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C1105 journey around

Wang Xin really angered Bai Yiyan, so Bai Yiyan did something to him and lost his importance.

When her rational ashes came back, Wang Xin, who was drunk, had been beaten by her violently. His face was blue and blue, and he felt pain everywhere. He could not get up from lying on the ground. Bai

Yi Yan woke up and walked quickly to the box.

Directly pull Liu Xiaoxing's hand and say in a hurry, "Xiaoxing, let's leave quickly!" "

hey, what's the matter?" Liu Xiaoxing was shocked by the tense and anxious look on her face, but she followed Bai Yiyan quickly.

As soon as she left the restaurant, Bai Yiyan said, "I beat Wang Xin."

"Really? I've long felt that he's not flat. " Liu Xiaoxing gritted his teeth angrily, then wondered: "how can you beat him? Don't you keep thinking about what he helped you? " "

I I know why he helped me Bai Yiyan is in a dog's mood at the moment. She can't stop. She used to look at people who helped her with a kind eye, but she found that the real purpose of some people is hidden behind the mask of hypocrisy. She can't see clearly.

"You know that? However, it's not too late. I've known for a long time that he didn't mean well to you. I bah, just depend on him. I also want toad to eat swan meat. He really should look at himself in the mirror. " Liu Xiaoxing was so angry that he said such extreme things. Bai

Yiyan is in a bad mood at the moment, so she has to whisper: "OK, let's not talk about it. You can quit your job with me tomorrow. We are going to leave here."

"Leave? Why? Are you really afraid that Wang Xin will not succeed? Don't be afraid, let lengfei threaten him in the morning, he will definitely advise. " Liu Xiaoxing has a confident expression. "

I'm really afraid of him. He just said to expose my position, Xiaoxing. I can't be exposed. I'm afraid that the media will find me. And There are others! " Bai Yiyan does not dare to name old lady Ji, because Liu Xiaoxing is not an insider.

"Well, I'll call Mr. Ji now and ask him for his opinion!" Seeing Bai Yiyan's serious face, Liu Xiaoxing gets nervous. "

don't worry, let's change places." Bai Yiyan thinks that Ji Yueze said last time that he might not come to him for a long time. She guesses that he must have some difficulties, so she advises Liu Xiaoxing not to disturb him, which will affect his mood. "

well, listen to you!" Liu Xiaoxing nods.

Bai Yiyan and Liu Xiaoxing are both teachers of the school now. If they want to leave, they have to deal with their work well first. Only when they have a head and a tail can they be an emotional person.

The headmaster looked surprised and tried to keep them for a long time, but they had decided to quit and could only let them go. Fortunately

a good headmaster is a good talker. When Bai Yiyan and Liu Xiaoxing tidy up their personal belongings and come out, they see Wang Xin's car parked outside. They look at each other and leave quickly.

When Wang Xin heard that Bai Yiyan was going to resign, he turned around and walked out. He saw Bai Yiyan and Liu Xiaoxing leaving quickly. "

hum, just want to leave like this, there is no door." Wang Xin returned home last night. The first thing was to post some photos of Bai Yiyan at school to the Internet. Moreover, he secretly took many photos of Bai Yiyan, without lack of materials. As expected, they immediately attracted everyone's attention. Before that, Bai Yiyan has also made a lot of waves on the Internet. She is already very popular. Now she is suddenly exposed. Of course, many media have rushed to her. It must be the expectation of all people to interview the first-hand information.

Bai Yiyan and Liu Xiaoxing came to resign early in the morning. When they got home, lengfei said with a heavy expression: "just now master Ji called me and asked us to leave here immediately. Someone put Miss Bai's whereabouts on the Internet. At this moment, the media must have come."

"This damned Wang Xin is really insidious. I didn't expect that he did this disgusting thing last night. Xiaoyan, fortunately, we resigned in time. Let's go and pack up." Liu Xiaoxing scolded bitterly. Bai

it's a great honor for Yiyan to look at these two adventurous women with her. They are not alone anymore. Three women, packed up, stopped a taxi and headed for the airport. Liu

Xiaoxing's map skills, Amway's various cuisines, lengfei follows Bai Yiyan carefully and vigilantly. The trip of the three is also pleasant.

This time, Bai Yiyan picked a place she always wanted to go, and three people flew straight to it. After several twists and turns, they finally arrived at the foot of a peak mountain and a quiet town. However, this town is prosperous and has a larger population. "

Xiaoyan, why are we here?" Already tired and paralyzed, Liu Xiaoxing asked curiously with a wink.

Bai Yiyan sat on the chair by the window and pointed to the white mountain opposite: "I remember Ji Yueze made a movie on that mountain. Have you seen it?" "

I remember that I saw that young master Ji played a killer role in that movie. He was cool and handsome, and had excellent martial arts skills. I didn't know how many girls were attracted to him at that time." Liu Xiaoxing sat up a little excited.

Bai Yiyan's mouth was slightly raised, and her face was red: "actually, I was also fascinated by his role. I heard that he was only eighteen at that time. I was in high school, and all the girls in our school were crazy. They wanted to rob his poster and ask for his signature every day!" "

Xiaoyan, how do you feel about falling in love with your idol now?" Liu Xiaoxing immediately asked.

"Liu Xiaoxing, don't forget how to promise the conditions of master Ji. Don't ask, don't ask!" "

I'm just curious. Xiaoyan, don't mind!" Liu Xiaoxing is nervous. Bai

Yi Yan can't help laughing: "what kind of agreement did you sign with Ji Yueze?"

"Miss Bai, this is a confidentiality agreement. It's inconvenient for us to disclose it, but you can rest assured that we will take good care of you." Leng Fei talks to Bai Yiyan, but she is quite gentle.

Bai Yiyan had to stop asking.

"Master Ji has called!" Liu Xiaoxing suddenly reaches for her mobile phone and hands it to Bai Yiyan. Bai

Yiyan answers quickly. At this time, Leng Fei and Liu Xiaoxing both open the door and go out.

"Is it here?" Along the way, Liu Xiaoxing has told Ji Yueze their destination by text message. At this moment, Ji Yueze will care. "

just arrived, now stay in the hotel." Bai Yiyan replied softly.

"Then you must be very tired, Xiaoyan. I'm sorry. I can't go to accompany you in person!" As soon as Ji Yueze thought of their day and night's journey, he was very distressed.