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Did you hurt her?

It was too laughable. It seemed that she shouldn't treat him too well in the future, lest he didn't know her surname.

Tang You You shook his head twice, clearing his mind of everything that had just happened.

Tang Xiao Rui curled his lips and said with a high and cold expression: "Hmph, I don't want to know what happened between you and Mummy, but, my Mummy is even more stubborn than me, if she hates someone, I think she'll need at least a few years … …"

"What?" Years? Are you kidding me? " Ji Xiao Han was so shocked he immediately sat up from the bed, crossed his legs and stared closely at her son's small face, "Are you speaking the truth? "What evidence is there?"

"What other evidence do you need? According to what I know, my Mummy hates one of her sisters and hates her for years." Tang Xiao Rui was talking about Tang Xue Rou, he had eavesdropped on the conversation between Mummy and her aunt, so he knew about the matter.

Ji Xiao Han also knew that Tang You You hated Tang Xue Rou, but these two things could not be confused.

"What if I made her angry? How long would it take her to forgive me? Do you know? " Ji Xiao Han's heart was in a mess right now, he really wanted someone to enlighten him.

"You? Father, you are really capable, I have not seen any uncle who can cause my Mummy to hate him. Father, just how annoying are you? Tang Xiao Rui looked at him with contempt.

Ji Xiao Han's heart suddenly thumped, he was unable to answer his son's question.

"Son, is there any point in saying such sarcastic things now? Why is daddy so hated by your Mummy, and it's all for you and your little sister? If Daddy doesn't let her hate him, then where did he get all of you from? " Ji Xiao Han stared at his son, and said somewhat unhappily.

"For me and Xiao Nai?" Tang Xiao Rui began to think deeply about the meaning of this sentence.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly braked and quickly explained, "Your Mummy only hates me because I stole you and Xiao Nai from her."

Tang Xiao Rui seemed to have suddenly realized something as he nodded his head, "Mn, that's indeed the case. So, Daddy, Mummy gave me and my sister to you for free, can't you treat her better? Why do you have to make her angry every day? "

"I'm afraid that if I want to be good to her in the future, she won't appreciate my kindness." Ji Xiao Han laid back down on the bed and closed his eyes. He thought back to her teary eyes, as if he had received a huge shock.

That night, the two kids rested well, but the two adults were unable to sleep until dawn.

When Tang You You woke up in a daze, it was already 12 o'clock. It was almost time for lunch.

The two little fellows were sensible enough not to disturb her.

This sleep of Tang You You's caused his back and waist to ache. As expected, staying up late was not good for his body.

She tiredly went downstairs and looked around in every direction with her beautiful eyes.

"Miss Tang, you're awake. Young Master said that the company has something to take care of today, and won't be back for lunch." Uncle Yuan quickly smiled and said.

Tang You You understood his chest, so the man should have also felt that it would be extremely awkward for the same thing to appear, so he tactfully avoided it.

Although he was tactful now, she couldn't forget what he did to her last night.

"Mummy, did you quarrel with Father? He asked me yesterday how long it usually takes you to calm down. " Tang Xiao Rui immediately ran over with the small panel on top of it, raised his small head and said.

Tang You You was slightly startled, then immediately patted her son's head: "We didn't argue!"

"It's good that you didn't argue. I was worried so much that I couldn't sleep for the entire night." Tang Xiao Rui said with a serious face.

Tang You You was amused by his son's foolish expression. "Alright, Mummy believes that you haven't slept for the entire night. You are a sensible and good child."

"Mummy, big brother doesn't have it. He sleeps like a pig every time, don't be fooled by him." Tang Xiao Nai stood at the side, sucking on a straw while drinking milk, while exposing her brother's lies.

Tang Xiao Rui was about to walk over and mess up her hair. "Little idiot, other than breaking the chain for big brother, what else do you know?"

"I know how to drink milk, look!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately turned and ran, while laughing non-stop.

Tang You You lazily sat on the sofa, looking at the running shadows of the children, her mood slightly improved.

In a house where Ji Xiao Han was not present, everything was calm.

In the afternoon, Tang You You put aside his thoughts and played crazily with the children for an entire afternoon.

For children, with adults by their side, even if they were looking for bugs in the garden, they could find them for an afternoon.

As the night fell, Tang You You suddenly felt unsettled.

Just when she was so frustrated that she didn't know what to do, she suddenly heard the sound of a car. Her nerves couldn't help but tense up.

However, the two little fellows happily ran out the door.

"Daddy is back, Daddy is finally back." Tang Xiao Nai was the happiest because she seemed to have become infatuated with her father's embrace recently.

When Tang Xiao Rui arrived at the door, he did not go out anymore. Seeing his sister happily jumping into his embrace, he curled his lips. He would not be like Xiao Nai the idiot, wanting to be lifted high in the air by her father.

"Daddy, where did you go the whole day? Xiao Nai missed you so much." As Tang Xiao Nai spoke, her small mouth was still asking her father to kiss his face a few times before she gave up.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his son and daughter, in high spirits. However, the moment he stepped into the living room with his daughter in his arms, he saw a petite figure walking upstairs.