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C536 wants to run you off

In the streets of foreign countries, everything is very different. The sky is very blue, and the streets are very strange. The faces of people around us are different. Tang youyou's body and mind have never been so relaxed and free as this moment, as if the air is even more fresh.

At a roadside flower shop, there are very beautiful blue roses at the door, attracting the eyes of countless people.

Tang youyou's eyes can't help but look at the past. The color of blue is very pure. Because it's too rare, her eyes stay on it for two seconds.

The next second, holding her hand tightly, she released. Ji Xiaohan had stepped into the shop. Soon, he had a bunch of beautiful tricolor roses in his hand. They were red, warm, pink, charming and blue.

"Take and enjoy what you like!" Season owl cold directly put the bouquet of flowers into her arms, with a smile in her voice.

Under the sun, the man's face is tender and affectionate, which makes Tang youyou lose his mind directly.

"I didn't let you buy it. It must be very expensive. "Tang Youming is very happy, but Xiaozui still blames him on purpose.

"Do you think I can't even afford these flowers?" Season owl cold picks eyebrow, this woman also too don't understand amorous feelings, let alone this bunch of flowers, even if she wants a large rose garden, he will not frown, and directly buy it for her.

Tang youyou bowed his head and smelled the fragrance of flowers. His mouth was already raised happily: "thank you! What a beautiful flower! "

"Yes, just like you, you are so charming and charming that you can't let go!" In his ear, the man said in a low, dumb voice.

Tang youyou's white face suddenly turned red. How can this man say that to stir her nerves.

Ji Xiaohan's voice was loud, but the people around him couldn't understand their language. Tang youyou only smiled twice, and walked forward quickly.

"Let me take you to dive. There's a bay here. It's a very famous diving resort. You can't miss it now that you're here with difficulty." Season owl cold suddenly says.

"But I never dive!" Tang youyou naturally doesn't want to miss such a good opportunity. She still plays with Ji Xiaohan. She doesn't want to waste every minute.

"There's always a first time for counter events, isn't there? You won't, I can teach you! " Season owl cold gentle smile, his voice, there is always the power to pacify people.

Tang youyou's worry disappeared immediately. Yes, as long as this man is around, everything will have courage.

"Well, let's play!" Tang youyou reaches for his arm and approaches him actively.

Season owl cold side Mou, look deeply at the small hand in the arm, thin lips slightly hook up, mood, instant good.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan come to the diving place. I don't know when he rented a luxury yacht, which is equipped with two very senior Diving Coaches.

Yacht in the clear bottom of the sea quickly forward row, waves surge, the scenery around beautiful picturesque.

The sea water here is clean and transparent. Tang youyou lies on the railing. Looking down, you can see the sea creatures swimming in the water.

"What do you see?" All of a sudden, the man's strong body was pasted behind him, covering the petite her in his chest.

The male breath completely occupied the space around her. Tang youyou liked the cool mint fragrance on his body. She took a few mouthfuls of satisfaction and comfort, and said lazily, "I saw a lot of beautiful fish swimming past."

"After a while, you can see more beautiful scenery in the water." Season owl cold says with a light smile.

Thin lips crossed her delicate earlobes, and subconsciously kissed her. Tang youyou was very embarrassed, and could only whisper: "don't do this, someone is watching!"

"I've told them we're husband and wife. It's just the fun of husband and wife. Even if they see it, they won't feel anything." Season owl cold eyes color micro Yang, calmly and self-contained reply.

Tang youyou's body quivers slightly, husband and wife?

These two words are of great significance. Unfortunately, for her, they are far away again.

Only in front of strangers can we say that they are husband and wife.

Finally, we arrived at the diving place. The yacht stopped. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou put on their diving suit. The two coaches also went into the water together, followed them and played a protective role.

Ji Xiaohan is very serious in teaching Tang youyou all kinds of diving matters. Tang youyou is also very serious in learning. He dare not be careless, because under the water, he can only communicate with gestures, not with words.

After getting under the water, Tang youyou saw a very beautiful picture in front of her. It's hard to describe it with words. Around her, there were groups of fish swimming, and various marine creatures with distinct colors.

Tang youyou is like being opened a new door. Her hand has been led by a man, led by Ji Xiaohan, to watch the strange and beautiful new world.

This moment is exciting and reassuring.

Tang youyou looks at the man around him. Although he can't see his face and eyes clearly, the hand he holds tightly makes Tang youyou feel happy and moved.

I wish God could be warmer to her. Don't let her lose this man. Otherwise, how will she spend the rest of her life?

As Tang youyou is a new diver, Ji Xiaohan doesn't dare to let her stay underwater for too long. Generally, after watching for more than ten minutes, he will bring her up.

So repeatedly, two people also have fun.

Tired, spread on the yacht, looked up at the sky.

The blue sky is also a beautiful scenery.

"Youyou, I really want to take you for private. I don't want to go back!" Ji Xiaohan joked.

"If we don't have children, I will go with you recklessly, but now, we can't leave so easily." Tang youyou laughed at himself.

"Let's make an appointment for the next life. We will be together again!" Ji Xiaohan also knows that elopement is just a dream and will never come true.

"OK, junior, let's stay together, don't separate!" No one knows if there will be another life, but both of them feel that there will be some. Moreover, in the next life, we will not have to make hard choices and separate again.

Back to the hotel, it was dark. Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan went back to the hotel, but in the lobby of the hotel, they saw Xia Weiwen and LAN Yue. All four of them were shocked.