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He apologized

However, Ji Xiao Han directly walked over and stood in front of her, condescendingly looking at her who was sitting cross-legged. "I formally apologize for what happened last night."

Tang You You's hands moved even faster, and she said coldly: "Is there any use in apologizing? You've already done that to me. "

Ji Xiao Han's expression was slightly pale, his big palm suddenly clenched into a fist, her handsome face looked to be in pain, but after that, everything returned to normal, his voice was also indifferent: "Sorry, I don't want to say it."

Tang You You was stunned, she raised her head, and her gaze flashed a moment: "On the account that you know your wrongs, I will not care about what you say, quickly go to sleep."

Seeing that her voice had calmed down, Ji Xiao Han nodded, and did not ask for her forgiveness any further. He turned around and left, and when he arrived at the entrance of the balcony, he turned his head back and said: "You should also go to sleep early, good night!"

Tang You You's back was stiff, and she did not want to turn back to look at him.

Finally, she bit her lip. Who wanted him to care?

On the morning of the second day, Tang You You rested well. Her spirits also looked good, probably because Ji Xiao Han had apologized to her yesterday, causing her to not feel that pressured, hence she did not fall asleep again.

"Where's your dad?" Going downstairs, he found that Tang Xiao Rui was the only one sitting at the dining table, so he could not help but ask.

Tang Xiao Rui pointed to the door and said, "Daddy said that the company has an emergency, so I won't be eating breakfast anymore."

"Oh!" Tang You You's expression tightened, she did not know if this man was really in a hurry, or if she deliberately left first to avoid embarrassment.

But no matter what, doing this also made Tang You You feel a lot more relaxed.

She also did not want to be too rigid with him in front of the children, as this would worry them too much.

After breakfast, Uncle Yuan took charge of receiving and reading the children.

Tang You You rushed to the company and started his day of work.

She had already reached an agreement with her godmother Liu Xi, and targeted a few people. Thus, while Tang You You worked, she also observed secretly to see who was the culprit that tripped her up that day.

In short, she had to be found out in order to be willing and unable to suffer this injustice for no reason at all.

"Wandering, hurry to the third room and wait there. Xia Zi Yan will be here in ten minutes." Liu Xi walked over and knocked on her desk.

Tang You You nodded his head: "I will take the information and go wait for her."

Ten-odd minutes later, Xia Zi Yan appeared at the entrance of the reception room in a high profile manner.

Today, she was wearing a set of extremely cool leather clothes and pants. The tight leather pants accentuated her tall and slender figure, making her look extremely charming.

She glanced at Tang You You who was sitting upright with a lazy look, and revealed a trace of ridicule: "Tang You You, as my personal designer, you should at least wear something decent. You wear a black work uniform every day, it's so dirty that it's about to fall apart. If I didn't see that you have some Inherent Skills, I wouldn't even bother to work with you."

Tang You You didn't expect that the moment Xia Zi Yan came in, she started to dislike her dressing, so she could only politely smile and say: "Xia Xiao Jie, I'm not like you, who's a glorious Big Star. I'm just a workplace girl who takes a death pay, and dressed up the way I like, if you really don't like it, then there's nothing I can do about it."

Xia Zi Yan knew that Tang You You was not a soft persimmon. Last time when he dealt with her, she did not take any advantage.

Therefore, she couldn't be bothered to keep her guard up anymore, and directly pulled out a chair and sat down. "Is the painting done? Let me see. "

Tang You You passed the design over, Xia Zi Yan casually flipped through a few pages, a look of satisfaction appearing in her eyes: "Not bad, it suits my style, where did you get all these inspiration from? We signed a contract, if these aren't your original works, then let me know that you slightly copied someone else, or perhaps if the work you gave me were to be leaked out, you will have to pay me ten times the compensation. I feel sorry for you, a woman who can't even afford to buy more clothes, and ten times the amount of money you spent with me, so you must not go against any of the terms in the contract. "

Tang You You spoke for a long time before she laughed lightly: "We are all sincere about cooperating, of course we are here to follow the contract. Don't worry, I promise you that this is my original work, and furthermore, this is definitely a unique design that belongs to you."

"That's good then. Can you deliver the clothes I asked for tomorrow? I have a show and I just need your outfit. " Xia Zi Yan believed that Tang You You did not have the guts to play tricks on him, she was definitely a woman who lacked money, for the sake of money, she would definitely work honestly for him.

"Don't worry, I'll have someone deliver it to you tomorrow. I wish you victory in your performance." Tang You You said politely.

Xia Zi Yan nodded his head in satisfaction: "Thank you for your congratulations. If I really win this performance, I will give you a gift as compensation."

"Xia Xiao Jie is so kind, then I will thank you here first." Even though Tang You You felt that Xia Zi Yan was arrogant and conceited at times, but she also did not want to lose a customer, so she naturally answered in good faith.

After Xia Zi Yan left, Tang You You returned to the front of the table. Turning her head, he realized that there was someone staring at her, and that it was Li Fang Fang.