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Upon hearing about this, Tang Xue Rou immediately tried to communicate with the advertisers, but unfortunately, the advertisers were firm in their stance, insisting on cancelling the contract with her and hiring others.

Everyone was wondering when she, Tang Xue Rou, had ever suffered such grievances. Since the beginning, she had Ji Xiao Han as her backing and everyone had to give her some face.

"Miss Tang? "Coincidentally, I also want to talk to you about a few things." Lu Qing who was on the other side of the phone spoke with a cold voice.

This woman really knew how to lie. She lied for five years straight.

He remembered that when he followed Young Master's instructions and went to that room to find her, he asked her about the relationship he had with his last night. At that time, Tang Xue Rou's answer was in exchange for five years of prosperity for her.

If Tang You You hadn't brought Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei back, he would have coincidentally met the Young Master, proving that the two children were the Young Master's biological children, and also confirmed that the woman who slept with the Young Master five years ago was Tang You You, not the Tang Xue Rou who treated lying as a profession in front of him.

Lu Qing felt that Tang Xue Rou's current popularity status was something that she obtained through lying. Young Master's intention was to take away everything that he had given her, Lu Qing felt that this kind of punishment was very fair.

Something that didn't belong to her in the first place, yet she enjoyed it peacefully for five years.

Tang Xue Rou was already nervous to begin with, but suddenly facing Lu Qing's slightly mocking gaze, she became even more anxious.

"Assistant Lu, what are these things in your hands?" Tang Xue Rou saw that Lu Qing seemed to be organizing the contracts he took out, her heart was hanging by her throat.

"These are all advertising endorsements you made with groups under Ji's. Now, I formally propose that you take all the antidotes." After Lu Qing checked the contract once through and found that it was correct, he pushed it in front of her and opened his mouth without any expression.

"What?" Hearing his words, Tang Xue Rou was stunned.

Lu Qing said coldly: "My Young Master does not plan for you to become the company's spokesperson. So, it's best if you sign all of these contracts."

"Assistant Lu, did I not do well enough?" "You tell me, I can change it. I will do everything according to your request …" Tang Xue Rou wondered if he had played a big trick on them when he was making those endorsements, causing them to be displeased.

"Miss Tang, this is the Young Master's decision, I can't make it. Other than signing, you have no other choice." Lu Qing did not want to explain too much to her, so the Young Master did not let him clearly mention the matter of her lying to him five years ago. He also knew that the Young Master was protecting Miss Tang's privacy, not wanting to involve her in it.

Tang Xue Rou's mouth gaped, and did not close for a long time. She was really too shocked, and was so shocked that she felt like the entire world was collapsing.

"No …" "It can't be, there must be some kind of misunderstanding. Something must have gone wrong. I was the one endorsing it for three consecutive years, and now that the deadline for endorsing it hasn't arrived, we can't break the contract …" Tang Xue Rou was not willing to accept this reality. She tried her best to speak, hoping Lu Qing would take back his order.

However, Lu Qing laughed coldly: "Miss Tang, you must have forgotten that everything you have right now, is all thanks to Young Master. Young Master has just retracted his kindness and is no longer investing in you.

Tang Xue Rou was even more shocked now, her head was about to explode. She looked at Lu Qing in a daze and shook her head in a daze: "No, I am not signing. I am still your company's spokesperson.

"Young Master said that if you are not willing to sign, he will freeze all your accounts. Of course, this includes all the efforts you have put in and your popularity will plummet overnight." Lu Qing wasn't threatening him, he was only conveying Ji Xiao Han's cold orders.

"What happened? Quarterly would never change me for no reason. Assistant Lu, I'm begging you, quickly tell me, how did I make Quarterly unhappy? " Tang Xue Rou still wanted to make her last struggle. Her panicked expression no longer possessed the elegance and noble calmness of a Big Star.

Lu Qing coldly snorted. "You will know in the future, hurry up and sign. I still have something important to do."

"Whether or not I signed it, your Young Master could …" Let me go? " Although Tang Xue Rou's mind was in a mess, she seemed to have predicted something. She suddenly stopped begging and struggled, just wanting a more reliable guarantee.

Lu Qing shook his head and said lightly: "I am just a errand boy. I cannot guess what kind of decision Young Master has made."

Tang Xue Rou's heart was thoroughly cold as her trembling hands … She held the pen and signed on it.

When she let go of the pen, she collapsed on the sofa, unable to move.

Lu Qing took the contract that she signed and stood up to leave.

However, it was as if all the energy in her body had been sucked out, Tang Xue Rou's hands trembled as she took out her phone and made a call.

"Xuan Chen, I …" I may be finished. " Tang Xue Rou said with a trembling voice.

On the other end of the phone, Lu Xuan Chen was puzzled. "Xue Rou, what are you talking about? Is something wrong? "

"Xuan Chen, I'm finished. I might …" It's really over! " Tang Xue Rou suddenly cried out in fear and helplessness.

When Lu Xuan Chen heard her cry, he became even more anxious and asked his: "Xue Rou, what exactly happened, quickly tell me."

"Xuan Chen, come and pick me up. I have something to say to you …" Tang Xue Rou suddenly decided to find someone to help him think of an idea and think of a way. And for this person, Lu Xuan Chen was the most suitable.

While he was waiting for Lu Xuan Chen to arrive, Tang Xue Rou gnashed his teeth in anger, "Tang You You, it must be you … "You must have done something good. You are too shameless, too hateful. You actually destroyed me like this. I hate you, and will definitely not forgive you."