to the women around him. His eyes are burning on her. He likes to see her look drunk and confused.

"Are you so relieved to get drunk?" At the end of dinner, Xia Xinnian heard the man whisper in her ear.

"Who said I was drunk? I'm not drunk. " Xia Xinnian's stubborn denial.

"This wine has a lot of stamina. You are not drunk now, but you will be drunk in a while." Jimucheng's evil spirit laughs. Does this woman stop guarding against him at last.

"Jimucheng, I can remind you, don't do anything bad to me." Xia Xinnian shudders and puts his hand over his mouth, but he doesn't know such a cute little action. In the eyes of men, that's the fatal temptation.

Jimucheng chuckled, "how dare I?"

Xia Xinnian glared at him angrily, walked in front of him, the elevator opened, she walked forward, only felt that the sole of her foot trembled, she could not control the seven centimeter high-heeled shoes under her feet, and she quickly reached out to hold the side of the elevator wall to prevent herself from slipping.

As soon as jimucheng's heart string was pulled, she instinctively reached out and held her slender waist. Xia Xinnian leaned on him, leaning against his chest, lifted his lost eyes and smiled at the man.

"Mind, you can't get drunk in front of other men. Remember?" Looking at her delicate appearance, jimucheng's first thought was to warn her.

Xia Xinnian only felt that the big hands around her waist were hot. She leaned and stood beside her. She said shamefully and angrily, "I don't need you to remind me. I don't have much social intercourse."

"By the way, Liu Chengtian of your company is very good to you. You are good to him..."

"He's just my boss, you think more." Xia Xinnian immediately interrupted his conjecture.

"Do you know that he likes men?" Jimucheng asked her in a different tone.

"What?" Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes were startled at the moment. It's hard to believe: "you're nuts."

"I investigated him, he lived with a man, and they did have that relationship." Jimucheng turned his mouth and said definitely.

Xia Xinnian stared at him angrily: "how can you investigate other people's private affairs? You're bored. "

"I want to know the purpose of all the men around you." Jimucheng doesn't think so.

"You're too domineering. No wonder you don't have a girlfriend. I don't think you can't find one, but no woman can stand your tyrannical character." Xia Xinnian can't help his anger.

"Mind, do you know what you're talking about?" Ji Mucheng's eyes sink.

At this time, the elevator arrived at the parking lot on the first floor of the basement. The driver of jimucheng had opened the door and waited for two people.

Xia Xinnian's back is cold, and the whole person wakes up a few times. Then she finds that she seems to step on his bottom line.

"I You don't mind my nonsense. " Xia Xinnian is scared and wants to escape from him.

However, jimucheng directly fastened her wrist: "I don't find a girlfriend, but I am self-discipline, which doesn't mean I don't need a woman."

"Oh!" Xia Xinnian nodded to show that he had heard.

In the car, the partition is separated from the front and back two spaces. On the back seat, the privacy is very strong.

At the moment, Xia Xinnian is drunk, and the whole person is a little sleepy.

"If I find a girlfriend, what should you do with Yu Chen now?" Asked the man mockingly.

Xia Xinnian wanted to narrow her eyes for a while. After listening to him, she trembled for a while. Her beautiful eyes widened sharply, and she looked at the deep eyes of the man.

"Yu Chen and I can live by ourselves." Xia Xinnian answers directly.

She had done a good job of living with her son all her life. She never wanted to find a boyfriend or get married. It wasn't until the emergence of jimuchen that she had a little expectation for marriage.

The man's heart suddenly trembled. If this woman alone brought up her son, the whole process without his participation, what he missed would be a landscape that will be shaken all his life.

The man no longer asked, just subconsciously put the woman in his arms and hold her tightly.

Xia Xinnian felt the man's tension and attention. She was stunned for a second. Then she leaned on his arms and narrowed her eyes.

Xia Xinnian is really tired. After working all day, her brain keeps turning. Now, under the hypnosis of alcohol, she falls asleep directly in the man's arms.

She has regarded him as the most trusted person, so she dare to fall asleep so peacefully.

Jimucheng can't sleep, his fingers, curling her long hair, eyes gently staring at the sleeping woman in his arms, holding the heart, a little bit of release.

Fate let them take the same plane, he did not miss the opportunity to recognize their mother and son.

"I won't let go, I won't let you run away." Jimucheng murmured again and again in her heart. Although she could not hear him, his heart was already strong.

At home, Xia Xinnian feels that her body is empty and lighter. She wakes up in fear and finds herself lying in the man's arms. He holds herself horizontally and goes up the stairs.

"Let me down, I'm afraid your hands are sore." Said Xia Xinnian in a low voice.

"You're not heavy. My hands won't hurt." The man slightly conceited said that he thinks that he is strong and healthy, and it is a relaxed thing to hold a woman who weighs no more than 100.

Xia Xinnian chuckles. I don't know why. At the beginning, he hated his arrogance and arrogance. But now, he is used to it. He even feels that he has a real heart to say this.

Upstairs, the whole villa is quiet, two people's heartbeat, but seems to be faster.