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Ling warm eyes red, although the man's words, very understated, but she knows the meaning of this, he put her on him, she can also feel his true feelings.

"Mu Weicheng, I've been in love with you for so long. It's worth your words. I just wronged the day when I cried and wet my pillow in the middle of the night in the spring. If I had known that I had such a place in your heart, I would not have cried."

Ling warm reached out to wipe the corner of his eyes, and couldn't help laughing.

Mu Weicheng was slightly surprised, then asked with a smile, "since when did you like me?

Why didn't I feel it? "

Ling wennuan heard that he said he didn't feel it, and her smile suddenly solidified. She stared at him angrily: "how can you not feel it?

When you played with my brother, I went to cheer you up every day. I also gave you water and towels. "

"Oh, I always thought you were just cheering for your big brother."

Mu Weicheng was stunned for a second. Later, he realized and thought about it carefully. Every time he played, the little woman sat beside him.

"Why doesn't your sister come here every day to cheer you on?

How can I cheer on my brother every day?

If it wasn't for seeing you more, I wouldn't go to the stadium. It's cold in winter and hot in summer. I don't like being abused so much. "

Ling warms up the corner of his mouth. He's not happy. He didn't realize that his careful thinking wasted her hard work.

"You don't know my sister's character. She's not as cheerful as you are. She has been sensible and quiet since she was a child. She likes reading and doesn't like running with me."

Mu Weicheng laughs bitterly and shakes his head. However, he thinks that his sister's character is also very good. If anyone wants to marry her, she is sure to be happy. She not only has a wide knowledge, but also does a good job in housework. Her cooking skill is not inferior to that of many chefs.

"I dare not compare with sister Muyun. She is the child of other people's family. She has good learning, strong ability, independence and understanding. In front of her, I can't even lift my head. I'm so ashamed."

Ling wennuan is very self-conscious.

"Well, Xiaoyun has her advantages, and you have yours."

When Mu Weicheng saw that she had been demoted, he immediately touched her hair gently and found a dead grass in her hair and threw it away.

"I always thought that you would like your sister's excellent girl."

Ling warm spits out the small tongue, blushes and says.

"Maybe I was used to her calm and sensible when I was a child. I happen to like the girl with your character more, as if she can always bring sunshine to people."

Mu Wei Cheng smiled softly, with a warm look in his eyes.

Ling wennuan bowed his head and straightened his hair. He was very shy. Looking at the small stone beside his feet, he kicked it with his toes: "my elder brother also said that he didn't like my girl with developed limbs and simple mind. It seems that you, as brothers, all of you dislike my sister's character."

"Is it?

What is your sister-in-law's character? "

Mu Weicheng is curious.

"My sister-in-law is very gentle and reasonable. Besides not being able to do housework, she is good at everything."

Ling wennuan immediately gave a favorable comment, thinking that her sister-in-law is so nice. If she has any requests for elder brother, she can just consult her sister-in-law directly. Anyway, elder brother only listens to her.

"That's about your character."

Mu Weicheng shrugs his shoulders.

"Is it?

Is my sister-in-law like me in character? "

Ling wennuan blinked, some can't believe it.

Mu Wei Cheng nodded, "I feel like you have these advantages."

"Then my eldest brother said at the beginning that he didn't even look at a girl of your character. Ah, it's nothing to talk about."

Ling Nuan's heating kicked the stone at his feet, and the little stone was innocent and didn't enter the field.

Mu Wei Cheng immediately became happy: "don't tell your eldest brother about this. I'm afraid he will take revenge."

Lingnuan immediately smiled and nodded: "don't worry, I'm not so stupid. I don't speak ill of my brother now. He has such a high status. I still have to respect him."

"Just be a decent sister."

Mu Weicheng loves to look at her reasonable appearance. She is not paranoid and easy-going.

"Go, it's going to be dark."

Mu Weicheng reaches out and takes her small hand. Step by step, they walk towards Cheng's home.

In the seven-star hotel, Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu come down from the car.

It's been a while since we first discussed the wedding and now we have arranged the whole wedding site completely. The cost of manpower and money can't be estimated naturally.

Luojin Yudi wrapped the whole floor a month ago, which was carefully arranged. At this moment, the center of Nuo University's conference hall has been paved with red carpet, with tables and chairs on both sides, and a layer of flowers in the middle. Even the top of the head is covered with jewels like the stars. It's very charming.

"It must have cost a lot of money."

Yang ChuChu's first words showed her thrifty character of being a wife for the first time.

"Not much, just a small part for me."

Luo Jinyu replied with a smile. Love is priceless.

Yang ChuChu took a look at him. He said that a small part of what he said is just the amount that many people can't earn in their lifetime.

There are 200 tables in the banquet. The whole living room is very large. There are also two side halls full of tables and chairs. It can be seen how grand the wedding will be the day after tomorrow.

Yang ChuChu stood on the platform and saw that the background wall was decorated with a sea of flowers. Her eyes were moist. Isn't this her dream wedding?

I didn't expect to see it in reality.

"Is there anything else to fill in?"

Luo Jinyu just took her to see the site layout. If it didn't agree with her, he would ask someone to rectify it immediately.

Yang ChuChu shook his head: "no, it's good. I feel like I'm in a dream. It's not true."

"How could it not be true?"

Luo Jinyu was amused by her words. He thought that a young girl like her should like this dreamlike scene.

"Then give me a pinch to make me feel pain."

Yang ChuChu immediately looked back at him childishly.

Luo Jinyu raises her chin directly, and rubs her thin lips twice: "I won't give up pinching you, kissing you, I won't get it."

Yang ChuChu was immediately flustered and short of breath by the man she was going to marry. She couldn't help smiling: "Luo Jinyu, you are really getting worse and worse."

"What's wrong?"

There was no one else at the scene. Luo Jinyu immediately put on his rogue expression.

"It's bad everywhere."

Yang ChuChu was angry with him.

Luo Jinyu knew that she was joking, but he could not help but circle her in his arms and ask, "do you like such a bad me?"

"I like it. I like you so bad."

Yang ChuChu looks at him softly.

Luo Jinyu did not dare to hug her. Hearing her answer, he was very satisfied and released his hand: "this is what you said. You have to remember this sentence. Don't dislike me later."

"No, it won't."

Yang ChuChu answered firmly.

After visiting the scene, the two men drove directly to lohnin's house for lunch.

Murin and lohnin's son, who has been raised for six or seven months, are white and fat. When they first came out, lohnin was so ugly that he doubted life. Unexpectedly, after a few months of raising, the little guy changed a lot, his skin grew open, his hands and feet were round and beautiful.

Tang Qi asked her aunt to cook a table of dishes. The family had a happy lunch. Luo Fu was still abroad because of his work. However, he had already handed over his work and was ready to retire and return home to take his grandson and enjoy the happiness of family.

"Come on, everyone. Come and have a meal."

Tang Qi is in a good mood when he looks at the people in this room. Murin and lohnin are hurrying back from the company for lunch. When they get home, lohnin's father temperament shows. The little guy is used to him and likes him very much. Now he can recognize people. Luo Jinyu holds him. When he sees lohnin, his mouth is flat and his hands are dancing. Don't Uncle, I want to kiss my father.

Luo Jinyu has no choice but to take this little guy. In fact, he hasn't learned how to hold the baby. He only feels that his small body is soft and soft, for fear of hurting him.


Lohnin immediately took over with a smile and kissed his son's face: "brother, have you arranged the wedding scene?"