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C1515 the scene is smashed

Yang ChuChu's two small hands, desperately grabbed his corner of the clothing, and struggled to resist the impulse to touch the man next to him, but it's so forgiving, but it doesn't seem to work.

Because the live music is very loud, if we talk, we need to get closer to each other. The foreign man suddenly attached to her ear. The man has a very pure smell of men's perfume.

Yang ChuChu felt that her body was even sultry. She quickly reached for a glass of water, trembled her fingers, and added a lot of ice into it.

A drink, cold water, a short time to extinguish her mind about to lose control.

"What happened to me? Did I eat the wrong thing? " Yang ChuChu knew later, and found a lot of things wrong even though she was slow. She hurriedly wanted to get up and leave, but didn't expect that the foreign man next to her reached for her arm and dragged her back to the sofa again.

"Let go of me." Yang ChuChu's voice was angry.

The foreign man laughed, and approached her with false concern: "Miss Chu, you are so red, are you drunk? Would you like me to take you to the next room for a rest? "

"Let go, I'm going home!" Yang ChuChu's face was cold and angry. He tried hard to get rid of each other.

It's a pity that the other side seems to be pestering her. She stretches out to push away his hand and is held by the man again.

Yang ChuChu is thin and weak, but the foreign man beside her is tall and strong. She can't even reach his grip again and again. Yang ChuChu's body is about to collapse.

She really wanted to leave, but her body was numb, her legs were paralyzed, and she had a strong impulse to touch foreign men.

"Miss Chu, you're really drunk. Look at your hands. I'll take you to the room to have a sleep." The foreign man looked at her pretty face, dizzy, weak hands and feet, so he came closer to her, almost to her ears to spit out heat.

"Go away, don't touch me. If you don't want to die, go away." Yang ChuChu gnawed his teeth at the man and said a cruel word.

However, her voice is clear and pleasant, and her momentum is insufficient. When she speaks hard, it makes people feel different. The heart of the foreign man is also stirred up.

"Enron..." Yang ChuChu's intoxicated eyes looked at Lin Enron and wanted her to come and save herself.

But the music was so loud and her voice was so weak that Lin Enron didn't look at her at all. Yang ChuChu wanted to reach for the cold water again, but he couldn't help shaking it. She pushed the glass down. All the ice water flowed to the ground, and she couldn't quench her thirst any more.

Yang ChuChu thought he was dead this time, and the gate of the box was smashed open by others.

It was really broken open, because the box was locked from the inside. Several men held several big chairs outside the door and smashed them severely. The box door was immediately pushed open.

All the activities in it suddenly stopped.

Even the young people who are playing the music are scared and their fingers are stiff. They quickly turn off the music.

When Lin Enron saw the man who broke in, her face was white in vain, and she could not help shivering.

It was Luo Jinyu. Why did he come at this time?

Didn't Liu Lan's men stop him? Damn it, seeing that Yang ChuChu is about to start a fight with that foreign man, Luo Jinyu unexpectedly breaks in. Then her plan tonight will be completely ruined.

Luo Jinyu came in with six bodyguards. He was powerful and intimidating. His cold eyes made people dare not look at him directly.

"Go away!" Luo Jinyu scolds with a cold voice and directly holds Yang ChuChu from the sofa.

The familiar masculine atmosphere makes Yang ChuChu even more confused. Her cap on her head also falls off. Her long black and soft hair falls from the man's arms, which makes her more charming and charming.

"Delicate?" Luo Jinyu thought that Yang ChuChu was just drunk, but found that she was scalding and her face was dizzy with unusual powder. He was frozen for a moment and swept angrily to the man sitting beside her.

The man immediately raised his hands wisely and explained, "I didn't drink her."

Today was originally Lin Enron's birthday party, but now, she would like to disappear.

"Who is Lin Enron?" Luo Jin asked in a cold voice.

At this time, Lin Enron can't stand up.

"Mr. law, what's the matter with you? You will come with her today. Are you late Lin Enron pretended to be calm and walked towards him, with a gentle and affectionate smile on his face.

Luo Jin's cold eyes swept her face. Next second, he ordered: "give me five slaps on her face!"

The bodyguard nearby was not ambiguous. Two men started together. One went around Lin Enron and controlled her two arms. The other man slapped her face heavily.

"Ah!" Lin Enron let out a miserable cry. Before she knew what was going on, her two beautiful faces were red and swollen, and even her teeth were bleeding. She went down from the corner of her mouth.

"Luo Jinyu, why do you beat me?" Although Lin Enron feared this man, but at this moment, in front of all her friends, he even humiliated her like this. Of course, she was not willing to.

"Why beat you, you know in your heart, today is only a small punishment, wait for me to appease clearly, you should worry!" Luo Jinyu looks at the restless little woman. He decides not to worry about her for the moment. Anyway, he has time to clean her up.

Lin Enron's face was pale with shock.

Luo Jinyu hugs Yang ChuChu and steps out of the door. Six bodyguards follow him closely.

"Damn Luo Jinyu, what did I do wrong?" Lin Enron roared loudly. In fact, she intended to play for a group of her friends, proving that it was just a misunderstanding.

The birthday atmosphere was completely destroyed. Some friends saw Luo Jinyu come to smash the venue, and all of them were scared to be white. They all came to greet Lin Enron quickly and left.

Luo Jinyu was not a good host to provoke. They decided to stand by and dare not meddle in their business.

In a short time, Lin Enron was the only one left in Nuo's big box.

She looked at the birthday cake that had not yet been cut. It had a delicate queen shape and a crown.

She walked over dispirited, put her finger on the crown, and put the birthday cake in her mouth, but it didn't compensate for the sweetness. Instead, the unspeakable bitterness was the bitterness rising from the bottom of her heart.

"Ah!" She angrily lifted the small table, and the cake was all broken on the ground.

The plan failed this time, she was really unwilling, but she could not turn the situation around.

Thinking of Luo Jinyu's threat before she left, she hurriedly found her mobile phone and called Liu Lan for help.

"Mrs. Liu, what's the matter with you? Why didn't you stop Luo Jinyu? He's running over here now, messing up my plans. " Lin Enron directly blamed Liu Lan's disadvantage.

Liu Lan is also worried at the moment, and her tone is very unfriendly: "do you blame me? I've been fighting for you for more than an hour. You haven't let Yang ChuChu lose his reputation. What's your right to blame me? You are useless. "

"What now? Yang ChuChu got the medicine. Luo Jinyu must have seen it. He was beaten just now and said he would not let me go later. " Lin Enron asked her with great fear and uneasiness.

"You ask me, who do I ask? This is your own choice. You don't want to give me up right now, do you? " Liu Lan sneered at her coldly.

"You Do you want me to bear the result alone? " Lin Enron's eyes were wide open, unbelievable.

"You have to bear everything today, and there are more possibilities in the future, because I have a handle in your hand, and I will give you a large amount of compensation. If you give me up today, I am affected by you. Even if you are not killed by Luo Jinyu, I will not let you go, OK?" Liu Lan had made the worst plan for a long time, but unexpectedly, it was really bad to this point.

"You How can you force me like this? Liu Lan, I don't believe you so much? " Lin Enron was bloodless and trembling.

"I can't blame you for that. You're greedy. You've increased the price with me by several million yuan and guaranteed that you can complete the task. Now that the task fails, you want me to help you. You have all the good things in the world." Liu Lan sneers.