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C653 from her confession

Tang youyou didn't call Ji Xiaohan at last. She missed him, but was more worried about disturbing his work.

Before getting along with each other, Ji Xiaohan never worried about her. He always felt that he had the ability to support and control everything, including her life and children's life, their love, and people didn't have to worry about anything.

But now, Tang youyou finally realized the kind of worry between lovers. He was afraid of the other party's accident, the other party's deep dilemma, and his psychological pressure, but he couldn't share it for him.

The sense of fear made Tang youyou's consciousness more and more clear. In a twinkling of an eye, it was more than one o'clock in the morning.

Tang youyou stared at the clock on his side and counted the times that the second hand turned one at a time.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of the car stalling downstairs.

Is he back?

Is his work finished when he comes back so late?

Tang youyou's inner joy made her jump out of bed and run to the door.

When she couldn't wait to go down the stairs, she saw Ji Xiaohan, who was holding a mobile phone to talk with people, at the door of the hall.

His suit and coat were put on his strong arm. He was holding a document loan in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. He was talking to people in a low voice.

When he raised his eyes, he saw the little woman running down the stairs.

Her body is only wearing a white robe, long hair spread, a pair of water eyes flashing with joy and happiness.

Standing behind Ji Xiaohan, Lu Qing and the driver's eldest brother also saw Tang Youyou, and they were all shocked.

The next second, they feel a bunch of fierce eyes, scared them to turn around quickly.

"See you tomorrow, young master!" Lu Qing didn't dare to take a look at it. You know, Ji Xiaohan's eyes can't contain a grain of sand unless they don't want them.

Season owl cold fast knot speed talk, tall and straight body, has been fast step to the direction of the stairway.

"You haven't slept so late?" There is a trace of blame in the man's voice, but it is more doting and heartache.

Of course, he can see the reason why Tang youYou can't sleep. It's all in his own body. How can he bear to scold her again?

"I I went to sleep this afternoon. I can't sleep now! " Tang youyou is like a child who has made a mistake in front of him. He doesn't speak quickly. He's afraid that he can see through his strong feelings. So he tells a little lie.

Season owl cold heavy eyes down, see her a pair of white small feet, even a pair of slippers are not wearing, so calmly step on the carpet.

It's December now. It's already cold. She runs on the ground without shoes. It's worse than his two children.

Tang youyou wanted to look more natural. When the man's deep eyes stared at her feet, she omitted all excuses.

Ten snow-white toes, have subconsciously want to curl up, hiding in the invisible place of men.

Season owl cold thin lips slightly a hook, step up two steps, thin lips just against her ear, low dumb and happy said: "waiting for me?"

The hot breath from the man made Tang youyou blush at the root of her ears. She bit her lips lightly and shouted, "who said that? I really can't sleep. I'm thirsty. I want to go downstairs for a drink..."

"Yo, you're not good at lying!" The man sees this small woman is still hard spoken, is really stubborn lovely, can loudly tell him, she is waiting for him to come back, can't it?

Tang youyou choked for a moment. He couldn't say a word. His eyes were flashing and staring at the smiling eyes of the man.

"Well, you can see it all. Yes, I'm waiting for you. I'm worried about you!" Tang youyou summoned up enough courage to express his inner feelings. His white face was already blushing.

The cold and warm palm of Ji Xiao reached out and pinched it on her fragile face. Then he put the information bag into her small hand directly.

Tang youyou is stupefied for a moment, and grabs the bag. For a moment, he doesn't know what he wants. He sees the man bend down and hug himself horizontally. Then, he walks upstairs.

The atmosphere suddenly heats up. Tang youyou's tight body softens. She reaches out, circles his neck, gently sticks her cheek to his shoulder socket, and buries it deeply.

Ji Xiaohan finds out that she has lost a lot of weight after the accident, and the light one seems to have no weight, which makes him particularly distressed. It seems that he is going to find a nutritionist to recuperate her well.

Along the way, both of them didn't say anything more, but their hearts and minds have been connected.

Her love, he can feel all, and he, also very happy, can come back in the middle of the night, know that there is a person eagerly looking forward to his home.

Entering the bedroom, Ji Xiaohan put her gently on the bed and asked softly, "have you taken a bath? Is there anything I can do for you? "

Tang youyou blushed a little and shook his head: "no, I washed it. Go to wash it!"

"Well, lie down first!" Season owl cold long arm a stretch, took the quilt, lightly covers her petite charming body.

Tang youyou is hiding in the quilt. He is too shy to look up.

How do you feel stupid? Is it funny to show your love so boldly and directly? More than ten minutes later, the man has opened the door of the bathroom, dressed in a dark robe, and perfectly displayed the strong and straight posture of the man. In this dark night, it gives people a sense of danger of oppression, like a tiger ready to go, which is delightful but also disturbing.

Tang youyou is more sleepless. Through the quilt, she saw the solid figure that the man came to her.

Ji Xiaohan lies down on the other side of her body. Then, with a habitual exhibition of her long arms, she easily hugs him in his solid arms.

Tang youyou's soft face, pasted on his chest, is cute and quiet.

"Yo Yo, I'm so happy that you can wait for me to come back!" The tiredness and tension of the day disappeared at this moment.

Nothing can make him feel more at ease without the soft body in his arms.

"Well!" A woman's muffled voice came from her arms.

Hearing that he was very happy, Tang youyou's mood became relaxed.

"What happened to your company? Can you tell me, I want to know! " Tang youyou still couldn't resist curiosity. He raised his head and asked in a low voice.

Season owl cold's big palm once again gently pressed her head back to her bosom, like the feeling of her soft cheek clinging to. "Nothing, anything, I have the ability to solve, sleep!" Ji Xiaohan won't let her share her pressure. He won't let her worry.